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Should I rebuild my bike?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Viator, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Rebuild the old dog

    4 vote(s)
  2. Tear her down and sell her bits

    4 vote(s)
  3. Other

    4 vote(s)
  1. Hi all

    A while ago I bought a CBR900RR with an oil leak. Yep, that would be my first mistake. I rode it for a month and then stripped the engine down to replace the offending countershaft bearing. I found that the some of the main journal bearings were stuffed and certain gearbox components needed replacing.

    The bike has been sitting in the shed for a year now while I ignore the problem. Do you guys think I should slowly start rebuilding the sucker? Should I part it out?

    It'll cost around 2400 to have the bike healthy and registered but it's a rough looking 96 model so it's probably only worth 3000 if fixed.

    For those curious, here is what needs to be done:
    -new big end & main journal bearings
    -new rings and cylinder hone
    -gasket kit
    -new tyres
    -new battery
    -new timing chain
    -reseat valves? the valves in cyl 3 don't seat as well as the other cylinders

    Thanks for the opinions :)
  2. I say fix it but make it better. Depends, whats your budget? Bigger cams, higher compression etc would be lovely but are you going to keep it or sell it on?
  3. I have a zx9r at the moment so I really don't know what I want to do with the honda. I was thinking about maybe keeping it for the occasional track day so I can keep the kwaka fresh?

    I don't really see the point in spending more than what it's worth rebuilding it, so whilst I have cash, I don't think I should spend more than 2500ish - which only really covers the work listed above.

    The main reason I'd undertake the rebuild is to learn how to do it. Could be an expensive lesson though :(
  4. It's a knackered Honda. Throw it in a skip and run away. To be on the safe side, move house and change your name to ensure it doesn't follow you.

    There's no point trying to sell the bits. Because it's a Honda, everyone who contacts you will want pristine, factory new condition parts for $5 a pop. You will end up so sick of this that you will start killing them and burying them under the patio.
  5. Send it to me, I'll fix it. Haha. I have way to much mechanical sympathy, hate seeing things like this wasted.

    Although, I agree with killing anyone who complains about part quality.
  6. You really have it in for hondas dont you :p

    I would very, very slowly rebuild it, take it all apart, hand-polish every last nut and bolt with every bit of love and care i could muster, and then, like, 5 years later, i would have the satisfaction of being able to ride my very slowly put back together bike.

    End of the day, rebuilding a bike is not a financially wise decision. It's for the heart.
  7. Cut your losses and part it. If it was your long dead grandfathers, or Hitlers CBR900 then I'd consider it, but smeh.
  8. How much for Hitlers CBR900?

    And to the OP: Are you sure it's not Hitlers CBR900?
  9. Honda's don't have a soul. I own three of them. There great bikes, but souless.
    I would break it down and clean up the parts for junk and get some money back.
    If you fix the gearbox the top or bottom end will go. It's always the way.
    Unless it's classic it's just not worth it.
  10. I would put it on ebay as is for $1 and let the market take its course. Parting it seems to be a long process.

    Enough people have them that they would buy a second for parts whole.
  11. Oh yea, it's Kawasakis that have a soul. My mistake.

    I can't be sure if it's Hitler's bike. The guy I bought it off was a dodgy character, but he looked too young to be Hitler.

    The bike also has a small dent in the frame and rough body work, so no matter how much I fix it, it's not going to be spectacular. It's just annoying when I know what needs to be done but the numbers don't seem to add up.
  12. Let me put it this way. If I won the lottery, I would spend every dollar of my winnings on buying a crusher and every Honda over 200cc I could find in order to be able to enjoy putting the latter through the former :twisted:. I'd save the NR750 for last and put it on Youtube.
  13. Fingers crossed you win the lottery so you can buy my bike and crush it then :)
  14. While you're doing the maths on the rebuild cost, it seems that tyres, battery and rego are normal running costs, i think you should take them out of the equation. Despite what Pat says, in 10 or 15 years time you'd be kicking yourself if you dumped it.
  15. Meh, it's a big disposable inline 4 with nothing really special about it - you won't regret it!
  16. I have extensive experience of elderly, cosmetically tatty Hondas with buggered engines and the only thing I kick myself for is not throwing them in a skip earlier. Apart from buying the bloody things in the first place.
  17. you posted the question here that means you have some attatchment to the bike or like it, otherwise you would have already stripped and parted it. i think its a grey area, yeah your never going to get your money back, but is it a bike you would like to keep?

    if you would like to restore it and ride it then go for it.

    if your just looking at the logical/money side then part it.

    i know if i had the cash i would buy a yamaha fzr 600, as a project. shure its only worth 3k but i love those bikes. especially how they look
    or id buy a 80s/90s honda vfr/vtr above 400cc max 1000cc (full fairing) as a project bike as i would love to own/ride one (prefer the v twins for riding)
  18. I generally start by looking at the logical/money side of things but I would really like to restore a 90s sports bike. I guess this is why I'm in two minds. I am a little attached to it. Despite it being a dog, I loved the power delivery and twitchy handling. Makes my ZX9 look like a kitty cat in comparison.

    The more I read through the wisdom here, the more I'm inclined to make the sensible decision and part it. Maybe I'll go find something sexier to do up. ZX7R!
  19. Double post.

    If I was to do something up and keep it, it would look like this:

  20. Yep. Early ZXR750 is a future classic. Or try an oil cooled GSXR maybe (which are already becoming classics). $2.5k gets you a fair chunk of the way to starting with something with a few redeeming features and not every single moving part completely shagged.