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Should I buy an FZR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Yo dudes,

    Looking for a bit of advice, I'm looking for an 'interim' bike, a LAMS bike to last me about 9 months until I get my full licence.

    I found this bike and was seriously considering it.

    What can peeps tell me about the FZR?

    Is $1850 unreg a good price?
  2. identical to my old bike (except I had gold mirrors).

    As far as sports 250's go this has the same power as cbr's and zx2r's without the price tag. Pricewise - that is a good price for an fzr (they are usually around $4000 if in good condition). You would need to check the number of k's too - it may not be a great deal if the k's are 40 000 or more (if it is around 20 000 then it is good). These bikes will last if treated well (I sold mine at 55 000 k's and it was still in good condition).

    Downsides: insurance may be difficult to get (it is a grey import), there are no english manuals for it. Reselling is a little more difficult as people normally look for the cbr's or zx2r's. Although at the asking price you won't lose much here. The most typical problem on these tends to be carburettors - but this is true on any 4-stroke sports 250 really.

    If you are in NSW - why go for a 250? Personally I would go for a LAMS approved 500 cc bike.
  3. Hard to tell just looking at the pic what kind of nick it's in. Have you been down to have a look at it ! how many kms has it done, was the last rego in NSW. Mate jump on it and go for a burn up the road.
    The price isn't to bad as long as you don't have to spend heaps on parts for it.
  4. Yeah, to be honest, I don't really care what kind of condition it's in, as it only has to last me 9 months. I'll probably just let it rust in my garage after that.

    I'm planning on getting a proper big bike next year so I don't want to spend that much on this bike. That's also the reason I'm not really looking for a 500/600.
  5. you will want to make sure it is in reliable condition though. repairs can cost a lot as I am sure you know.

    On the ad it says unregistered... Does it come with the NSW equivelant of a roadworthy certificate? If not, that could be a few extra hundred right there... if the tires need to change - ~$350; chain and sprockets - $200 minimum...
  6. I liked my fzr. =[

    But they are definately for the mechanically inclined.
    They have known mechanical issues. fuel pumps/carbs/oil leaks/suspensino wear
    They are old which is the main reason for mechanical failures
    They are an import which means everythings hard to get.

    Parts are damn near impossible to find, and if you do, then they will either be aftermarket, or second hand.
    Fairings are available readily however (probably due to demand :oops:
    ) but are mostly fibreglass.

    I havn't heard of anybody that specailises on fzr250's but everybody insists that they know about them, ask a few technical questions about them and you will soon realise that they are not.

    My own opinion is that if you like a project then go for it, but if you want a good bike, get somthing newer with a roadworthy cert.