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Should I expect a fine? (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dannyh, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. I was going over the spit bridge toward manly, on the south side of the bridge were cops handing out fines.

    On the north side of the bridge about half way up the hill was a cop car on the opposite side of the road to me facing south (I was going north). It had its side arm mounted radar in the down position. When i saw the car i was just creeping of 65 maybe up to 70 but keeping up with traffic and going up hill.

    I didn't see any flash or anything and the cop car was leaning over to th passanger side writing something down, I backed off the gas when i saw him and as I was going uphill I slowed right down pretty quickly, I was expecting that there would be cops at the top of the hill, because as far as I am aware, i thought that these side arm mounted radars actually had to pull you over rather than take a photo and send in the fine.

    I wasn't pulled over, and i didnt notice a camera go off or anywhere, so can i assume that I will be ok, or do these radars have a camera without flash that I just didn't see.

  2. Well unless you have a number-plate on the front of your bike, I wouldn't worry too much :)
  3. ^ wot 'e said, gov.....
  4. lets say hypothetically there is a plate on the front of my bike....don't ask why :(
  5. You were in a car......
  6. Get out! :twisted:
  7. No I wasn't, I just want to know hypothetically whether these guys would make chase. I was on a friends bike.
  8. Don't worry. Besides, for 5-10 over in an area where everyone around you is speeding, they wouldn't shit.
  9. Thank you.

    I am down to only a few points, after my ex went through a two red lights in my car a week before we broke up, and the fear is gripping me pretty tightly on this one :)
  10. So why didn't you just nominate her as the driver at the time??
  11. Why would you let your ex get away with that?
  12. You won't get booked. Unless you are pulled over. Police do not use cameras. Private contractors do that so there is no chance of getting fined so if they didn't chase you, don't worry.

  13. i rekon you are very safe, if everyone else was speeding around you, he wont give a shit secondly if he was looking down writing a ticket he wouldnt have been looking at the LCD SDD on the dash.
    thirdly please stat dec those infringments to your ex, cause that is farked
  14. It wasn't a radar. It was a rego recognition camera with a cop sitting in the car watching the rego getting checked for expiry/stolen etc. If a rego is flagged, they radio through to the roadblock further up the road to pull you over. If they didn't then you won't. I rode through that the same night and saw the same thing.

    This is one of the better policing innovations as far as I'm concerned because it is taking the assholes who have stolen cars and or don't have CTP off the road.
  15. Na, you wont get a fine, they have to pull you over first, if they didnt, it means they dont care about you, u were lucky :wink:
  16. Wrong!
  17. agree with tweet on this one. highway patrol have cameras in the dash.
  18. Riiiight. I'll remember that next time I walk past the camera car when it's parked in the basement of Newcastle Police Station. :wink: