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Should I change my bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shellie, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Greetings ladies and gents.
    I've been thinking for a while now about selling my bike, a Yamaha FZ6, and getting a cheaper one to run. Trouble is I've always loved cruisers and choppers (never owned any though). I have serious doubts a 250 cruiser would be cheaper to run due to the weight.
    I do have my eye on a Torino 250 chopper :shock: I'ts a bit lighter than mine, 173kg I think and v-twin.
    What do you guys think? and what are v-twin engines like compared to I-4?

  2. hunter has a 350 injected one http://www.huntermotorcycles.com.au/daytona.htm

    depends what you use the bike for, commuting, main source of transport, or just the occassional sunny day cruise.
    would be a shit of a thing to live with if it was your only transport.
    a day in the saddle would destroy your kidneys.
    v-twins, better low down grunt, not as revvy as inline 4.
    at 173kg you should go on a diet lady.
  3. My first bike was a 250cc cruiser, weighed 145 kg. I would get 260 klms out of an 11 litre tank. My current bike has a 14 litre tank and I still get the same mileage, so the 250 was more economical to run. Cannot help you with the engine comparison though, all my bikes have been V twins.
  4. if you want economical commuting, but still enough go, get a road registered 2fiddy trail bike, slap some road tires on it. lightweight, dirt cheap to insure, simple maintenance, gutter hops, high vantage point for veiwing ahead, torquey singles work great in heavy traffic.
  5. :eek:I'll assume your joking on that. Take off 100kg if not.
    thanks, I'll check out that hunter bike.
    My bike will be for long commutes (over an hour to work, eighty mins back again) and long rides to see mum up the coast. A wide comfortable seat is a must.
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  7. If you're going to be spending an hour at a time on the highway I'd skip the 250s and looks for something in the 400+cc range. A small engine revving its guts out will burn just as much fuel, and likely cost more in maintenance, than a larger engine that's just plodding along.
  8. One of our other members started off with a 250 cruiser and while she was happy with it, freeway riding taught her that 250cc just isn't enough. As jd points out the low capacity forces the engine to work harder to stay at the higher speed and the smaller physical size is a curse in crosswinds. The XVS650 from Yamaha seems to be a popular ride and while being slightly larger in terms of capacity than your current bike being a V-Twin will give it a different performance character.
  9. Sounds like a good case for a Suzuki SV650, Gladius or Kawasaki ER-6.
  10. What part of FZ6 ownership is too expensive? Is it fuel, maintenance, tyres, insurance, speeding fines or something else?
  11. mmm some of them hunters have wide seats yes, but no rear suspension. will hurt your lovely little bottom and destroy your kidneys.

    best options are probably the honda vt 7fiddy range, or as mentioned the yammahard 6fiddy cruisers. neither are powerhouses, but comparitively cheap, reliable, economical.
    you should check out the trumpys though if you've got the coin, bonneville, america, slowmaster; nice bikes with real soul and sweet sounds.
  12. you would love the gladius over the fz6, good tip Wayned.
    and she's a v-twin
  13. Good '90s Viragos can be had for $4 - 5.5k. Great design, bullet-proof, parts-a-plenty and simple to work on (save $), character-filled engine, great feel, narrow for commuting, great on the highway. Buy a Virago! Sizes:400; 535; 750; 1100, all for the same price.

    Later this week I pick up my new bike and put my Hornet 600 up for sale - I suspect we we might be doing similar things, shellie.
  14. 250 cruisers get pretty good fuel economy, I've heard 3L/100 isn't abnormal. Vtwins generally have a flatter torque curve and therefore a more flexible powerband. They vibrate more, make less power versus the same capacity i4, more engine braking, lower reving, deeper sound, not as smooth. Twinners are grinners as they say.
  15. I'm certainly curious about this too.
  16. Ok,maybe I'm being too much of a miser.
    I've been counting my pennies because I'm paying off a car (finished in april) and I guess I'm being too fussy.
    I love my Fazer It's just been pissing me off for some time because of my aftermarket pipes. They're blowing my tail/brake light and wherever I take it, nobody seems to know how to fix the problem. They change the bulb and say it should be fine:rolleyes: I'm waiting for it to go out again.
  17. How do you know this? I have a kidney condition so this sounds like a worry. Tell me more please.
  18. There's lots of bikes out there that use less fuel than an FZ6, however they all have pedals.

    Anything with a motor will be pointless for you because fuel savings (if that's even possible cause an FZ6 uses bugger all) will take centuries to make back the resale loss on the FZ6 and stamp duty on the new bike.

    Why have you re-routed your aftermarket pipes to come out through the tail light?:-s If this is not what you've done then I'd say it's unlikely that they're causing the problem. I think It's more likely to be an electrical issue. If you have the correct new globe then maybe start by checking that the fuses are all correct and ok. I know very little about electrics but I would be inclined to discuss it with an auto electrician if the bike shop couldn't help. :)

    Keep the FZ6 though, they're a great bike and comparitively cheap to run. :)
  19. I'm with Seany, the fuel savings in downgrading to a 250 are not worth the resale loss on the FZ6 and the stamp duty when buying the 250. A FZ6 should be one of the cheapest 600s to run due to its docile nature in the lower rev range (preserves tires chain and fuel) and Yamaha build quality.

    FZ6s are also smooth, comfortable, stable through corners, and when the need arises, can overtake in a jiffy. You will miss all these things when you downgrade to a 250. How do I know? I rode 500 km on a FZ6, returned the keys, and went back to my ZZR250. Sigh.