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Should I buy CBR 1000rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sydryder27, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I have a dilema. To buy or not to buy.

    I was over at my good friends house few nights ago and he has a cbr 1000rr 2004 model with 8000k. He said he would sell it me for 9k. The bike is not registered and it has been in the storage for the last 2 years. The bike has few scraches on the tank and a yoshi pipe.

    He said if I was to buy it he would get it serviced before hand.
    Now the catch is that I am still on my P's for another 7 months, so I would have to store the bike in the garage until I get my full license and then register it. Another thing is I know he has looked after the bike and simply did not have time to ride it.

    Do you think this is a good buy?... any suggestions would be appriciated. :cool:
  2. an 04, with scratches on the pipe? what sort of accident caused that?
  3. sorry mate...i didnt explain properly.....

    yoshi pipe has no scratches...only few on the tank
  4. Sounds like a reasonable price, but you could possibly do better.
    Bikes like these like to be ridden, sitting does them little justice.
    But over all, if you can afford it, it's an ok deal.
  5. Then no, I don't think you should.

    I don't think *anyone* should buy a bike, especially an upgrade, until they've ridden plenty of them. Great deals come and go every other day.
  6. Yeah you shouldn't really buy it, that is a reasonable price.
    But if i was in your situation then i probably would buy it and register it, and just look at the thing, maybe risk riding it at night around the block then try sell it for a profit :)

    Thats not the smart thing to do, especially on a fast bike if your inexperienced.
  7. Ol mates probably been wanting to off load it for ages and sees you as an easy out.
    You don't need it or the temptation to ride it for seven months, so no you would be better off walking away, plenty more bikes in seven months time and you could be earning interest (over 7%) for the mean time.

    Lucky sevens all round. :grin:
  8. Agreed it is not worth the temptation as it is not that good a deal.
  9. its a good deal. but theres no way you will last the 7months
  10. Thanks for replay every one..

    So a much better idea would be to get a 600 when I get of my P's and slowly work my way to 1000.

    As someone said and I admit it, i dont have that much riding experince..
  11. You don't have to start on a 600. That's not too much a big deal. Once you upgrade, you upgrade.

    But the severe anal raping you'll receive from all sides (not just plod) if you ride what you're not legally entitled to is very well documented on this site.

    You'll likely lose your licence, bike and possibly get a grand in scrap costs back. That'll cover part of the fines you'll receive.

    Not to mention any damage being caused to any other thing nearby being taken out of your pocket. There's plenty of examples of this also.

    You're not getting the kind of deal where you'd purchase, leave it on ice and still be up. Wait 7 months and see just how much better you could've done.

    Anyway, another one from me. DO NOT, DO NOT BUY THE BIKE.
  12. from my experience (not that much!), you wont be able to resist having a big bike in the garage. i couldnt, and rode it a bit, and it didn't even belong to me (the owner gave his blessing tho).

    just wait, more bargains will come along, and you wont be tempted to do somthing silly on a bike you're not licenced to ride.

    lastly, 1000's are stupid fast.
  13. If YOU want it buy it, I bought my Blackbird unregistered and it sat in the garage for about 4 months until I could legally ride it...you just need to remember what the implications are if you do ride it and the shit hits the fan....or you can listen to the nannies and not buy a bigger bike until your off restrictions

    Your choice! :)
  14. Yeah I remember that Keithy. And how long did it take before you realised you bought the wrong type of bike?
  15. I've just upgraded to a fireblade, it shits all over my 650 and it would make my old 250 seem like an electric paperclip. I would suggest not going straight to 1000cc unless you're very restrained. Having done 'my time' on my 250, then a good part of a year on my 650, I developed alot of confidence and skill that would have been skipped if I just went straight to 1000. Big bikes make you very lazy and flatter you alot, smaller bikes don't so you have to rely on skill instead of grunt and technology. Just my two cents.
  16. I bought a 2006 cbr 1000rr fireblade yesterday...in silver of course...Awesome bike...As phizog said though, i wouldnt buy a thou unless your pro...like me. :LOL: I bought mine as a track bike

    Its fast...if you need faster, your casey stoner.
  17. Whoever said it was "wrong" Loz, it was a good all rounder it's just as you start riding harder you might want something thats more sporting... show me ANY bike that doesn't have it's faults

  18. think it was about 6 months ago half way round a closing radius corner and him out of lean angle :LOL:
  19. thats 12 months and I ran out of talent :p :LOL:
  20. thanks to everyone for input... very much appriciated....

    I will stick to my 250rr until I get my full licence and then start to look for a good deal....