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Should I or should not I ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Badsi, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hello everybody,

    My mate wants to sell me his bike. It is a Honda CBR 250 RR .. I think it is a 1991(not sure) model with 28 thousand km on the clock. He has dropped the bike twice already .. I have seen the damage .. it is nothing. He wants to repair it, buy NEW rego, provide RWC and sell it to me for $3 thousand(“’cause ur my mateâ€) Is it worth ? Is it a risk to buy a dropped bike? Is it possible that he'll get the RWC and the bike will be still "dangerous" to ride because of the drop?
  2. Probably worth it, if you don't know bikes get it inspected by mechanic before you buy. If you don't know bikes and you don't get an inspection thats pure stupidity.

    I test rode an 89 cbr250r a while back that the guy had bought from his mate, not knowing about bikes at all. Was a total lemon! Every part of the bike was stuffed; exhaust, aesthetically crap due to 100 million crashes, carbs made bike feel terrible, chain and sprockets were dead, tyres dodgy, suspension dead, discs warped, I could go on. Anyway he wanted 4400 for it but I wouldn't even buy it for 2 due to its stuffed state.

    So yeah, $3k is a good price if its in a good clean condition with all consumables in order.
  3. If you know the drops were nothing, that's much better than an unknown RR - good luck in finding one that hasn't been dropped. Thing is, has your mate been the only owner? The RRs can be great little bikes, but because they're old, things will be wearing out regardless. Often parts have been replaced, but unless you're good with bikes, or get it checked, it's risky (as it is with any 2nd hand bike - the unknown). I was lucky with mine - no troubles except suspension was pretty much gone. If you go ahead, which, if it's otherwise in good nic, it's a good price; but you've got to blame the bike and not your mate for if things conk out.

    Good thing is, as there are so many RRs about, there are also heaps of parts at the wreckers if needed :)
  4. good luck finding a learner cbr "r" or "rr" that hasn't been dropped. At 3k i reckon it's not a bad price, providing it checks out ok.


    imo there are better bikes out there for learners. :)
  5. Get it check out by a mechanic. But it does sound like a resonable price.
  6. Sounds like a good deal, and your mate may be genuinely looking after you, but as phizog stated .. If you don't know bikes .. have it checked out
  7. Thanks for your opinions guys :grin: I decided to go with him to the mechanic and just see what he says about the bike :cool: I have been looking around for CBR 250 RR and released people want $$$$ for this model .. I saw one guy selling an 94 model with 60 thousand on the clock for $6 thousand .. lol? .. Cheapest one I have seen was about $3500 with 4x on the clock. It is shocking when you see Yamaha’s FZR for $2500 which is a similar bike if not better .. but yea this is a different discussion :)