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Should I buy or not? CBR500RA Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by O_Rider, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. I'm new to riding and looking to get a first bike. There's a Honda CBR500RA model that's a repairable write-off I'm looking at for 2.5k. Mainly cosmetic damages, such as scratches to most of the fairings. However, it's missing the right foot peg, as well as the foot brake (whole thing is completely gone). And the right muffler has a dent in it. Has no RWC or rego, basically, I'd have to go through the whole process to get it back on the road. Would it be worth it trying to fix it? Or should i just go straight and try to find a second hand one? As I'm new to bikes, I don't really know how much it'll cost to get the parts and fix it, still trying to figure out how extensive the internal damage is, according to the dealer it's only minor damage as mentioned above, nothing else was damaged.

    I'm trying to figure out how much it'll cost to get the bike back on the road as I'm on a tight budget.

    Note: For some reason, the right pedal and foot peg are on it (as well as that grey/silver metal plate on which the foot brake / peg is attached to, is also missing), but when I saw it in person, it wasn't. Apart from that, this is the exact bike that.
  2. I don't know what state you are in. This particular rule, law, whatever you want to call it, may change from state to state.

    That bike looks to be less than 15 years old. If a bike or car that has been deemed a repairable write off is less than 15 years old, you cannot legally register it again.

    I had two bikes written off in March 2014. Both were repairable and both were less than 15 years old. I scrapped one and the other is still sitting in my garage.

    It's not worth the risk or the hassle (in my opinion).
  3. It's a 2013 (2014 model), with about 3500kms on it. One of the reasons which I'm really tempted to buy it. I'm just unsure about the costs. If they go over my budget, i'm pretty much stuck with a bike that I can't use, with no way to fix it.
  4. It would suck balls to end up with a bike that you can't use. That one certainly looks alright for spare parts...

    It also looks like it comes from Victoria. If you're keen on it and it does in fact come from VIC, I would approach VicRoads and ask them for their rules on for re-registering repairable write offs, because their website doesn't specify the age of the vehicle (https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/reg.../registering-a-repairable-written-off-vehicle).

    I would be contacting insurers as well, they may not want to insure a bike that has been deemed a write off. Or their premiums may be so extortionate that it renders the exercise useless.

    Thirdly, contacts scrappers and see whether or not you can get parts that you need for a 2014 model CBR500R easily and cheaply.
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  5. Being a REPAIRABLE writeoff it can be re registered. Need to be repaired back to original condition, roadworthy certificate, then a VIV inspection carried out. VIV is $500, rwc $100-150, rego $600ish, repairs ??? It's a lot of hassle. When u sell it you have to disclose it's written off status, so it's worth a fair bit less. If you could find all necessary parts second hand you may save yourself a bit off the $6-7k they're selling for. Also from all the white dust on it it must have been a stolen and recovered bike so it may have been abused as well as crashed. At $1500 it would be worth it...
  6. I wouldn't bother, its like $1k+ for the VIV, RWC, and rego all for a bike that could be stuffed internally.
  7. So your total budget is somewhere north of or around 3.5k? Not worth the fcuk around buy a used ninja/cb400/gs500 or something.
  8. Around 4-5k. I figured with rego and all that, it'll be around 1.2-1.5k so maybe 1k to play with for repairs.
  9. you're better off browsing bikesales/gumtree for a while longer and finding something better. sv650,cb400, any of the old 250 inline 4's
  10. Thanks guys. I decided not to get it. Managed to find one for 5k, 2nd hand, but i chose the ninja 300 over it due to weight and height concerns. I'm a bit short.
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  11. good choice, you'll probably have more fun on the 300 anyway.
  12. LOT of pissing around to get a viv passed. SOME of the inspectors want showroom condition, returned to manufacturers specs. photo's of repairs, vin numbers of all bikes that parts came from, Its always put me off.