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should i get this cbr250 on ebay or friends rvf400?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. get the cbr250

  2. no fool get the rvf400! its so much nicer, you know you wanna!

  3. the other bikes are rip offs stay with the cb for 1yr you can do it!

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  1. i have my Ps now and wanna upgrade from the cb250 which i've had for the past 6 months. its been great but i wanna try another machine.

    i found a cbr250 on ebay for a reasonable price.
    but one of my friends selling his rvf400 for $8k. i've been trying to talk him down but he insists he's able to get it sold for this price privately so he won't give it to me....some friend! haha

    or should i stick with my trusty cb250?
    after my restrictions i'd like to get an old 600 supersport, doesn't really matter which of the big jap 4s.

    i know it probably comes down to feelings/emotion whateva but i wanna know what you guys think before i take the plunge! cheers! :)[/code]
  2. If you've got the cash get the RVF, you'll have no problem selling it for a similar price when you go to change it. I wouldn't bother with a cbr250, but it still might be a decent upgrade from the cb. But the rvf is the fastest learner bike NSW so all learners will want one.
    1 year is along time you may aswell be happy.
  3. I'd get that CBR, thats awesome value, just over $4K and its got a 250 litre engine in it.

    That would be insane :p
  4. The CBR seems cheap, parts would be easy to get and the high demand for them means you'd have no trouble selling it later for the same price (perhaps more) - definately be a step up from a CB.
  5. ****shameless bump!*****

    also guys, can you please help me out with the process of buying personally? how is the best way to pay? direct deposit/cheque.

    if the seller won't give you the bike till the cheque/direct deposit clears, how do you know he'll give it to you once it does clear? is the personal receipt he gives you adequate enough legally? sorry for such a newb question but i haven't bought a bike privately before.

    are there any tips or things to watch out for? how have you guys completed the transaction? thanks
  6. +1

    $8K is a pretty good price for a good RVF400. You wont have a problem making most of that back in a year or so.
  7. Most people wont accept a personal cheque full stop. Take a great big wad of cash with you. Money talks. Dont actually show the person your buying the bike from till its time to pay tho. Being able to say "ill give you $XXXX is cash right now" helps the process :grin: If your adverse to carrying large sums of money, agree on a price, pay a deposit, and bring a bank cheque with you when you go to pick the bike up. If you want it that day, make sure you get the wheeling and dealing done before the banks close.

    Also in NSW its compulsory (i think) to get a REVS check done before changing the rego. Call the person selling the bike and ask for the Vin #, the engine # and the rego before going to see the bike. That way you know your not wasting your time.
  8. In my experience of being the SELLER of a bike to a mate, I'd advise your mate NOT to sell you his bike, if he wants to stay your mate!
  9. is the CBR locally located so that you can go and inspect it?

    i'm all for buying bikes from ebay on the provision you can inspect in person - i got my VTR this way and got a great deal.

    if you're looking for an RVF, check out : http://www.oroadsports.com/viewtopic.php?t=10070

    (apologies for linking to another forum but IMO it's relevant)

    this bike is in virtually perfect condition.
  10. I have owned a VFR400 (the model before the RVF, but very similar) they are awesome bikes.... Then again, I graduated from 250's many many years ago... And yes, your mate would be right, he can probably get $8k for it... they are a bit of a ripoff.... for that price you can pick up a nice GSXR or similar...

    Why not shop around, there are a world of possibilities out there...

    Just remember to factor into your pricing.... Decent leathers if you dont own them already and other safetey gear too ofcourse, aswell as insurance (get a quote before you buy the bike)...
  11. VFR400 isn't LAMS approved though ;)
  12. hmmm, good point hornet

    reason for considering rvf400 is that if i don't get bored of it, then after restrictions are over i'll just keep it. however if i knew that i would get bored of it i'd probably go the cbr250 for now cause its cheaper, then later get a 600.

    see i know everybody says that you'll get bored of a 250 but would that be the same for the rvf400? or will it last longer? i dunno
  13. if you're regularly using it for rides as opposed to just a commuter, yes, chances are you will eventually get bored of the RVF as well.

    if i was in your position i would work out the financials on a time line and see which suits your position better.

    i.e. if you buy the cibby now and plan on upgrading from it in 12 months, what will be the resale and will you have (or be able to comfortably borrow) enough cash for your upgrade.

    do the same estimate for the RVF allowing longer to get bored with it, but taking into account the higher resale and hence less of a gap for your upgrade.
  14. i think with 400s that its not so much a case of getting bored with them, as much as wanting more from them. 400s are NOT the toys that 250s are, they have real power and are a blast to ride. similar gearing to a 250, similar handling to a 250, better braking and much better acceleration, cant not be fun :twisted:

    learn how to ride the RVF and you'll generate a LOT of red faces on big bike riders round the twisties. might not be as quick/nice on the open roads, but will definately keep you on the move in the fun bits...
  15. Yeah ... there's always that issue of selling or doing favours for mates and family ... goes horribly wrong if something does (and it usually does) go worng ... they blame you. :cry:
  16. I sold my beloved RD Yamaha to a mate who I knew in my heart would smash it up, and less then three months later, he did, put himself in hospital for 6 months. The bike still FELT like it was mine because I knew where it was and who was riding it.....
  17. Tis true.... My CBR600F3 had all the gear (full race exhaust, dynojetted, dyno'd, aftermarket airfilter, ram air improvements etc) and I bought the VFR for my wifey....

    But that little bike was so much fun to ride that I often stole it for rides... On long straights it was quick enough not to be left too far behind, but in the twisties there are not many bikes that can beat a quick 400... There were some fairly embarressed Gixxer riders that I beat to the pub ....
  18. Hey livingstonest,

    Depending on your budget ... probably worth sticking to the 250 you have, save up some money and then get something new (if you can afford it)then ? I agree with the comments from somone (sorry) about the RVF it may be a bit much at $8K, and I'm sure if you had a good look around, you'd prob find it a bit cheaper too.

    Happy hunting.
  19. wow never thought about it that way. my bud with the rvf400 is very good friend that's why i didn't understand why he wouldn't lower the price. but i think i get it now, he'd hate to sell it to me and later find out i was in an accident with it, great point there!

    i'm gonna inspect the bike this thurs and put deposit down if everything ok. i think i'll be alrite on the cbr250 for a year. i'll see how much i can get for my cb250.

    thanks all for your comments very helpful!
  20. Just to give you a comparison...

    My wife bought a Suzuki GSXR600 K1 (2001) for $8,500 about 3 months ago