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Should I do pre-learner training?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Primax, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    I'm going for my Ls soon and am considering pre-learner training.

    My background: I grew up on a farm and drove plenty of ag bikes, which I know are a different kettle of fish. I went off to boarding school in Bendigo for 6 years which limited my riding, but I rode frequently during my holiday periods.

    Would I be non-noob enough to skip pre-learner training?

    More info: After passing, I will be riding a road bike, probably a LAMS 600 from Honda or Kawasaki. I'm keen on a 600 for the extra weight as I'm not a stick figure, so I think I'd look a bit silly on a 250. Also I've been reading a lot about getting blown around in winds, and I understands that happens less on heavier bikes.



  2. Don't see any disadvantages in doing any sort of rider training. You're always going to pick something useful up.
  3. Hmm I spose. I was looking at the price of ~$200 and trying to skimp with the other gear I need to get(gloves, helmet, bike, leathers, etc).. but I spose $200 is better than any hospital time.
  4. Do the course, you will learn something.
  5. Any sort of training is a good thing. Everyone has things to improve on, its easy to get into bad riding habits and not be aware of them until they get pointed out.
  6. I used to ride ag bikes and more so trail bikes as well, except I'm a Horsham boy that went to boarding school in Ballarat...


    Anyway, I'd say it's worth while doing, personally I didn't learn what I would call "a lot" but I did pick up a few important tid bits that are useful on the road, certainly more than I thought I would.
  7. Better to learn your lessons by doing a course, rather than on the road. Doing riding courses and stuff never hurts, but not doing them can.
  8. With the amount of experience you have described, there will be parts of the pre-learner course that will bore you silly.
    But You still will probably learn a thing or two.
    I had ridden for 18 months then was off for 13 years before coming back.
    I skipped the Pre-learners and never had a problem with it.
    Remembering I had spent the intervening years driving so my roadcraft was pretty sorted
    But at the end of the day only you can really decide.
  9. yeh, assuming that there are decent seminar sessions it would be worth going. if its just motorbike layout and riding practise I wouldnt bother. dont know how similar the pre l's are compared to NSW. In NSW they are also subsidised :p
  10. Yeah, thats what I was thinking.

    I'm 28 and have been driving since 16 now, so I think my roadcraft is pretty sorted.

    But still, food for thought. I'll have a look around and see what the various courses offer.
  11. Primax, where are you? (what's with these noobs who never put up their location??)

    If you're in Vic and you've ridden a bike recently and given your riding background, I'd say, skip the prelearners, but do the weekend L's course.

    Can't speak for NSW.
  12. I did the 2 day standard Learner course and got my L's fine without any pre-learner stuff and without having ever ridden a motorbike since I was 7 (PW50 woot!).

    With the sounds of your experience riding bikes on the farm etc I wouldn't waste money on it. Spend that money on rider training AFTER you get your L's and have had a little time on the road to learn what you do and don't know.
  13. Fark me, sensible advice from DeMainiyak! ;) :grin:
  14. listen here mr rob, I may be de-mainiyakking and licensely challanged at times but I'm vertical and Saphy is pretty... ;)
  15. Is not bad idea to do it, first it lift up your confidant, second you get use to the bike, third you have nothing to loose except gain another experience toward you learner.