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Should I get a car?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boro_baba, May 30, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Iv been thinking about getting a car for a while now and I just "Bumpt" into a bit of cash.

    Wanted to know what your thoughts are and on what car.

    Im looking spend around $2000- $3000. Cars Iv been looking at:

    Honda Integra 1990-1992
    Honda Preluide 1988-1991
    Totayta Camry 1993
    Mitsubishi Magna 1996+

    I want something that is good on petrol. The looks still count but im not THAT fussed about it.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I thought you're about to lose your license? :LOL:
  3. I knew there was gonna be someone to bring that up. :p

    Got my liscence back in the mail on wednesday. I have it back untill my court case in august. :wink:
  4. If you're losing it again in August you'd be better off putting the money in a high interest bearing account and buying something when you get your license back..again...IMO anyway.

    Then you could buy yourself a fooli sik lancer with an ironing board on the back.
  5. For a run around town vehicle i recon the Camry or a Corolla is the best option, the early 90's models are mechanically simple and the parts are easy too get at and obtain second hand. Ive still got my 1989 Toyota Camry with the front bumper zip tied on, and had to get a new fuel line becuase i broke the old one driving "offroad" was only $17 which was heaps good and its done over 320,000km and doesn't blow smoke etc. yes they look like a turd, but are very reliable, and i am guessing for 2K you just want a runabout (I originally got mine at uni i traded a $800 Camera for it :p)
  6. Yea Iv been keeping an eye out for camrys my uncles got one but i REALLY hate how plain and vanilla it is. I know they are good cars but I dont want to compramise on looks to that extent. If you know what I mean.

    I am looking for a cheap runabout car.

  7. Not a big fan of Lancers! Wouldnt mind a canary yellow VL dumped on 18" internationals. :grin:
  8. +1 toyota corolla..
  9. Nothing wrong with Lancers man...
  10. A wise man once told me you can have any three of looks, performance, reliability and affordability. But you can't have all four. So which are you prepared to sacrifice?
  11. if ur losing ur license for speeding (which is what it sounds like).

    why dont u wait till u get ur license back :p
  12. We know your driving record.

    I think that I speak for Australia when I say that we would rather you stayed on a bike for the time being.

    But thanks for asking. :roll:
  13. Avoid old, cheap Hondas at all costs. If looked after they're usually fine, but if they've been the tiniest bit neglected then they're basically an expensive failure just waiting to happen.
  14. You can have my VL. But it's 20 year old daggy white with cheap 16" mags. It also sits 1" lower with a full fuel tank :? . But it's manual and a blast to drive!
  15. Fixed for you :LOL:

    Seriously, I agree. Older Hondas are ridiculously expensive to maintain, and parts are not too easy to find.
    For my money, a reliable small car that'll go like stink on PULP, use little fuel and be fun to drive would be a mid 90's Charade. They're bulletproof, and won their class in various rallies for several years in a row. They'll also take a fair amount of cargo with teh seats down.
    The cars OP mentioned are a fair size for one person to toodle around in.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. If you're after a Magna, rule one out due to fuel costs. Great car, I had a 3L 94 model that was solid as a rock. When I actually serviced it she would have ran forever. Burned a bit of fuel too. The 4 cylinder ones weren't much better in this regard - the engine was a complete turd.

    Go the old Charade, not a bad car for what they're worth. Corollas are great, but overpriced, and I think the same of the Lancer.
  17. +1 to that, those things are a hoot to drive and pretty idiot proof in terms of handling too.
  18. Disagree with the four bangers. The multi point injected ones, whilst not fast, are not too bad with a few FREE mods! :twisted:
    We had a TS auto 2.6 for many trouble free years, that engine tok torrents of abuse from my fiance in poor maintenence (not her fault, entrusted to mechanics). They'll return 7l/100k's on the highway in auto form if well maintained. Teh rest of teh car is well made and makes up for it, but they're abig car with a small engine at teh end of teh day.
    I also owned a 3l V6 TS wagon, excellent car, and fairly economical, to teh point of getting similar economy to teh four banger.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. 86 charade came out with a turbo :) I had a 3cyl 87 for a while. They are deceptive, and very efficient. Quick for its capacity and weight, and they fit a lot in the boot. Not much changed body wise. Parts were easy to get.

    cruised well at 110.
  20. so did some of the 87-91 charades

    modified road version on the left , group A rally car on the right :cool: