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should i buy a cbr500 for $5k

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Meyerhoff, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. 2013. 16000kms honda CBR500RA ABS Looks in physically good condition and it has a service history, however i know its been on the track. The guys putting the hard sell on as usual. The question is if i let it pass would there be any others for that price?

    I just want a bike with ABS thats not a 250.

  2. Probably not at that price, that model/year is pricing between $5500 and $7500 on the open market.
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  3. Buy it, ride it, be happy!
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  4. Where did you get that information from chris? That seems pretty similar to the redbook prices i saw but i feel like those ones are inflated. This guy says he's going to trade it in for 5k on wednesday but im pretty sure thats a lie. I wont be bothered if i let this one pass but it seems to be the lowest asking price by far that i've seen.
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  5. Trade in prices are always a lot lower that private sale prices. I checked Redbook, and Bikepoint just to get a idea of what was being offered on the market. There is probably not a lot of pricing difference between the RA and F models. Of course you never know what people will negotiate down to only the listing price.
  6. unless it is a mate... why would someone sell privately for the same money they are getting for trade-in?
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  7. supposedly hes hoping for a better offer. but i wont pay any less than 5. I offered 47 and he was asking for 53
  8. Call his bluff.
    Tell him to trade it in on Wednesday as there are plenty of other bikes for sale but let him know your offer still stands if he changes his mind.
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