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Should I learn to ride a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by leopard, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. I'm a girl and I've loved bikes since I was a baby. Hell, I used to ride while still in my mother's womb. Till I was 9, our mode of transport was a bike. Now I'm 16 and really really really would love to learn how to ride a bike!! :grin:

    But I really don't know if I could and if so, where should I start??

    I'm only 5'1 and 47 kgs and pretty weak, however I'd do anything (workout for hours or whatever) to build up strength, just so I can ride a bike. So is that possible? I'm not adamant about having to ride a big bike, I'd probably prefer it if it was a little simpler, lighter and smaller. Willing to work my way up... :wink:
    And, how do I get started? Are there driving lessons I can sign up for? I don't care how long it takes, I just want to be able to ride a goddamn bike.

    All suggestions/advice/comments welcome...

  2. Yes, you should.
    You will either love it, or hate it. qBut if you dont try, you'll never know.
  3. I think you’ll be surprised how easy you find it, once you try it. The learner’s course that you do is for complete novices and will breeze through it. Look at me, when I went I never knew nothing about bikes, now I ride a widow maker

    Unfortunately there are no pre lessons that you can do to get your confidence.
  4. If your parents rode asking them about it would be the first step.

    Honda has lots of info on requirements and courses that can teach you to ride if you have no experience.


    But me like a lot of other people here think its best if you get a car license and learn the way of the road and the way people act on it before you get a bike license. (But there are plenty who started off on a bike first)
  5. definitely go for it, book a rta pre learners course if you like it go for your learners permit buy a small bike and ride as much as you want, if you dont like it the course is so cheap and at least you will know
  6. Click this link and follow the instructions

    Over 2 days, they'll lend you a bike, teach you how to ride it... and you can drop it as many times as you like!

    That's top stuff, right there.
  7. Give it a crack, sounds like you've got the spark.
  8. You seemed to have the passion & willingness to learn, you should get one! :twisted:

    CBR125 is the skinniest & lightest bike ive ever seen, have a look at it if you have time.

    I did HART course in St.Ives, theyre good place to start.
  9. THANKYOU!!!! :grin:
    how did you learn to ride??
  10. HART course?? Is that just a "learning how to ride" course.
  11. sydney seems like a baptism of fire if youre new to the road. high risk of being sideswiped with all the lane changers and crap roads.

    but if youre really keen, then spend the cash getting the best protective gear
  12. You've definately got the right pedigree :D

    Before I did q-ride which is only a 3 day course, I had never even sat on a bike before. Learning to ride was just something that I wanted to do, and it sounds like your REALLY want to, which is 90% of the battle at the start! By the end of the first day I was on the road, albeit for 5 mins, but I was just blown away by the progress made. You'll have it licked in no time ;)
  13. hahaha! i shall... still have till may to worry about all that
  14. what is a q-ride? where did you do your course?
    god, i really hope i am able to ride it. i mean not only am i girl, i'm pretty weak and "compact".
  15. Of course it's possible, Leopard :)

    Being a girl makes no difference at all. I'm a girl, 5' 3" and *ahem* kilos :wink: and I'm managing fine. I'm pretty weak, too, but I there's some pretty puny guys out there (some of them have already posted on this thread :grin: ) and if they can do it, so can you.

    You've got a history with bikes and, as the guys have said, you sound pretty passionate about it...I doubt you'll be able to let it go if you don't give it a try.
  16. Should you learn to ride a bike? NO!

    They are dirty, dangerous, antisocial, noisy and good girls shouldn't go near one. And that's just the riders.
  17. well being a girl isnt going to stop you, strength does help if you get close to dropping a bike and you can hold it before it falls, but no biggie. lots of people drop bikes.
  18. I like dirty
    I like dangerous
    I like noisy

    However I disagree that they are anti-social or not for "good girls".
  19. I like dirty
    I like dangerous
    I like noisy

    However I disagree that they are anti-social or not for "good girls".[/quote]

    I think the majority of us guys here would have to agree with that comment u just made :grin: we all like it dirty, dangerous and naughty :LOL:
  20. as boring as i may sound cos i'm old, but as said earlier, maybe get your car licence first and spend a year or so building up your general city road skills...it's pretty hectic out there...