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should I buy a bigger bike yet and which should i get Z

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_messy, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. I've got a 250 Ninja and it's starting to play up.
    I'm starting to notice more and more problems.

    Every now and then it wont start. Pain in the butt when im using it as my daily to get to work.
    The clutch is slipping and is due fro replacement. Its done 40,000kms.Tyres will need replacing soon.Chain and sprokets need replacing. Cam chain making noises
    and other things.
    not all major problems but the cost to address them might cost more than what I paid for the bike.

    I can afford the repayments for a load for $20,000. In fact Ive been approved already.
    I've had my eye on the Gixxer range and dont know if i should buy 600, 750 or go nuts and get the 1000.

    Problem is I'm on restrictions til april.

    should i stick it out for 5mths, fix it up
    I know what the responsible thing is but like lots of people I'm tempted. Alot.
    i know what the right thing to do is but there is the voice that tells me to buy another bike. voice in my head and my manager who hassles me every day. :)
  2. I am waiting until after summer when theprice of bikes drop and i can afford to upgrade and then some.

    Stick it out through summer if you can, then reap the rewards of buying during the slow period for bike shops and private sellers.

    You might get a bargain.
  3. well the 600 gixer is $13500 +orc
    750 15,500
    and the1000 is 16,000

    i was looking at the 750 cos it cost the same as most other 600.
    thinking bout the 600 cos i can pay it off early and in no time
    the 1000 well so i wont have to keep upgrading maybe ill keep it longer
  4. i'd definately stick it out, just to avoid potential life buggering issues if involved in a crash that you probably won't be insured for...

    you can buy a sticker set from the 750 maybe and chuck them on :p
  5. If you bought it, you'd probably ride it just fine until you were off restrictions.

    If ou got pulled over and license checked, sure... $364 fine [or whatever it is]. Maybe that's worth it.

    If you do stack, you personally will be liable for all damage to bike and other vehicles and property involved. If you did hit another vehicle, not necessarily an expensive one - financially, you would have large and lengthy problems.

    I don't think the depth of financial shit you can wind up in is worth it, but that's just IMO.

    It really is riding without a license.
    If someone else hits you and normally it would be their fault - because you don't have a license and shouldn't have been there: it's your fault.
  6. The 1000 is way more than 16000.
  7. Or you could go and grab yourself a Honda @125 Scooter ;) only $4999 + ORC :p They do them in electric pink even!

    (runs for cover)

  8. Greg's closest to the mark on the immediate, and Ktulu stole my thunder with his wise words (and he's so YOUNG!!??!!)

    Why not buy another clunker that's less clunkier than the present clunker, to get your self through to April???

    Come April the prices will be falling like autumn leaves.. {groan}

    And my personal opinion, based on what I've read, is the the 750 is the best all round package.... But what would I know, I ride a Honda :LOL:
  9. There is a financial wisdom that says "Never borrow money on an asset that will devalue"

    It's hard to do, when you are riding a heap and see all this flash stuff around, but you should at leat limit the amount of debt you go into on a car or bike.

    Wait. Save a larger deposit and buy an intermiedate bike, when you are able to ride it. Don't go the 1000. They are just stupid bikes.

    Better still, buy a 2 year old 600 as these would have to be the least loved bikes on the market and therfore the best value fo rmoney.
  10. You are all absolutely right.
    I think I'm going to take everyones advice.
    I've been given good advice many times and I ignored it and it turned out bad.
    e.g "John stop throwing that knife around! Your going to end up stabbing yourself!"
    Throw knife at the door anyway and it gets stuck in my leg.

    I think i should get some rider training before even contemplating another bike.

    peterstevens website the gsxr1000 is $16490+orc

  11. That's one of the funniest things I've read in a long time hahahaha
  12. What's the difficulty in fixing all of this stuff up?

    Get it serviced. Will probably fix starting rpoblems.
    Replace clutch. This is not a huge a job as it sounds.
    Pull wheels of and replace tires.
    New chain and sprockets while said wheels are off.
    Cam chain making noises. Replace Cam Chain Tensioner and if the problem persists, ride until detonation...

    Fact of the matter is this sort of stuff happens to every bike, so you may as well start to learn to deal with it.
  13. +1 on getting it fixed, it can/will happen to every bike you own.
  14. I agree with the above, fix it up and ride it till you are off restrictions. Then at least you should get good $ for it when you sell it.
  15. Which is $18000 on road, and around $2000 below the normal sale price because the website is referring to the K6 stock that dealers are trying to get rid of because the K7 is out. If you want to buy a 1000, now is the time to do it. It's precisely what I just did. :)