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Should i buy this?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by finski, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Hey i'm about to buy my first bike and i saw this one i really liked, but since i'm kinda new to the motorbike scene i'd like someone else's opinion on this bike, its a 93 zx-2r and it has 30,000kms on it any help would be appreciated, it can be scene on bikesales its the green one in sydney

  2. mate - that gives us NO INFO whatsoever. How do you expect anyone to answer the question "should I buy this"?

    Yeah, go ahead, buy it.
  3. Don't buy it, stealing it would be cheaper.
  4. lol sorry kinda out of it, just finished work, yeh it says its serviced regulary, and its going for 6000 but its negotiable
  5. We could only give you a suggestion on the bike bro. Bikesales is posted by someone trying to sell they're bike, they'll only list the good things about it. You wouldn't know if it had been dropped or anything unless they were willing to tell you.

    Maybe a link would be nice
  6. ZXR is similar to the CBR.

    - both imports, so parts are unavailable and many mechanics won't work on them
    - both arrived in australia by container ship and were built out of anywhere up to 6 donor bikes, then repainted by Sumoto or other importers
    - both could have done any number of km (the low mileage dashes are used by the importers)
    - both highly likely to have corrosion issues, often in the bolts and fasteners, and many through the electrical system, which is a shit to work on.
    - both are exceptionally quick for 250cc bikes, and demonstrate good handling for experienced riders
    - both are difficult bikes to learn on, because low-speed manoeverability is poor, steering lock is narrow (and catches your thumbs and wrists against the tank), engines are peaky and riding position is more racy than practical.
    - both are overpiced in the secondhand market
    - both are faired, meaning that WHEN (not if) you drop them, they'll be more expensive to fix than a naked
    - both have 'R' in the title, which means they're preposterously expensive to insure, because the majority are crashed and claimed on within a year or two

    Personally, I wouldn't buy one. It represents a triumph of racy form over function. People buy these bikes because they think they look cool - same as why they buy Hyosungs.
  7. LOL $6000
  8. is 6000 too much for a bike with 30000? Was thinking about giving him a offer of 5500 as then i'd have money left over for riding gear
  9. I wouldnt even offer them $5.5k... way too expensive.

    you can pick up clean RR's and zx2rs with those kms for 3-4.5k if you shop around.
  10. $500 wont get you far with gear, I've almost finished buying my gear and so far spent close to $2000
  11. yeh i've got around 1500, but if i'd get bike kinda cheaper then i'd have more left for gear
  12. It's too much for a 15 year old 250 period.
  13. I own a zx2r. It was my first bike.

    - rarely need parts, very reliable. The one time I did(throttle cable), it was back on the road within 2 days. Never had a mechanic say he wouldn't work on one.
    - the best bits of 6 doners bikes make mine a SUPERbike, albeit a small, underpowered POS one.
    - i bought mine with around 30000kms, imediately got a major service. The mechanic reckoned no way it had done that. The internals were the best he'd seen, pristine almost. Luck runs both ways.
    - no rust throughout mine. One loose conection which i as able to fix.
    - if sportsbikes are your thing, what better place to start, gotta get used to that riding position. I've never caught my hands on the tank.
    - don't pay over 5k
    - never dropped it in 15 months, never looked like dropping it, and there are no chickenstrips.
    - yes, they are shite insurance wise.

    I wanted one because I thought they were the coolest looking 250. Then I rode one and bought it that day. Best buy of my life, had so much fun on it. Love my little bike.
  14. So the fact that yours was more than likely built from assorted parts (or bits of wrecks) doesn't worry you simply because some mechanic reckons you happened to get a half decent engine :shock:.
    Hope the frame/brakes/suspension/rims/etc. don't fail on you.

    Incidentally I've nothing against grey imports, I've owned one myself and would happily buy another. But all Loz's comments are fair and I certainly wouldn't recommend people buy one unless they have at least some mechanical knowledge - otherwise you might as well just hand some mechanic your wallet and tell them to take what they want.

    Actually come to think of it if your bike was in such good condition WTF did it need to be stripped down by a mechanic with just 30k on the clock :? .
  15. finski - listen closely and take this advice from those that have been there before you: DO NOT be fooled by new glossy paint.

    Get a FULL mechanical check by an independent mechanic before you so much as part with a single cent.

    Trust me on this.
  16. dont buy it, it has ghey spaceship tubes on the tank. it ruins any potential coolness a toy racer may have had.
  17. I bought the bike from a dealer in good faith. It sounded alright, ran alright, but I didn't know its true condititon until it was checked. That was the point of doing it.
  18. So you paid a mechanic to strip a bike completely after you'd already bought it just to check if it was okay :? . If you were going to do that anyway you would have been better off just buying one that was stuffed for far less and getting them to rebuild it.
  19. Nah...your kinda jumping to conclusions there. Also, I payed less than 5k for the bike with gear thrown in. Hardly alot of money. I've thought it great value.
    The whole point of my posts are point, counter-point. Most people advise against them, but I've only had a good experience with the zx2r. Admittedly, i was very naive, and got lucky.