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Should i even bother????

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fingers89, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I am hoping to build a drag bike some time in the future, and i was wondering what you guys think would be best? Im not really into turbo hayabusa's (I have no doubt that they are quick), just not what Im into.

    I was thinking about the gsxr1100 (93 or 94 model), but im not sure about the engine mods i can really do due to it being air and oil cooled. Would it hold up to an 8.5 second pass???

    thats what im hoping to run with a bike anyway.

    I wanted to extend the swingarm and get some decent size slicks under me aswell.

    thanks for all the info in advance.



    P.S If you have any other bike suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.
  2. Dude, drag racing is the domain of teams. Unless your cashed up the ringer, its a fruitless endeavour.

    Firstly drag bikes require a full time mechanic and machine shop. Engines are usually stripped and re-built after every event.
    Tyres, nitro, etc. all big bucks without sponsors or a good team of technical people behind you.

    Also they are certianly not roadworthy.

    So do you have the connections, talent and money.
  3. I completely understand this, but thye moeny will be saved up over the next few years, and i already have family who drag race (albeit a 9.5 second bike). I would only be doing it to enjoy myself, as ive loved drag racing for ages, have been on the start line a few times and know plenty bout the sport.

    I figured if i got something like a gsxr1100, id be able to use its reliability (depending on how reliable the stressed motor would be) to save some cash every now and then. Not skimp on quality parts, but hav a bigger lazier engine to do the work.

    Cheers fingers89
  4. +1 to PP team effort
    Otherwise its a full time job with overtime.
    Hayubusa are easy to get and cheap and parts and mods are easily avalible cause there heaps of info.
  5. I dont believe it to be that bad. My mates and i are all technichal people, all motorcyclists, all drag racing fans. Plus id only be competing at WSID events. so thats maybe 8-10 a year. $100 for fuel, a new tire every 3 months (You'd be surprised how long they last) $300-$500, parts and expenses (shit happens, deal with it when it does).

    Would any body have any cheaper suggestions, other that a gsxr1100 or hayabusa?

    The hayabusa'a are cool to watch. But i want a full pace launch, not a slow launch and on the back wheel every gear.

  6. Why not run bracket racing?

    Personally, I would look at the classes, look at the rule book, decide realistically how much money it was going to cost for each class, and go from there. Losing isn't fun, so I'd rather be in a class I could afford to win, than being in a balls-to-the-wall class where I was scraping a bike together.
  7. yeah if u have to save up to do it i doubt u can afford it,
    also there are sometimes used dragbikes on ebay from time to time going for about 5000
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  9. Fingers, sounds like you know more about it than us. Everyone does what they can afford. Let us know how you get on. Start a thread in the racing section. The mod there is a top bloke, who loves motorsport.
  10. lots of people drag race the old gixxers, and there's still plenty of mods aavailable for them.
    My suggestion is to go to a drag meet and talk to people
  11. If I were you I'd get a wrecked busa or later model gsxr1000. Slammed, longer swingarm, etc, with a shot of nos you should be running reliable 8s.
  12. Build or find a 7/11 suzuki (750 frame, 1100cc motor) their sweet.
  13. I say go for it, I've seen GSX-R1100s drag raced, they can be tuned alright. Good luck and keep us posted.
  14. If you want a cheap alternative, the ol Yamaha FJ1100 motors used to put out a lot of grunt. They used to used in a lot of drag bikes. Stock gearboxes weren't good for sheeet though, but once you undercut the gears, they were ok. Unfortunately they are pretty hard to get now in any sort of good nick.
    I remember at Supers many years back, in main drag they had a dyno set up. Dudes were paying to put their bikes on the dyno, and in front of everyone they got to show what big balls they had :butt: -H.P. wise of coarse.
    This was before the Busa was around but I seem to recall one of the 2nd of 3rd top performing bikes, top end grunt wise, was a mint condition worked FJ1100.
  15. Mate, if you're asking those questions here, you're in more trouble than you thought.
    Starting with a drag forum or ANDRA would have been my first option.
  16. :shock: :shock: Whats the nitro for? I would have thought Nitrous would have been more productive :p :wink:
    Unless this is the effect your going for
  17. Ok, i went to the drags on the weekend (summer nationals) and i spoke to a guy who had a gsxr1100 body on a bike that runs 7.70 seconds all on the motor i.e no turbo, no nitrous and he said that sort of bike usually costs around 50-60 grand, way above my future budget, but he did say however that if i go to a place called s and r pro, i should be able to purchase a per buitl bike (hayabusa) for around 20-25 (my budget) and it should be capable of 8.30s and down to even very high 7's, depending on the rider of course.

    Now im not a huge fan of hayabusa'a but if i CAN go that fats for that kind of money i may have to put up and shutup. Plus i can alter the look of the bike, with extended tails, wheelie bars and fairings.

    On the website:


    They also have gixxer 1000's, zx10r's, r1's.

    So my choice of bike may not be so limited.

    Any more info is welcome.


    P.S This is a bike that the shop owns and runs. That is the look that i like in a hayabusa: http://www.sandrpro.com/479.jpg