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should I? how much? and stuff

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. I'm planning to go to Sydney next month to visit my family.
    Instead of flying, I was thinking maybe I might, instead, ride up.
    Problem is, the bike a zxr250c. Not exactly a touring bike, but when I get to sydney I want to have my own transport.

    Should I ride up there?

    Lugage, how much is a ventura rack cost? Where can I get one? how much would it be 2nd hand?

    Also a 'should I?' question, my tyres are almost down to the wear indicators should I ride up with them?
    what tyres can I get for my bike that are good?
    can't seem to find any tyres suited to my bike, 18" rear, from the major tyre manufactures.

    Thanks in advace for any advice
  2. i personally would ride!

    i wouldny go 1000km's on mostly worn tyres though...

    as far as rack goes, check Egay, i reckon 1-2 hunjy
  3. thanks,
    whether I fly up or ride, I'm gonna have to replace the tyres so I may as well use em up before I swap em round.

    I'll check ebay out.

    Also what kind of checks should I do before going on this trip.
  4. Ride.
    if ya can scam an extra day or 2 off work go up the coast road.
    if your tyre will make it up to NSW replace it there.
  5. I should have about 7days off
    I generally just bum around in Sydney so no need to get there asap by plane when I go.

    may as well replace chain and sprokets if I'ma gonna do the tyres!
  6. 250 -

    Ride. But whatever you do, take a can of that self-inlating tyre puncture sealant (finilec or similar) with you.

    Also, some soft "throwover" panniers might be an option to consider instead of a Ventura rack/bag.

    Riding won't be the easy option, and there are parts of it that probably won't be pleasant, but the highs will make up for it, and it'll be memorable.

    Do it!

  7. I think I will ride now!
    Hope it wont rain, then I'll need more gear
  8. 250 -

    If it rains you won't need more gear. You'll just need a hot shower when you get there...

  9. Hey "cash" just bought a new ventura rack and bag for his baby ninja from Bikemart Ringwood. I forget how much he said it was.
  10. Oxford First Time panniers - $99
    Tank Bag - $75

    and your set.
  11. hang on. i just realised your only going for one week.
    you wont need anything!

    ok maybe grab a tank bag - handy for money and mobile etc.

    just ocky strap a duffel bag on the rear seat.
  12. I just got quoted $370 for ventura rack and the larger touring bag for a zzr250 last week. Ebay is the go if you can find one for your bike, however, bear in mind you can't buy either the rack, or the l brackets separately, so unless you can get the whole kit for your bike it might just be easier/cheaper to get it new.
  13. yeah... I've just bought a rack and a rally pack.. $370 but with 10% NR discount. $334. just have to remove the back fairings...very simple bolt-on.

    The rally pack is a big bag... I might hang around ebay for a smaller aero pack.

    Just be aware that there are 2 models of rack for ZXR250 depending on your bike.
  14. Agree, throwover panniers and a tankbag. You'l fit heaps in them if you pack nice and tight.
    And definitely a puncture kit, the BigW kit is cheap, and whilst there, get a small double action bike pump from the bicycle section.
    On longer trips, if not used to them, be sure to check oil levels every fuel stop, til you get a feel for whether your bike consumes oil and if so, how much.
    As for the 18" tyre, I had a Cheng Shin Barracuda on the back of the Z, a mose excellent tyre and a good price. They go up to a 130 in the 18" size. I liked it so much I put one on the front of the GTR.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. That sounds like a fun, but big ride. I think you should get by with a change on socks and jocks, credit card and toothbrush :)

    Be sure to stop lots and drink plenty of water. If you don't pee much or it's yellow you aren't getting enough.
  16. Do not go up the Hume... the coast road is better, but the road up through the mountains in Victoria and NSW is the best if you have the time (it'll probably take 2 days).
  17. someones just pointed out to me that its holiday season and lots of accidents etc..
    forgot about that, it sorta does give me second thoughts..

    gonna be looking around for ventura rack today..

    it also kinda gives me second thoughts about taking bike cos everytime i come up to sydney i come back with another helmet or some sorta gear.
    i know i need another pair of boots
    worried about not have enough room later on to bring things back :grin:
  18. Further to the note about Holiday season - all along the coast (Princes Highway) - at least from Lakes Entrance through to Wollongong - last time I drove it, particularly the twisties between Lakes Entrance and Eden - Caravans and Motorhomes and lots of them on the road.

    When I was last down that way it as mid February too, school was back in already, so it was mainly retirees we were encountering on the road.

    Certainly exasperated overtaking and enjoying the roads when they were 5 or 6 of these things in a row.
  19. Maybe you could consider
    - RACV motorcycle cover - will do basic repairs or transport your bike as required to a repairer. Probably a better bet than trying to guess what might go wrong. NRMA will look after you on RACV's behalf in NSW.
    - A couple of occy straps for a small bag or a cargo net to strap a bag to you pillion seat. I like the cargo net as they are more secure.

    If you are seriously going to do this trip and don't care how long it takes then treat Sydney as just a stop on your real holiday which is a tour of central Victoria and NSW.
  20. thanks ashes,
    thats actually a good idea motorcycle cover.

    had roadside assist when I had a cage
    crashed and had a tow truck ride all for 50 bucks per year!

    Would it be pointless asking what kinda repairs they do?
    or should i just check out the site.