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Should I put my L plate on?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by huzey, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. G'day guys, I'm a new rider with a CBR, and Im wondoring should I leave my L plate on. I've got a few reasons as to why I should and shouldnt, but ill let you give me advice

    - Possible Fines (any demerit points) for not displaying L plate (anyone know the actual amount?) Do you think If i explained to a cop why I don't display one I'd get off?

    - Cagers see L plates as kids, and perhaps will act like clowns and think 'hey, it's just a kid...whats he going to do?

    - People with 'full licenses' are seen as adults by cagers, and opposite to above, think that I'm older and won't take crap

    This is of coarse generally speaking, I know not all cagers would act stupid around L platers and stuff.

    It's also not a matter of what's right or wrong, it's whats safe. I know it probably won't make a huge difference...but any comments are appreciated :)

  2. I tend to agree with this, so yes put em on.

    I would like to give the population the benefit of the doubt and expect everyone to treat L platers for what they are: Learners. This means give them some room and have some patience.

    Yes, unfortunately there are some real idiots out there who think its fun to intimidate L platers.. (not just on bikes) but I would like to think this is far outweighed by sensible road users who would do the right thing.


  3. I don't think a cop will accept that argument at all. I also don't think it is worth the hassle from the cops for not displaying it.
  4. Hmm... When I had my L's I never had any problems with stupid cagers or other bikers for that fact.

    I think it would be more to your advantage to put the L's on.. otherwise, for example if you've split to the front of the lights, there may be an expectation for you to be able to gear up and go quickly or something, and that might lead to pressure or trouble.

    I hope I make sense... I'd leave my L's on. That being said, I don't have any plates as I have a full car license and I'm off my L's, but I did prefer if i had my P's so that there's a little more understanding that I'm kinda still new.
  5. I had mine on all the time (just like I wear my Ps all the time). All it takes is for one cop to see you without one and decide not to give you a warning and that could be your license gone (the penalty is 2 demerit points for no plates, but I don't know how many points you have on your Ls...always thought it was 0).

    And 250s stick out like dogs balls.

    Motorcycles don't get treated the best on the roads anyhow. I don't think they would treat an L-rider differently to a full rider, apart from maybe giving you a bit more space.
  6. If your only new to bikes then having L's is a good idea - warns other road users that you're far more likely to make a mistake. If you already have plenty of riding experience (ie off-road) then you should be able to pass the licence test really easy and will only need to display the plate for 3 months anyway. Let's face it some drivers act like complete %#$@s around ALL bikes - they don't just single out l-platers (they're just usually the only ones they can catch/keep up with).
  7. Hi Rhys, someone will surely mention soon that this topic has been posted many times before, but that doesn't matter.

    I know that L-plates are seen as targets. It seems that no "red-blooded, beef-eating" Aussie male in an SS Commodore can bare the thought of an "L-plater" ahead of them in the queue.

    However, even a smaller bike (with no plates) you can still attract that attention. I've ridden my father's 250 cruiser quite often, and it's amazing the amount of cagers that want to pass you on the left in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

    Back to the original topic, the best piece of advice I've seen previously is to:

    1. Buy some cable-ties.
    2. Thread them around the bottom two holes of your license plate.
    3. If pulled-over, claim to officer that it must have fallen off.
    This won't guarantee you'll get off, but with a tear in your eye you may be able to blame the local hoodlums who are always messing with your bike.

    EDIT: Spelling
  8. I've also heard of people doing thus, bet leaving a ripped off corner of the plate hanging on the cable-tie as well tucked under the number plate.

    I'd leave them on. I always look after bike learner's I see on the road if I think they need it... like a car tailgaiting them or something.
    Plus people do tend to stay away from you more.
  9. Leave it on. I've copped as much crap from drivers with the P plate as with the L.

    Mind you, my P plate keeps getting caught under the rear mudguard against the tyre, so half the P gets rubbed off before I can undo it. I'll be on Ps for 3 years (another 2) since I still only have my car Ls.

    I try to look out for learners and give them plenty of room.
  10. I had a guy in a car babysit (I think, I guess he could've been stalking me :p) me along the M5 for about 30Kms. He kept a good distance (enough to be safe, close enough as to not allow someone to move in between us) and followed at 80Km/h the whole time when he could've otherwise just overtaken and sped off at 100-110km/h.
  11. Yeah i think i'll wear mine most of the time, better to let people around me know that i'm learning than to get agro and wonder why i'm only putting along.
    Although if i was on the freeway i think i'd have to make an exception, so i can do the speed limit.
  12. I put a L plate on when I first got my bike, it didn't last long. I put on the other L plate, cos they come in pairs, it too didn't last long. I bought another pair, put the L plate on again, sure enough it was gone in a matter of days, so I left it like that but had the spare one in my tail bag incase I got pulled over.
    I went 10 weeks without an L plate, no drama's.
    I get my P's and dont have to display a P plate.....
    I get pulled over and the cop books me for not displaying an L plate because it took over 5 weeks for Vicroads to update the database so the cop didn't believe I had my P's til I pulled out the actual test and waved it under his nose :p after he had written up the ticket of course :LOL:
  13. leave them on some cops look out just for that. I ride a GS500 and have a full licence and had a cop pull me over thinking that he had scored a booking for an L or P plater with no plates, he was not to happy to see my full licence when he expected that the 5 foot 5 inch rider was an L or P plater and more amazed when he realised I was 10 years older then he thought he then mumbled something about lane changing jumped on to his BMW and rode off not to happy they know the bikes to look out for and the bike cops know more about bikes then we give them credit for just put them on and save yourself the hassle.
    If your REAL worry is about the speed your restricted to then speed enough to make the booking worth while no point in losing your licence for 10K's over your limit when you could do 80K's over :LOL: :wink:
  14. its 5 points

    leave it on. most people will give you more leeway if you make a mistake, and some bikers do watch out for you more and try to help you out if they see you in trouble.
  15. Not here in NSW it isn't. P-plates have 4 points, Ls could have the same amount as Ps but I'm not sure, they certainly wouldn't have more :p.
  16. ooooh didnt realise this was nsw... in vic P&L have same number of points so probably same in NSW?
  17. I left mine on. I doubt people see the L plate as a red rag to a bull, just the opposite. I find that you do get more patience from motorists when they see an L plate. But you still get arseholes being arseholes, and that will happen whether you have an L plate or not. I also have fully comp insurance and I was reluctant to give the insurance providers any potential loophole that would prevent them paying up, like not displaying an L plate. Then there is the cop factor as well, which will happen at random stops or a booze bus. In short, it could do you more harm leaving them off.
  18. Don't quote me on this as its been a while but by memory NSW L platers have no points, you can get booked on your L's rack up as many points as you like with no cancellation but as soon as you hit your P's they then take the points from you.
    So basically you get your L's get a 6 point fine go for your P's pass them and loose your licence before you get home, what a great system we have :roll:
  19. Leave them on. Most people will give you more survival space if they can see you are new to the game. If you are not wearing them they won't cut you any slack. That can only be more dangerous for you.
  20. yep leave em on.

    Im not sure how many points you have on your Ls but you never know when you just may need em.
    If you do genuinely screw the pooch on the road or get caught speeding you just may be happy you have a few points spare.

    As said it will also have a possible effect of having other riders spot you and be willing to run interference if they see you in trouble with a cage.

    Nobody really cares mate, so it's not worth the hassle.