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Should I paint my break calipers?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, May 9, 2006.

  1. Yes they would look AWESOME

  2. No, they would look SHITE

    0 vote(s)
  1. My hornet is currently getting re-painted candy apple red. i have a 1998 model, with a skidmarx belly pan.

    I asked the painter to paint the calipers red. However everyone keeps telling me they will look @#%$. the painter is even going to give me a free tin of gold paint so I can re-paint them gold.

    What do you all think?? would painted break calipers look @#%$ on a hornet??

    here is a pic of a red hornet with black calipers. Might help you decide.

  2. Calipers are one of those components that should contrast.
    If your bike is red then black or gold for the calipers but definately not red.
  3. i would paint them gold
    i got gold calipers on my bike and i love it lol
  4. black is boring, red or gold is my vote to contrast with wheels
  5. here's a 919 with gold calipers...

    I am crap at photoshop so can't see how it would look with red ones.

  6. I voted no, black would be my choice
  7. Brembo's are gold. Go for gold.
  8. If you can find a colour you think will "work" then go for it - just make sure the paint used is designed for the job (can recommend Septone brand caliper paint - worked great on my car).
  9. My vote would be to polish the engine and frame up real nice and paint the calipers shiny silver too.
    Or go get em chromed :D
  10. Chromed or gold plated, very cooool :cool:
  11. I'm not great at photoshop either but perhaps something like this..
  12. Yuk!!
  13. As long as the red is the same as the bike might look ok. And as you said at worst you can repaint them. :grin: Go on if thats what you want do it..!!
  14. Oh Tash, don't paint your calipers.....most coloured ones are anodised, and paint might come off with the heat generated by braking, I think... There's enough red on the front of the bike with the red guard....
  15. do whatever you like :grin:

    although you will need to use special caliper paint to paint them, and you will need to fully dismantle them and reassemble them. the red caliper paint i've seen comes out really bright red, which probably wont suit your bike colour. :cry:
  16. The gold ones are great, there's no need to paint them black like the 2000+ version. Also, I don't think the red would work unless it contrasted.