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should I paint my side panels?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by edgelett, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Yes! They look Great!

  2. No! It's too much red!

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  1. Camhornet asked me a while ago whether I was going to paint the side panels on the hornet. i said no, I would get carbon ones instead.

    but the more I think about it......

    Dad came over on the weekend & he keeps saying "you should paint them, it will look shit hot"

    I'm not sure - so i need opinions.

    NOTE: these pics are not my bike but you get the idea

    Do you prefer it WITHOUT the side panels painted

    or with the side panels painted
  2. Oh...

    Well, in the first instance I thought they'd look good, but having a look at the examples I think you should leave them contrasting, i.e. anything but matching the primary colour.

    I'd also be worried about scratching the paint with your legs, as well as the paint "bending" off because of the flexibility of the plastic side panels. You'd have to be careful if you chose that path.
  3. It looks nicer with the side panels painted.
  4. If it's a decent job and properly color matched it should look really snazzy.
  5. Tash, I've done a Photoshop on a pic of my blue bike to see what painting the side panels would look like and either because I'm a lousy Photoshopper or just too trad to change, I decided it was too much blue, and the steel grey gives a better contrast.
  6. I should probably mention - my side panels are currently black.

    not sure HOW I'm going to get carbon ones at the moment either...
  7. Ain't it funny that it's only the Hornet owners who say it's too red!
  8. Just my opinion but it doesn't look half as good unpainted.
  9. I think it looks better painted. Flexible plastic can be easily painted by pro's with the addition of a flex aid to the paint ie: plastoflex etc. If you choose to do it yourself take plenty of time preparing the surface and good luck.
  10. the whole bike will be painted by a pro in his paint shop, so yes it will all be the same colour etc.
  11. I like it with the colour matched panels.

    It looks much classier with the paint.
    Like my VN crappidore's bumpers, the black plastic just makes it look like the cheapo base model. Whereas the paint makes it look a little more upmarket.

    My 2 bobs.
  12. I reckon paint em :cool:
  13. I say paint them - it makes the bike look more 'finished' rather than something that's been cobbled together.
  14. Paint them then sell it :shock: and buy a kwaka :LOL:
  15. LOL - you sound like my dad!

    I should ALSO mention I have a belly pan for the bike too, & that will be red on the bike.
  16. Don't do it, edgelett.
    Save up and have the carbon ones shipped from the UK or Europe.
    Either go the whole hog, or don't bother.
    Painted red looks sh1t and cheap.
  17. cant say that it really made any difference on first glance
    but after a few more look i say leave it and get the carbon fibre
    check out the rapid mags and they are building a hornet 900 just like urs
    and they have a few mods on it already.. including NOS
    :LOL: :LOL: