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Should I sell my R3 and get a 600?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wanz, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I need suggestions to help me make decision.
    I have a YZF R3 I bought late September'15 soon after I passed my learners. Put some extras on it as I thought I will keep it for life.
    These few weeks I've been thinking of trade it in and getting a 600cc bike, but I can only afford a second hand one.
    The only 2 I'm interested atm is a 2009 CBR600RR with 900ish Kms on it and 2011 R6 with 5500ish Kms on it (if they not sold already). They on the same price range.
    The question is, will I regret selling my brand new bought bike (not even pass my break-in phase) or will I miss out on getting a bigger bike with 'sort of' good price?
    Thanks all.

  2. Aren't you still on restrictions for amost another 3 years? If so, don't buy a supersports, it's no fun looking at in the garage after losing your license.
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  3. Your on your L's. You cant legally ride either of those bikes for at least 3 years after you get your License. Let alone on a Learner Permit. Forget it.

    Learn to ride on your 300. Its still fast enough to get you killed.
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  4. Legal implications aside and forgetting the "you'll kill yourself crap" - do what you want. Totally your choice.
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  5. Oh, I had full overseas license for a while. I had to go through Learners because I can't use my O/S one since I migrate permanently here. And I'll do my license test early next month. I presume I will get a full license once I passed it. I did report my O/S license to vicroads.
  6. Of course its his choice but he posted on here for opinions and advice from experienced riders and thats what the others have given.

    WanzWanz legally your not allowed to the ride those bikes you listed as they are not lams approved, I would suggest learning to ride on the R3 and progress from there.
    Im also curious as to why you want to get rid of the R3 so soon? You haven't even broken it in yet!
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  7. If that's the case, and you obtain a full licence. Then yes, get a 600. It does everything the R3 does, but better.
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  8. And my opinion is that it's his choice and he should do what ever he wants.

    Now lets view the opinion of others - Gooza seems to be under the impression that old mate Wanz will kill himself on the 600. BjPitt merely pointed out the legalities of doing it. And your opinion seems to be a variation of the two.

    Given he said "The question is, will I regret selling my brand new bought bike (not even pass my break-in phase) or will I miss out on getting a bigger bike with 'sort of' good price?" and then went on to say "Oh, I had full overseas license for a while." I'd suggest no one has really addressed his issue, and in reality it's for him to decide.
  9. Yeah to start you need to confirm for sure if you'll have further restrictions or not after getting off your L's.
    Then there are lams approved 600+ bikes out there you can look at, what exactly is your budget if you don't mind us knowing?
    I am assuming you feel you've out grown the 300?
    Far to many variables to tell if you will regret anything but if you find a good second hand bike I can't see a problem.
  10. If u get your full license don't buy a 600cc bike until u have tested out a 1000cc bike. The extra torque and therefore less gear changes makes it a much easier and better bike to ride.
  11. My point was that a 300's fast enough. And I'm not going to encourage someone on L's to break the law.

    WanzWanz , are you really certain you can go from L's to fully Unrestricted in one foul swoop?
  12. Hi b12mick,
    Thanks for getting my point. I am the guy who likes to go for what my guts says. But for this one, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I don't want to regret it when I've done it. Either keeping on R3 or replace it.

    Bjpitt, Gooza and Icemaker didn't know if I had full license before, that's why they expressed their view based on legalities and their perception of me as a learners experienced rider. But they have a good point too.

    Thats why we need you guys here for this kind of things.
    Thanks for all af you.
  13. Why piss fart around?

    Kawa H2
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  14. If it was me I'd confirm whether or not I'd be going straight to a full licence. If I was, then I'd jump in a buy on of the 600's. If not then given you live in Vic I'd keep the 300.

    Really, like everything to do with motorcycling, there's risks involved. It's up to us as riders to assess and manage that risk and we will all assess and manage it differently. We also have to accept the consequences of getting it wrong.
  15. That's really a matter of perspective isn't it. And I wouldn't encourage anyone to break this particular law either, there's all sorts of ramifications for insurance.
  16. Be aware that passing your License test doesn't mean you go unrestricted, you still have 3 years of LAMS in general, even though you don't need P's.

    NFI on whether already having an OS license means you go direct to unrestricted, but best you ring up now and find out for sure.

    If you are unrestricted, then its a no brainer to get the 600's.
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  17. I've got a feeling that your gonna be on learners for awhile. A few resident saffas have had to dobthe whole hog, namely malJohannmalJohann and GeorgeOGeorgeO. Maybe they can shed some light of the situation.
  18. If you can obtain the full licence as you say, then I would definitely upgrade to something bigger. I'm not sure a 600 would be what i would be upgrading to though with the exception of maybe a Daytona 675 or Street Triple. Most 600s aren't a bad track day bike but not the greatest bike for tooling around on the road IMO. Very narrow focussed machines.

    Broaden your horizons and test ride as many different bikes as you can in a range of sizes in your budget. Try a v twin 1000cc bike like an SV1000 for example, or a Speed triple. Should be able to find one in your price range and you'll find they offer a lot more flexibily. An inline 4 1000cc bike would be worth looking at too. One of the older sportsbikes ( CBR, R1, GSXR etc) or even something like an old FZ1. All great bikes that are a little more flexible on the road. Just my 0.02C
  19. Hi all,
    Just rang about my license. They said once I pass my license test, I will get whatever my O/S license was, which is full license no restrictions.
    So now that the legal matters solved, would you recommend me to get a 600? If yes, a 2009 CBR600RR with 900kms or 2011 R6 with 5500kms?
    With 1000cc, I'm not quite sure if I can handle it, jumping from 300 to 1000.
  20. You'd be surprised how easy the newer 1000cc bikes are to ride and remember the amount of power delivered is controlled by YOUR right hand.

    I would really suggest taking a few different ones for test rides before making a final decision. Also. don't limit yourself to sports bikes, give the naked bikes and cruisers a test as well, you never know.