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Should i get some boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Just a quick question. I recently got my first bike and licence, and am looking for safety gear. My main riding will be commuting to uni which is about 45mins ride one way.
    I saw some rjays boots (black, simple and plain) for i think it was $150, which i didnt think was too bad (price wise). (i cant find the model of boot cos i cant find an Rjays website!!)
    is it worth getting boots for just commuting? or can i wait...?


  2. Hi there,

    I bought my safety gear before buying my bike so I had it for the learner's course. Boots - absolutely - I know the helmet is the only compulsory piece of safety equipment, but you can't be too careful because in a crash, every bit of protection counts...For me, I have the full kit, jacket, pants, boots gloves and helmet and I wear all of this even if I run down to the shops - doesn't take long to pull it all on and is not a big trade off for the extra safety!
  3. Yep.
  4. I bought all my gear and then failed my test :( Stupid 40km/h school zones. Oh well, next month I will have it.

    I have helmet, jacket(leather and dri-rider), gloves, boots and pants. All up cost just under $2,000 but I consider them a worthwhile investment in my life :grin: and they will hopefully last longer than a bike does anyway
  5. yeah get boots mate......i've seen one too many ex-riders who've had their legs amputated
  6. A similar question to "Should i get boots?" is "Do i need my feet?"

    Mabye you should ask yourself this first.
  7. Yes~

    The safer you are/feel, the better you ride.
  8. Yes definately get boots.. were the boots called a speed boot.. similar to a basketball boot style..check the link..
  9. For cheap arsed boot i got OXstar whcih cost $129, water proof and easily the most comfy boot i tried on (out of 6 or 7 pairs) - only draw back is the zip could be better?
  10. Yes dont muck around get the boots.
  11. blue12 - nope, they arent a basketball style boot, its a proper bike style boot. I'd give a link but i cant find them on the net (lrt alone any rjays offical website)

    jimmythehuman - thanks for the advise i'll look out for them aswell, but im quite restricted to the bike shops i can get to.

    the reason i asked was cos the riding instructor didnt really emphasis proper boots much (implying that basketball style or just inclosed shoes were enough) and since im not racing through the mountains i wasnt sure how important to rank them.

    Anyone know a website that has heaps of rjays items and pics/info?
  12. Boots are for sissies, you know whats REALLY trendy these days? Prosthetic feet.
  13. My mother tried to scare me out of the bike(she is an ex E.R. nurse).

    One of her stories involved a biker that got hit by a car, he was yelling and screaming for them not to amputate his leg(was wearing Doc's), they cut the boot off the other foot first and it was a prosthetic, went to cut the boot off the other foot and the foot came away with it, it could not be saved.

    you DON'T want to end up like that :shock:

    I had to put up with stuff like that for ages, which is why I went all out on the gear.
  14. emilmh, get some proper motorcycle boots the instructor should be shot for saying that basketball boots or enclosed footwear was good enough. Mind you, saw a bloke in our shopping street the other day, R6, singlet, shorts and rubber thongs - it was the thongs that really got me - idiot.

    Dress for the slide, not the ride.
  15. basketball boots :? . the idea of the boot is to protect your ankles. the highr boots can also help to stop the peg digging into your leg in the event of an off..
  16. What about work boots, thats what I have at the moment. Thinking of getting some bike boots so my feet don't get wet in the rain :(
  17. rbarge, if they are steel capped - definitely not and if they are elastic sided - definitely not. Steel caps can do nasty damage to your toes in an accident. Elastic sided means they can come off. If they are laced workboots - then again no, you shouldn't have laces on boots and ride bikes, laces can get tangled around pegs and levers - thereby preventing you from putting your foot to the ground and you will fall over and look like a twit. Just buy some motorcycle boots that will protect your ankles.
  18. They are but I make sure the laces are short as possible. Got them again becauase instructor told us not to bother with bike boots :shock: and seemed to have good ankle protection.

    Still might get some "real" book, just to keep my feet dry.
  19. Shakes Head, at idiot instructors. How things have changed, when I was going for my L's we had a session in the classroom covering safety gear and they showed us the type of gear we should be wearing. They were really good about it too and stressed that not everyone had the budget to buy the fancy gear, so showed us stuff from both ends of the spectrum. But they never said we shouldn't have proper boots!
  20. Laces with boots just require some common sense.
    Army style combat boots, Caterpillar boots, Taipan,...it's all many riders in the UK wear...as do I...all you have to do is wrap the laces around and tie them off with very small loops.
    Before specific motorcycle boots were available this kind of boot was all anyone ever wore. Even today combat boots are all Aussie Army motorcyclists use. And those guys are on their bikes for hours every day in all weathers.
    I use these kind of boots for a number of reasons...they are cheaper to buy, they are more comfortable to walk in, they last longer and if you make sure you buy ones that have stiched on soles you can always have the soles replaced.
    Sole replacement is sadly lacking on modern bike boots.
    You should also note that the cheapest Rjay and Rossi type boots offer no more ankle protection than combat style boots do.
    Johnny Reb boots...cut the metal ring buckle off, they break ankles and also heat up and burn when sliding. I know several riders (Harley guys) who are sorry they ever wore them.

    Rjays crap (and it is cheap crap) is sold by the MCA shops in Sydney..here is a link below:

    Rjays crap is imported from Asian markets by the company below:


    You think I'm hard on Rjays gear?...Every Dri-Rider product I have had has lasted me for years, gloves, jackets etc.

    Every Rjays product has failed within 12 months, jackets, gloves etc.

    Rjays is a cheaper produced copy of most Dri-rider and other companies products...and you get what you pay for.

    Look I'll give all of you a tip...if you don't mind shopping online then buy your bike gear from online bike shops in the USA...the quality is as good or better than here and the prices are normally at least one third to half of what bike gear here costs.
    You won't believe how cheap leather gear is in America.
    You can buy leather bike jackets for $100 USA and leather vests for $20
    USA. I know, I have them. Made of Buffalo skin.
    The prices they charge for motorcycle specific clothing in Oz is just bloody ridiculous.
    In fact the prices they charge for many bike things here is that way.
    They claim it's because our bike community is so small that they can't make a profit unless they charge a lot.
    The good news is that there are millions of riders in America and therefore you can pick up some real bargins if you shop around on-line.
    Just type leather motorcycle jackets into a search engine, or M/C bike boots, gloves etc.