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Should I make a claim?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by beans07, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Hi, well it happened today. I was riding in the rain which is now only a handful of times when I got to a roundabout and had to slam on the anchors as some ignorant person tried to beat me. Anyway upon pulling the anchors on I hit an oilly patch and droped the bike. Very low speed.

    I have a GS500F K8 with 2K on the clock.

    The damage is minimal but I want to know if it is worth the claim or just ride and not worry about it.

    I have the following minor damage:

    LHS blinker all scratched
    LHS Motor cover (I think that is waht it is called) all scratched and the suzui plate fell off and scratched.
    LHS Mirror housing scratch
    LHS Fairing scratched not a lot but more tahn noticeable
    Clutch lever scratched
    Front fairing a litle paint off scratch (only about a 5 cent piece)
    LHS handgrip metal saver scratched and bent

    That is about it. They are all very small and minor and not noticeable but this is my pride and joy and first bike.

    I have swan comprehensive and I believe the excess is either $300 (I am over 25) or $400 (standard).

    Any info or advice much appreciated.
  2. If the cosmetics bother you, or you plan to sell it soon, deffinatly. otherwise i might hold up. If your a reletively new rider maybe just put up with it just incase you happento drop it another time. Theres nothing worse than getting a bike 100% then somthing elce happening.

    And dont forget if for some reason you were to not have it fixed now, and then just before you sell it had a "crash" cough cough. then claimed insurance then you might be takeing the safe road.

    I dono man just ideas
  3. Those covers cost hundreds, do the claim.
  4. Your excess may only be $300 or thereabouts but before you decide to claim, get a quote for your bike insurance then get another quote with a lower NCB rating. eg, if you are a rating 1 get a price for a rating 3 and see how much more your premiums are going to cost for the next 2 years.

    SO if your premiums, for arguments sake, jump $300 and then $150 you need to factor that in to the overall cost of weighing up the repair. All of a sudden you are going to shell out $750 over the next 2 years. All of the parts that you describe might be fixable for $400 a saving of $350. I'm just using round figures but you know what I mean .
  5. I reckon you should save the claim for something bigger, when it comes to something you can't fix or when the damage is really noticeable (dents, fairings all cracked etc).
    All the dangley parts will cost maybe around $200 all up...fairings will cost the most at probably...$400+ depending on which fairing and the dealer's price.

    Shop around with wreckers and dealers and get the costs before deciding to make a claim
  6. From how it reads, the fairing only needs to be repainted not replaced. Surely you can get a fairing painted for less than $400?
  7. Sorry vic! Didn't think about getting it painted...was just thinking in parts :-#
    If there were cracks then yea, replacing might be more feasible but there's always plastic welding
  8. Sorry to hear about your accident beans07 hope your OK, what about your jacket, helmet, etc. was any of this damaged if so you may want to repair or replace so include this to your final costs. As the guys have said shop around and see what it will cost you, talk to your insurance company to see what it will cost if you made a claim including the new premiums with changes in rating.
  9. From Suzuki having been in a similar situation.

    Add $45 for oil and $200 for labor to fit the engine casing alone....
  10. You paid someone to change an engine cover?
  11. People do... standard noob. beans07 it's no harder than replacing the mirror or indicators. Just because it's part of the engine doen't make it any more complicated. It's really just like a bit of fairing made of steel.

    You should be able to find all of that stuff cheaper at a wrecker. Try Vic Wreckers - they're northern burbs but I think are about the biggest in Melb.

    Or consider aftermarket for indicators/levers.
  12. Take off both covers, bog and paint them with hi temp black paint?
  13. No, but I was under the impression you'd need someone who knows what they're doing to avoid damaging the gasket, getting the right torque settings, etc.
  14. Try and do as much yourself. You will be screwed for insurance over the coming years.

    Its gonna happen again/ an off etc and if you are relatively newish to the roads (which by the sound of the accident you are) let the scrapes add up, if you want to keep the bike, do it up/streetfighter. Otherwise sell it and spend more on a bike that (with luck/experience) will live a relatively crash free life.