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Should I dump unsupportive anti-motorbike boyfriend?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by free spirit, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Hello to all fellow motorbike enthusiasts,

    I am in dire need of some advice, from both women and men out there...

    My relationship of 2 years is hanging by a thread due to many reasons, one of which is my boyfriend is totally against me getting a bike, thinks women who wear motorcycle gear are "unfeminine and unappealing" and doesn't want me getting involved in the "motorcycle crowd"(which he percieves to be rough, macho, and-you guessed it-unfeminine").

    He is a good guy in other ways (good listener, affectionate, etc.) but this new venture I am about to embark on (if I can ever find a bike) means alot to me/I am really excited about it, and his lack of support and disapproval makes me angry & question if we have just too many differences. He says he has the right to express his opinion, and I shouldn't take it so personally.

    What do u think? (Other gals in particular- your advice would be greatly appreciated)!

    Thanks a bunch for any feedback!!!!!!!!

    -Freespirit :?
  2. Can of worms opening in ..1....2.....3.....

    seriously... he can hav his opinion but in the end it is YOUR decision.

    You just have to be happy with whatever decision you make

    I must say normally its the girls not wanting the guys to get a bike..... girls+bikes = good stuff!! :D
  3. Ok, Ive been there and done that... Dispite the "Wise Ones" of netrider advising me otherwise, I decided to stay with him and try to work through it... biiiigggg mistake in my situation.
    I have a huge chip on my shoulder about this so struggling to keep an open mind :LOL: undoubtedly not the best person to offer advice.

    Perhaps looking up some of the topics about parental disaproval will help you with tactics to deal with it?
  4. My wife rides a Gsxr600K1 and she is hot as hell....

    will he let you ride if you paint your bike pink?
  5. There's the key point - if he was saying "I don't want YOU to get hurt," that's one thing, he's thinking about you. But he just thinks it's not a sexy thing for HIS WOMAN to be doing... all he's thinking about is himself. Sounds like a prick, get rid of him. There's lots of very spunky single male NetRiders... (I just haven't met any of them yet, but I'm sure they're out there... :))
  6. get rid of him, plenty of studs here on netrider, and loz too
  7. hahahahahaa you're threatening his masculinity by doing something thats way cooler than anything he does :LOL:

    buy him a trainer bra and tell him he can now be a little girlie man. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I believe your problems arent directly linked to you wanting to ride a bike. As you said " its hanging by a thread " anyway. I was in exactly the same type of relationship for years , we didnt bump heads over the bike but other things. By posting this topic, you want people to reassure you that the decision youve made, is the right one. Reassurance is an amazing thing. You need your decision to be validated. You know what you have to do.
  9. Can you get him interested in learning to ride too?
    That may help change his perception.

    The only thing unfeminine IMHO is when chicks shave their hair really short for the practical reason of avoiding helmet hair. :LOL:

    But bottom line is if he can't support you in somthing that means alot to you but really doesn't adversely effect him then he is being selfish. It's up to you if you want to be with a person like that ;)

    Love your work Coconuts.
  10. Look love. Men know best. Why would a guy want his girlfriend riding around on some phalis symbol like some butch stamp licker!

    Pay attention to what he says and for gods sake put on some make up and could you wear a dress for once in your life?

  11. Sounds like you're already most of the way out the door anyway.
  12. Get the bike, then convert him into a bike rider too. Once he sees you going out and having fun, he sounds like the jealous sort, and so he'll get a bike too just to ride with you.

    If he gives you endless grief about it, firmly inform him that it's your choice, you respect his opinion, but you've made up your mind. Then it's up to him to come to the table and accept you for who you are. If he can't, then really that's his problem and you'll most likely part ways. Of course his excuse will be "We broke up 'cos of the bike", when really the real reason you would have broken up is because he wanted to control you.
  13. You have answered your own question, this dude will only get worse once you start riding without him and finding new friends to ride with, even if he doesnt say it he will resent everything riding related about what you do.
  14. Hey free spirit 8)

    When you start posting threads asking if you should stay with him then you know it's over 8)
  15. what female opinions are you after, most of the woman on here are more manly then most of the men on here :oops: and secondly most of there woman here all date or and married to guys that ride so either way i think you will get a very unbais opinion here..... but you will find lots of shoulders to cry on if thats the way you decide to go too :)
  16. I wouldnt worry so much about what he wants right now...

    If he wont support your idea to own a bike, what else wont he support?
  17. I've changed my mind. Not only should you dump him, you should kill him, and then serve him roasted to ibast as a reward for best comment this thread.
  18. I'm with Bogus69. Perhaps you can both take up riding a motorbike and have fun together.
    My girlfriend/future wife doesnt like me riding a bike, but she also respects my decison and passion to ride.
    So she is cool with it so long as she does not have to ride/sit on it.

    eswen mentioned looking up posts with parental disapproval. But you'll prob find that most of them, like myself, just went out and bought a bike, brang it home, and just listened to the nagging for awhile. After that, its all good. :LOL:
  19. Like Eswen?? :shock: *Runs like hell* ;)

    I say, live your own life, shouldn't change yourself, and who knows, he might like riding if you get him interested.

  20. Just guessing but... the fact you're asking means you've pretty much decided. Say hypothetically you stay, what will he not support you about next time? Can this not be solved with communication and logic?