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Should I buy this Repairable Write Off?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr Owl PhD, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. I was just about to pull the trigger on a GS500F yesterday, 37,000 on the clock, new tires and chain. The fairing looks excellent and has had a professional looking paint job in Cyan Blue including the tank and rear plastic, custom mirrors with built in indicators. It has obviously been fixed up by someone who loves doing this stuff. The engine looks brilliant no marks anywhere. Sounds fantastic and started up well from cold and although I only went for a short ride it felt very good. Got the price down to $3,100 with a few months left on the rego. The owner is the person who painted it, and he obviously knows what he's doing and seems a really nice chap to boot.

    But, I did a PPSR search which came back fine but the NEVDIS additional date returned the following...

    Written off:
    Collision, QLD, 21 Jun 2015, Inspected
    Collision, QLD, 10 Feb 2015, Economic Repairable Write-off
    Stolen:No data recorded.

    The rego matches the data so it's obviously passed registration. I put the sale on hold while I pondered the situation. The seller claimed to have no knowledge of this although I find that hard to believe but possible I suppose. He thought it could just have fallen over and done enough damage to the fairing to not make it worth repairing. There is no damage anywhere on the bike and it seems like a really good deal, it felt great.

    My question is, should I be unduly concerned about the above 'Repairable write off situation or am I fretting about nothing.
  2. Don't know about qld, but in Vic. insurance company generally won't touch a write off, I'd be checking rego, police report if its been stolen in the past, don't want to get burnt, I'd be wary of it, might need more info on damage
  3. Rus LerRus Ler 's concerns are valid.
    What year's the bike? How much cheaper than other bikes that are genuine is it? 37K is getting up there. Not excessive, but getting there. If you intend to keep it for 5 years it may be worth your while, but seriously, are you?

    Just remember if you're considering selling it - every buyer will be in your current situation. Easy to buy, hard to sell.
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  4. LionzLionz, this one is a 2007 model, yes, good points about keeping it, I was thinking that if I sell it in a year or so that it could be hard to sell but if I end up keeping it even as a spare bike for 5 years if I get another then it may be worth it. I'm looking at one tomorrow all black F model that has 14,000 on the clock, 2008 model for 3800, and I'll be looking at another black one also 14,000 but naked that is 3900 at the moment but I'm hoping to get that down to maybe 3600 but I can be sure on that. Tricky stuff. It's very tempting, I almost wish I didn't do the ppsr, but then I'd be panicking anyway. I guess if it had a real problem it would not be able to be registered.

    [​IMG]@Rus Ler Yes, tricky stuff, not sure that it would be possible to get more info on the damage. Hard to see how it could have had a serious collision without any marks, the fairing does not appear to be damaged either just professionally painted.
  5. As LionzLionz said, you may get stuck with it, might be better to spend a bit more with less km's and a clean slate
  6. 14K as opposed to 37K with a current difference of $800 and possibly $500 and a clean slate??

    I'd be going in at the $3.8 and $3.9 sellers with an offer of $3.2 originally in person and playing one off against the other. If you've got the b@lls to do that you'll walk away with one of them for less than $3.5 easy.

    I just picked a bike up advertised for $3k for $1.9 with the extra gear he wasn't going to throw in. I went in at $1.5K and had the cash. Easy to buy, hard to sell.
  7. He may have bought used fairings in a different colour, hence the fancy paint job. The mirrors sound like a cool thing.
    I'll have a set of those on mine, thanx...
  8. Yes but was Mrs Lionz part of the negotiating team?
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  9. Walk away at that price mate. If it was a lot cheaper maybe.
  10. Thanks for all the comments, it helps! The gf originally indicated that she wasn't enthusiastic about a fully faired model due to the diorientation of having that bulk in your eyesight. So I found a really nice one absolutely immaculate 14,000 one owner always garaged and not a mark on it 2010 model, listed at 4 but will accept 3.5k. Pointed it out to her and now she's wavering telling me I've sort of talked her into a fairing. Oi vey!

    Went to see one yesterday supposedly in excellent condition but having done the 2 hour public transport journey, I find it's been sliddened down the road. This is exactly the sort of bulls sheets I was hoping to avoid when I agreed to the original blue one then discovered the write off anomoly. The deeper this goes the more confusing it becomes.
  11. Hang in there, mate.

