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Should I change bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NOT4US, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. As some of you may be aware (if you read my multi-page thread here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=124086) just a month after having my brand-spanking-new Kawasaki Z750 me and my wife had an accident thanks to a Taxi driver in the Sydney CBD.

    My wife wasn't too ken when I bought the Zed as the pillion comfort was not the best but she put up with it as I got a good deal and really liked the bike so she was coming along with me for short trips, not being too comfy but happy to be riding with me. But that was up until the accident...
    Now she doesn't like riding with me as shes both scared and uncomfortable (and she won't put up with that now).
    So here I am, with a bike that is roughly 3 months old (only due for its 1000Km service next week!) and thinking about changing to something more "pillion friendly".

    I know what you are going to say: "You should have thought about that before you bough it!" and I did but circumstances have changed and I really want my wife to enjoy or at least not suffer while riding with me.

    I don't think I'll lose much money selling the bike (got a good deal for it new) but looking around for sport (not race), preferably naked bikes that are comfortable for the pillion and can't find much around.

    Have been looking at the BMW F800R (I know it looks weird but I kind of like it and looks comfortable for 2up) and maybe Bandit 1250 (but not too convinced, heavy as). Other option would be the Triumph Sprint St, although as I said I like nakeds better. Any other suggestions?

    Don't know what to do. Is it a mistake selling my Z750? (it's been financed but as I said I reckon I could get back pretty much what I paid for it).
  2. Speed triple?

  3. Ninja 1000 I know its. Not naked
  4. Thought about the Speed Triple and Street Triple as well but pillion comfort is not he best.
    K1200R? Or you meant K1300R? Very, very nice bike but out of my budget...

    Keep 'em coming!
  5. Hmm... you are not the first person that recommends the Ninja 1000 for 2up riding but to be honest it doesn't look any more comfy than my current Zed.
    I may try and take one for a test ride with the wife while I'm getting the Zed serviced next week.
  6. Unless you buy a goldwing its not going to have pillion comfort. Time to book her in for her license.
  7. Been trying that but no luck so far (but I'll never give up!).

    I don't need to go to the extreme of a Goldwing but looks every new "sporty" bike is designed for solo riding!
    Not that long ago (90's) most sport bikes were pretty good for 2up riding.
    I had a 1991 ZZR600 that my wife loved and the CBR600F was a good pillion bike too.
    I'm just trying to find something more current that can accommodate her without having to be a contortionist.
  8. I've a couple of friends that have gone for the FJR just for the pillion comfort.
    Yes not a naked, but I don't think you're going to find one.
    Might have to look at the larger Sport Tourers.
  9. GSX1250FA?
    Nice fat bench seat, gotta be more comfy for a pillion than the token wafer-thin padding on most bikes...
  10. Both the FJR and GSX1250FA fall in the "too much" category: To much weight, too much plastic and too big.
    But thanks for all the suggestions non the less.
    I don't need sports tourer, just something that won't submit my wife to torture when riding along but that I can use daily to commute and take it to the twisties when needed.
    There has to be a bike that can do all that?
  11. Bandit? Not so much plastic, but no idea on weight and price...
  12. Well you just answered your own question, go and get an old good nic 90's sports bike then!
    If you want something new then I reckon the blackbird would be pretty good for pillion comfort, or why not the old black bird? easily convert either one into a naked with something from this website http://www.streetfightersinc.com/HondaCBR1100xxAccessories.htm
  13. The conversion is not a bad idea Kernel! It may be a bit costly thought, but something I hadn't think about.
    Hard to find a good nic 90's sportsbike with low K's (plus I want all the goodies of newer bikes in brakes/suspension/fuel injection) so I'll leave that for the nostalgics. I just wanted to make a point of how design has shifted and taken over functionality. Sure these bikes look hot, but they should be comfortable to ride too, even with a passenger, or maybe I'm asking too much.

    I think I'll take the wife around the shops and try to organize a few test rides and see what she likes better and then start thinking about selling the Zed (can't believe I'm saying this!)
  14. The Buell Ulysses is the best pillion naked bike. Heaps of leg room huge seat that's not too elevated. Grab rails and the luggage rack flips into a backrest. I had the x but the xt model is good if you are shorter as its normal height.
  15. is it her arse that gets uncomfortable or is it the whole body position?
    if it's just her arse getting sore or not feeling planted enough then maybe one of these is your answer http://www.buttybuddy.com/butty_buddy.asp?ID=1

    dayum, that's a gorgeous bike
  16. Its one of the only bikes I miss and I have had a lot. It drove me crazy owning it but.

    My Buell loaded up.

  17. why did it drive you crazy owning it?
  18. The Blackbird is a good two-up bike. Plenty of power, protection, and comfort.
  19. I treated it like a dirt bike and it didn't like it and jettisoned bits. As a road bike it was good.
  20. Aprilia 750 Shiver and Yamaha MT-01 (good used prices) both have good seats. Don't be put off by the apparent size and cc of the MT. It does weigh a bit, but is super comfy and a piece of cake to ride.