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Should i do another couple of days at HARTS?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DANNIBOI, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Ey all, gettin my bike in a couple of weeks, Hysong GT250 Comet.

    i did my L's at Rider Bros at Coulder (by the way, the guys down there at AWSOME). spent time one on one with me and a few mates, and gave you extra time if you need it.

    ok, so my question. :idea: did the L's test bout 2 months ago, and i live right near HARTS in Kilsyith, my question is

    is it worth goin to HARTS and doin a "refresher" ride/course with them, and how much do they cost?

    Any Thoughts?????
  2. I dont think it is worth it.

    The tests are pretty basic. Just draw some 90 degree lines in a deserted parking lot and practise.

    from memory, the test involves the 90 degree turn left and right,
    slow riding
    and emergency braking.

    i think that is it. everything is pretty easy. the turn is a bit harder and takes more practise. if you touch the white lines, its a fail.

    you have to do a turn within 2 90 degree lines. its fairly generous space between. you just need someone to watch and tell you if you are crossing the line. if you look down when doing it, you will definately touch or cross the line.
  3. You can find all info regarding HART on 03 93352766 regarding their courses. If you're after a refresher it wouldn't hurt, but no-one can make that call but yourself. The more you invest in your riding, by that I mean getting out there and riding and learning from others, the better equipped you'll be.
  4. P.S. if you are doing your test at HART, you get 1/2 a day of practice before the actual test
  5. iv already got my L's but iv taken a bit of time after to get the bike, 2 months in between, i mean u cant forget everything in 2 months lol?

    can u:shock:
  6. lol mate ignore erewego, he didnt read your post :LOL:

    you can do a refresher course, but you might as well not i think.
    as long as u can blanace on the bike, and remember to to jsut grab at the front brake when doing slow speed stuff, u will work everything out yourself.

    what are you concerned about, anything in particular? braking, changing gears, turning?

    jsut have a sit n think what you would do when u go for your first ride.
    gear up, jump on, on the front brake, stand up, clutch in, change to first, release brake, feather the clutch out as you increase revs to roll away.

    just go for a few cruises on your local back streets, get used to the controls, indicating, changing up and down gears, braking with both the front and rear brake, but only the rear at slow speed so you dont tip it over.

    get comfortable with how it turns and steers, practice smooth clutch use and gear changes.

    if you really think you have forgot everything, then do a refresher course, but you might as well just get a mate who rides to ocme around and help you out, its pretty simple, will barely take anything to remind you :)

    have fun!! :grin:
  7. *puts reading glasses*

    ah yes. :p

    Come riding with pple on tuesday night. Its fun and its free. and you dont have to do ridiculous 90 degree turns. Its much more fun :p

    I'm going for the next one. daylight saving !!! wOOt
  8. Hey it took me like 6-7 months to get my bike since I had my L's. Sure, it was a little shakey at first, but honestly? It's really easy to get the hang of if you haven't ridden much. If you are really nervous, I say get a friend to ride your bike down to a vacant parking lot, and just ride around there for awhile.

    However, I am thinking of doing some advance training courses before I got for my P's. Maybe consider that too? I don't know.
  9. see if you can do a practice session with them. Its 90 minutes on their bike and costs $60 or $80. they might be a bit iffy if you didn't do your L's with them but be polite and explain your situation.
    I've done a couple for various reasons and its close to personal tuition.
    I've known people who rode dirt bikes but wanted to get a road licence do it to get used to road bikes.
  10. cheers guys, i dont think im gonna worry bout the refresher, im just gonna for to an empty car park for an hour or so and reteach myself.

    iv heard of these rides, and dont worry, the week i get the bike ill be cummin 2 the tuesday nite cruise, cant wait....

    mainly braking, u kno wen to use which brake, i kno to use the back wen goin slow and both for emergency, i guess i just need to get out there hey lol....

    dude, ur gettin me all exited LMAO :LOL:
  11. Hi mate ''

    the p's test is very easy its easy'er then your L s

    you get 40 points to lose

    6 things to do ;; they take away 8 points for every one you miss

    so as long as you get the 2 emergence stop right you pass

    I think Vic roads is a bit of a joke , this test is to easy and as northing to do with riding on the road , you never get over 25ks but I suppose something is better than northing ,

    just ride as much as you can , its all good

    I did mine last weekend with DECA
  12. The HART Learners to License course could be a good option for you. It looks like it teaches you more than a simple refresher.