    A good one will come along.

    My only advice is: ask all the hard questions on the phone, before even making the trip. Any hesitation from the seller, may mean they're making it up on the spot.

    I got mine in Feb, just 4 kays from my house. Asking $5.4k, agreed on $5k, 2012 model, one owner, 6,500km, with ventura rack + bag.

    Couldn't be happier.
  12. @ Mick M,
    I saw something similar to that but it's in NSW on the border, not that far really but I need to check on Monday about getting a refund for the unused rego and CTP insurance which has 10 months left could be tricky. But it's at the limit of what I can afford at this moment. Yeah I've decided to give the one that started this thread a miss too much brain damage. So I guess that's good.

    Mind you I've had some amusing interactions, there was an elderly gent only a few K's from my place who had a mint naked 2013 one, only done 2,500kms, he's got a bad back apparently, asked 6k I offered 5k and he proceeded to give me a lecture about how there's no way that's going to happen. I said I understood but then before I hung up he said, he'd accept 5k BUT, he'd take the plates off. So I said forget it then it suddenly made it too much trouble. He said he had another bike he was selling, don't know what it was but it only had 17km's, as in 17 kilometers, not seventeen thousand.
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  13. Yeah, I'd give that one a miss too. About 2.5 years ago, I picked up a blue/white 2009 GS500F in Melbourne with 31,000 kms on the clock and a few tasty mods too. The seller wanted $3,800 for it. I bought it for $3,200. It was a great bike. I rode it around for nearly 2 years then sold it last christmas for $3,000. Just be a little patient and keep a look out. I suggest checking BikeSales and Gumtree daily. You should be able to pick up a reasonably good one for around $3,000. Best of luck!!
  14. Welp, the blue one sold so that's good, don't need to think about. But I got a message back from a previous one, looks like I'm going to get the one just up the road a bit after all. This is a 2013 GS with a GIVI rear box 2,000kms and a few months rego for $5000. I'll be looking to put maybe a GIVI universal windshield on in the future.
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  15. Told ya...:finger:
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  16. But wait there's more...

    Long story short, I have purchased a 2010 naked GS500, 14,000kms and it's in very nice condition, 3.5k. Put on a new pair of Lasertecs which handle nicely. I am well chuffed. So what happened to the one with 2,000kms on it I don't hear you asking?

    Get this, after a week of argy bargy with this guy I happened to mention that he obviously bought it new, then he says, no he's the second owner. WTF. Did a PPSR and lo and behold it's another repairable write off, somehow I think it's been wound back. All worked out well in the end because I really like the naked bike and I don't think a fairing is necessary.

    This bike is really surprising for me, my last one was a BMW 650LS and this GS feels nicer to ride, also feels like it has more power. Speedo is strange though, 112 is actually 100, 90 is 83 and 70 is 63. Which explains why I was always being overtaken.
  17. Well done, mate.

    My speedo has a similar error. Fairly typical, I think. Just allow for it, or run a GPS for correct speed, like I do.

    I hope you enjoy your new bike for a long time to come.

    I'm 11,000km into ownership of mine and absolutely love it.
  18. Congrats user. I had a 2009 faired version. The windscreen deflected a bit of wind. It was a great learner bike, albeit a bit top heavy. I would get about 3.5l to4 /100km, a range well over 400km per tankful. Note the faired model has an oil cooler radiator on the frame behind the front wheel, the naked does not. Models converted from faired to naked (because of fairing damage / being dropped) will have the cooler.
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  19. Yeah, thanks for that. I'm enjoying this bike more than my bmw ls 650, mainly because there's no engine vibration at 4,200rpm when I'm cruising a 100km/h and also if I'm riding along at at 80kph in top, I can drop down two cogs for a speedy acceleration and it's only doing 7500 which would have been red lining the beemer.

    Instead of starting a new thread maybe I can ask here... I'm looking to replace the air filter and I was wondering if the HIFlO filters which are only $34 on eBay will be as good as OEM and not affect the performance adversely in any way by the implied higher air flow.
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