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Should I sell Sachs Mad Ass to buy a GN250?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by moog, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. I've had a bunch of different bikes and most recently was riding an XVS650 2008 Model. Then I lost my garage and bike was going to be parked on the street 24/7 in the city and I didn't want it destroyed so I got a cheap Mad Ass, used the extra $8000 I had and paid my tax bill.

    I got a 2008 Mad Ass 125 to get around town on and while it's economical etc and fun, my max speed is 80 (sometimes up to 88 is you lean down) and the acceleration IMO is just dangerous. (CBR125 leaves me for dead off the lights) It really is not a bike you can take on a ride of more than 30km and still be comfortable and having fun.

    My wife also hates riding on it cause she says it so small and she doesn't feel safe on the tiny little seat.

    Anyway don't want major performance but want to get a cheapie to get around on. I don't know why but I a bit of a fan of the GN250. Rough, raw, don't have to worry about it on the street, and I'm hoping will do better than the Mad Ass with 2 people on it for quick local trips.

    I've been offered $2800 for the Mad Ass and was hoping I could get a GN for under $2000 with $1000 extra cash in my pocket. Possible?

    Any thoughts?
  2. do it! park it across the road in the car park and get a camera with a zoom lens on it to keep an eye on it all day...
  3. [​IMG]

    Sell it to the fool before he sobers up [​IMG]
  4. C'mon guys ... the Mad Ass is an awesome bike/scooter, but purely for the pose value (and the laughs).
    It's up to you to decide what you want out of the bike, but a GN250 won't really outperform the Mad Ass by that much. It may have more power, but it's also heavier. If you are going to ride 2 up, you probably want to get something with a bit more low down poke. Possibly look at a GS500. I know its a different style to the GN250, but there is heaps of grunt (for what it is), comfortable seating (both position and padding) and you can find them for quite cheap (est. $2000)
  5. I think I rode a GN250 at a riding class a few months back. Absolutely terrible on the freeway, had trouble doing 110km/h when it was windy. And a shit load of vibration.

    Also it looked pretty funny. Very retro, reminded me of a postie bike. That's not a good thing.

    Pretty comfy though, although if you're looking for something with a bit of poke, this isn't the bike for you.
  6. The 250 aint going to be a lot more bike, but it will atleast do 100ks :D

    Just buy an older 600cc bike, something ugly that no one would steal, maybe some sort of honda ;)
  7. rego gets expensive when you go over 250ccs in NSW...

    i get blown around and a bit of vibration on the freeway on my VTR, i don't think any naked small capacity bike is much fun above 90kph
  8. go for it
  9. Agreed! My partner bought a 45,000km GR650 this year for $1500. just needed a front tyre and fluids for RWC. I rode it 500km today in heavy winds (ticked over 50,000km) and it's a marvelous beast! For $2800 you'll even find an older GS500, a Spada 250, there's heaps of options...
  10. mate the GN250's are a classic bike.

    mine keeps on going no matter what i do to it!!!

    i highly recommend :D
  11. umm i dont think this post is correct unless you were riding a trashed gn250...

    mine can do well over 110, easy, with NO vibration...

    its a cruiser...
  12. I borrowed a GN for a couple of months on my Ls and used it in the Ps test. You'd walk up to it and cringe when you see the thing, but once you sat on it and forget what it looks like it was awesome. It was so comfy you could ride around all day. I still kinda have a soft spot for the old GNs :p

  13. The one I used couldn't break 80 on level ground. It was pretty 'second hand' tho...
  14. Oh it certainly was thrashed by lots of learning kids. Didn't have high mileage though (~60,000), engine should have been fine.

    The bike just shook at 110 (once it reached it). It did not feel comfortable at those speeds. I tried to take it up to 120, but ran out of room (short highway stint).

    People tend to remember these old bikes affectionately, but only because they don't have to deal with them any more. I'd rather walk.
  15. I thought I was it-and-a-bit on my GN (first bike), but quickly realised it wasn't going to last long. I think they're great for around the 'burbs, but highway stints are not what they're designed for. I outgrew mine in about 3 weeks and blew it up 3 months later, but I only paid $750 for it on the road :grin:
  16. So what do you think is a fair price to pay for a registered GN250 in fair condition?
  17. I helped my housemate buy a GN250. Fine bike, I took it for a spin at 100km/hr from Cape Otway Lighthouse to Apollo Bay, lots of fabulous sweepers, and it was great fun! Funny you mention them blowing Lil - this one blew up in no time too! I wonder if, despite their numbers, they are prone to go bang?!
    In answer to your question Moog, are talking about an 80s or 90s run? There were two lots of imports here. Older ones registered: $1200 - 1600 depending on the kms. A bit more for 90s ones. If it were me I'd get a 90s CB250 - that's certainly bullet-proof, and the same money. So too an SR250 (whether the 80s soft chop or the 90s Classic, priced accordingly).
  18. my hornet 250 is pretty fun over 90kmh :p