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should i replace one or both tyres

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by roundabout, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. don't know if this has been covered. if it has can someone point me in the right direction.

    I have to replace my well and truly stuffed rear tyre but the front is still ok for a few more k's. should i replace both (going to a completely different tyre as well) or can i leave the front until later?
  2. if you are going a completely diferent tyre it is advisable that you change both at the same time.

    manufacturers design mc tyres to work together and mixing brands will give some adverse affects

    if you are sticking with the same manufacturer you could get away with it but it is not a realy good idea.
  3. Good question, I myself am replacing the front on Wed at the next service but the rear is not close to being replaced. I am also going the same type of tyre. I suppose you can run different patterns front and rear, I have seen race bikes run intermediate on the front and a slick on the back. So I suppose it does not make too much difference as long as they are the same type (read usage) as the originals.
  4. You hear all sorts of things here.
    speaking from experience just change the rear tyre if the front is still fine.
    Tyre manufacturers recommend you have their brands together but that's a load of bull.
    Just make sure the rear tyre is of the same size and dimensions for your wheel.
    Don't change it for something wider.
    You will have no problems
    Just make sure you take it easy for the first 100 kms or so till the rear is scrubbed in well.
    If the tyre guy says you have to change both then he is after your money.

    I have a bt020 on the rear and a metzeler z4 on the front and the bike steers and handles sweetly.
  5. thanks, i had thought i should replace both if going to a different brand/etc

    maybe i should run a harder compound on the back seeing as i went through that faster?
  6. I agree with what smee said, but I'd also elaborate a little more with regard to different tyre wear. If it was the front you were replacing instead of the rear, I'd probably advise to change both. If a rear "is still ok for a few more k's" you will notice it greatly in the handling since it will generally have a flat spot in teh centre and getting teh bike to roll in and out of the corners will require more force and you'll have a noticeable 'jump' as it rolls on and off the flat spot.

    Since your replacing the rear, the front is unlikely to have a flat spot, regardless of % wear, so you would have the roll n 'jump' affect of a flat spot and after replacing your rear tyre your bikes handling will be noticeably different.
  7. Yer a sprt touring rear with a stickier front is usually the way to go if you want to conserve tyres.
    The bt020 is harder wearing than the mez4 front.
    Good luck with it. :wink:
  8. putting a wider tyre on the bike will make no bloody difference (the max you could probably go without major modifications is 10 mm anyway)

    the diference between manufacturers is compound, the front and rear manufacturers compounds make a hell of a lot of diference, different makes of tyres give diferent feel at different angles and acceleration and if your front is telling you grip and the rear is telling you slip then you are in a whole heap of shit.
  9. so what are you exactly trying to say?
    Stick with the same manufacturers?
    that's a load of bollocks.

    so long as the tyres are the same spec then you have no problems.

    I'll take the word of a trusted friend/motorcycle mechanic anyday.
  10. ahh tyres give me the shits, too many f'n options

    can someone just tell me the perfect tyre combination for my bike, is that too much to ask?
  11. Would actually help if you told us what you ride!
  12. sorry, had it in my original username

    triumph tt600
  13. i am going on the word of a few trusted mechanics and club racers and my own experiance, i am saying the if you change tyre manufacturers then change both tyres at once as they all use there own type of compounds with diferent characteristics.
  14. Where did you hear that?
    That is just not true today as it once was.
    Tyre manufacturers will tell you that so they can sell their brand of tyre.
    So long as you get a tyre within spec then there is no problem.
    Next time at coffee night have a look and see the different tyre combo's people run.
    I run a bt020 rear and a mez4b on the front.
    Bike handles sweet as if not better.
  15. Well we have a stalemate because I follow different advice and get different reports.
    So long as you maintain the same specs then u can choose dofferent compounds/manufacturers.
  16. Good combo would be bt014 front and bt020 rear if you are looking for longevity in the rear.
    regardless what you get just stay within the same specs as required for your bike.
    What front have you got on it now?
  17. whatever the original is, will have a look tonight and check
  18. that is the beauty of motorcycles, everybody has different opinions and ideas.

    also the manufacturer of tyres means alot to some people, i for instance cant stand pirelli tyres, yet others that use them love them, it all comes down to personal choice.
  19. When I bought my 2nd hand bike last year it had a Pirelli on the front & an Avon on the rear, both brand new. There is no way I'm gunna waste money & change one of them. It seems to handle ok..
  20. get yourself a pair of Pirelli diablos, best tryes on the market at the moment