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Should I repair her or just buy a new one?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ad91on, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hey gang,

    I ride a proud fine beast of a 1992 Suzuki Across (GSX250F) and she has some, well, lots of issues.

    - slow leak in rear tyre (there is a colossal screw embedded in the tread)
    - broken visor (duct taped)
    - very poor condition fairings indeed
    - various electrical issues (boot opener thing not working, etc nothing too major really)
    - torn seat
    - occasional shifting issues
    - flat spots in powerband
    - occasional disconcerting noises (many rattles, dreaded leaf-rustling noise)

    Anyway, i will either be selling for a move overseas soon or upgrading if not. However, that may not be for a month or two, and i still will be using it every day in that time.

    The question is - should i fork out and get at least a major service done on it? I paid only $1650 for it with the intention of just throwing it around for a few months while i saved for something nicer and i do my own maintenance (basic - oil change, filter, chain stuff etc) but it obviously needs it's carbies tuned and a new tire and i'm just quite reluctant to spend any money on it at all.

    It runs just fine, it's never given me any issues and i just pump the tire every 3 days to keep it in the safe PSI range. it's nearly up to 90,000kms. Perhaps i am just getting a bit paranoid about being left on the side of the road in the near future. What would you do in my situation?

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  2. I think I stopped at "colossal screw in tread" and "keep it pumped up" :eek:, you're not riding it are you??do you know that that could cause a blow out ?or at the very least a very quick deflation leading to an accident.
    Mate get the tyre fixed ...then sell it to me for $100 ( you'll have to ship it down to Melbourne though)

    cheers Michael.
  3. Well... funny story... see, i lost my license and this was the first bike that i had ridden for over a year. I thought it felt really heavy at first and was like "oh yeah must just be cause i'm not used to a 'sports' bike". Eventually got around to checking the tyre pressures and was like omg wow i should be dead... pumped them and all was well after that. Blame a variety of factors for this oversight on my part.

    Reason i'm reluctant to get it fixed is because, although i am very much aware of the risk, i simply don't want to spend the money on it if i can avoid it and for the moment, it's working fine and the tire pressure has stabilized.

    But yes, i should fix it. For shame on my part. If anyone knows a place that will repair a tire for cheap around north shore/inner sydney area, much obliged.
  4. I've had an incident involving rapid deflation on the freeway, and it's not something I'd recommend you try yourself. Depending on the location on the tyre etc, you may get it repaired "properly" for about $40...
    Then ride the thing into the ground!
  5. Probably doesn;t make sense to fix ~everything~, but at least get her running safely and reliably, and leave the cosmetic stuff. It will be one less stress hanging over you until you decide on your next move. If you were in an accident and were found to have been riding an unroadworthy bike, you would be stoofed.

    Mind you, the mechanic / bike lover in me says you should give her all the TLC she needs and restore her to her former glory! Those old Acrosses wuld have to be starting to get a bit of vintage appeal right about now.

  6. Stop riding the bike immeadiately. On a bike at the minimum your tyres should always be in good nick. If you are going to upgrade do it this weekend. If not then I would be taking the bike to a mechanic and getting the engine/gearbox, electrical issues and tyres sorted out.
  7. :eek: :eek:hno:
    They can explode completely off the rim in some circumstances, it's certainly not 'fine'! Is it worth being at the very best, stranded completely, at the very worst, in a severe accident? Take it to a tyre place asap. Any shop would do I guess, but depending how big the hole is they may need to replace the tyre as it has suffered too much damage. Also it will most likely be worn down a significant amount as the low pressure in the tyre increases its friction and wears bike tyres down very quickly.
  8. Seriously.
    When one of mine was the same, ie rough as biggery but ran reasonably well most of the time.
    Keep the tyres right. Theyre the only things that are keeping you upright..
    Cosmetics arent usually safety issues unless bits are going to fall off or jam wheels or chain, running rough/gearbox MAY not be a safety issue, Think about how bad it is. Then ask yourself, "if this problem occurs at the worst possible time ie (when youre trying to get out of the way of a speeding truck with brake failure) How badly am I going to get hurt?"
    you dont save money by eating hospital food
  9. Mate you will fork out a lot of bucks to fix it all up. And then still have something that's worth nothing. Get another one.
    Fix the friggen tyre before you really have problems.
  10. Fix the safety issues.
  11. it's a little trek, but balmain motorcycles are good for tyres. took out a screw/nail from my rear tyre and patched it up for about $50 iirc
  12. Fix the tyre, get the carbs balanced, unplug and clean all electrical connectors and then ride it 'til it dies with oil changes at maybe 3000km intervals.
  13. Sell it to someone who will give it the love and respect it deserves. (as much as any other bike)
    Me :grin:
    You paid $1650 for it?
    How much rego has it got left on it?
  14. hahahaha man alright if you really want.

    Rego till september. Starts every time. It only seems to be getting faster with age, too.

    I would be willing to let it go for less than that even though i've only had it since january.

    Man, if you want it, you can give it ALL the love and respect it deserves, honestly, it does. It's a good bike. it's been nothing but reliable. My understanding is that the previous owner spent more that $2k on it (god knows what on.) It's been dropped dozens of times by the looks of it.

    If you really are interested, drop me a pm. But i don't want to be bikeless for too long as i was going to upgrade next month or after.

    I want to post some pictures so you can really understand the condition of it...
  15. Post up some piccies and we'll see.
    But regardless of what may or may not happen, please fix the tyre. For your own sake.
    Looking forward to seeing it.
  16. Tried to PM you but it seems you've opted not to receive PMs.
  17. derp? lemme check that out

    right fixed now, i will take some pictures very shortly
  18. some more pictures

    You can see some of the mods i've done to improve the appearance of the bike in them, such as the ol' screw in tread...

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  19. I'd go with this advice. Unless you're wanting to get rid of it for some other reason, just keep on riding it. Nothing wrong with a shitbox, as long as it maintains motion. Of course if the motor goes bang it's worth nothing and you're better off selling before that happens, but you bought it in this conditionand in your case I'd just live with its noises.
  20. You would spend a lot of time and effort fixing it yourself,
    or pay someone else to do it for you.

    Either way, if you don't have the love for the bike,
    then there is not much point.