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Should i remove the baffle on my CBR250rr to improve sound?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by steven_s2k, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    ive got a stock Honda CBR250rr and was thinking of making some mods to the standard exhaust on my bike so that it sounds better. I was wondering if any know exactly how i can take the baffle out??

    would this affect the performance of the bike?? cause i heard that by doing such a thing, it mechanically damages the bike?

    how does it sound like by the way and can i put it back on if i change my mind?

    What do you all think ??
  2. U cant remove the baffle

    On the stock alloy exhust u can only grab an oversized drill bit and root the fcuker from behind (headers end) all the way through.
  3. and if you do that, your bike will definitely sound loud but crap, and probably run like crap, and maybe do engine damage.
  4. +1

    Of course, if you know better than the Honda mcehanics who designed and built the machine, then go right ahead :p.
  5. Do it.

    I've ridden matchstick's bike which has had its baffle molested/removed entirely. Its the loudest non-harley I've heard so far. Riding it is a serious experience, the sound is just awesome. The sound isn't as 'refined', its a bit raspy, but totally worth it. I'd do it without hesitation if I had a cbr.

    If you're in Sydney you should hear matchstick's sometime.
  6. Just ride without a muffler. Might sound just as good. Saves weight too.
  7. No dont.. It will seriously sound like crap.. :shock:
  8. No, thats too extreme :p

    But blue, debaffled it doesn't sound bad IMO.
  9. Ok ill take your word for it.. :cool:
  10. Your flows will be unbalanced which will more than likely result in poor performance, but not engine damage. If your just after a louder bike, which isn't a bad idea from a safety point of view, go right ahead.:)
  11. I tried that on my CBR250RR in an underground carpark at my apartment. Rode up one level and set off most of the car alarms on that level. :LOL:
  12. did the same with the GSF - was grinning ear to ear and the dogs thought a helicopter was landing.... sorely tempted to leave it off :p :twisted: