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Should I buy this bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mattychops, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. I've had my L's for about 3 months, but havent bought a bike yet due to money issues, I got a car loan the same week I got my L's..

    I've managed to clock up between 1000 and 2000kms on a GPX250 which is my housemates commuter. I'm usually allowed to take the GPX out and go riding while he is there on his CBR600.. Which by the way is extremely frustrating, as I like bigger/longer rides than him, and would like to be able to just go when I want rather than when suits him. But since it's his bike, I dont show my frustration, just my gratitude that he lets me ride it at all.

    It's a 96 gpx250 with 30K on the clock, will be sold with roadworthy and some rego for $2000 which I think is a good price. Do you?? I think I would much prefer either a VTR, Bandit or a Hornet 250, but dont think I can afford one anytime soon.

    Plus IF i buy the bike off him he still wants to ride it to work every day untill he's off his restrictions in 8 months time. It seems like a complicated deal to me that could end up messy.. But is it worth it for a decent $2000 bike, or should I wait untill I can afford to get one of the other bikes I mentioned, which might be as far as 8 to 10 months down the track.

    If I had my own bike I would probably be in Yea right now and hoping I dont see any Kangaroos on the way home.
  2. For 2k you can get yourself a basic bike that you can ride whenever the bloody hell you like. For 4k you will do much better but 2k will get you a bike. (dont forget gear)

    Unless you want to break a friendship I'd steer clear of loaning/lending a bike.
  3. +1 Unless you own it outright don't buy it at all. Otherwise it could just get nasty when it comes time to deciding who pays what when it needs servicing, new tyres, a new chain/sprockets or whatever.
  4. Got all my gear already.. 2k gets me the GPX but under a messy condition, i'm just contemplating wether the GPX for a good price is worth the complications of the deal... I've pretty much already decided that it isnt, but just wondering what others would do in a similar poor financial situation...

    I'm sure he could get at least 3k for it if he sold it elsewhere.
  5. Yeah, that's a good price but a shit deal. I'd look elsewhere! GPX is a good bike too, you should find one for not much more than that.
  6. If money's a problem look for something that's stuffed cosmetically but fine mechanically (and given the number of 250s that suffer low speed drops this isn't usually that hard). If you're not worried about looks you can just keep it that way, of course there's always the option of fixing it up later when you get some more cash (or just do a cheap, dodgy tidy up before selling to boost the sale price ;)).
  7. Have considered that option, have been looking on ebay for some damaged bikes, but lately they've been too damaged.. Anyone got a VTR, Hornet or Bandit thats damaged for 2k??

    I'm able to cope with waiting untill I can afford better, it's just that I would like to get my P's so the restrictions are out of the way sooner than later. I could probably go and get them now, but probably isnt good enough for me, I would want heaps more practice, so its i WILL pass my P's.
  8. Why don't you consider a slighly older (well-maintained) bike?

    If you have time to hunt around, you can get a really good POS for $1,000 - $1,500 - but not if you want to be seen on the smartest latest bike.......
  9. dont buy it. just keep riding it till you can save a bit more and get something bit better. :LOL:
  10. Sounds like a good deal, but the T&C's could end your friend ship very quickly, especially if your friend crashes the bike.

    I would steer clear, or try get rid of the T&C's.
  11. Definately avoid that kind of deal.
    If I where you I'd say 3.5-4 for something which will hold its value until you are ready to upgrade.
  12. I did 450km on the bike this weekend. I think when I turn round and say no I'm not buying it under these conditions, he will be pissed off. It is hypocritical of me in a way.. I really shouldnt be riding it, it is risky.. But it's just so hard to say no when he says c'mon lets go for a ride.
  13. A couple of things here. It's a learner's bike, you'll sell it in all likelihood as soon as you can.
    Buy teh bike you can afford, for $2k, you won't get too upset if you break it, plus it's a GPX, they're tough as nails, cheap and easy to fix, maintain and run, and parts just about fall out of trees for them.
    Tell him $2250 and he doesn't touch the bike again. Flash money at him.
    If he says no, go buy another GPX for $2.5k. They're around.

    Regards, Andrew.