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Should I buy a 97 VFR 750?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by marksy, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. I've been looking at replacing my trusty ZZR250 with a VFR750, I found one in a dealer it has done 55000 k's, but other than that it's in good condition (parked in a sheltered area, not exposed to excessive sun). Is $7,500 alot to ask for this it has rego til April 08.

    Also, what price would be reasonable for me to sell my ZZR250 for, it's a 2005 plate model with 9,000k's on it, never dropped or anything immaculate condition with only highway k's on it. And is there anyone on here in the Canberra region wanting a ZZR to begin their motorcycling life on? I am just upgrading cos my missus likes to ride with me and the little 250 doesn't like two people very much, nice cheap bike to run.

  2. 6 grand for the zzr.

    7500 is too much for a vfr750 with those kms. 7000, or maybe a few hundred under would be sweet.
  3. yeh they offered me $5K for my ZZR with $2K cash! I was like I am not paying more than $2K cash cos I'm stretching that! The ZZR is regoed til April 08 also so i'm trying for a $7,500 on my bike used see if any attention comes through it's full service history!
  4. 7500 for an 05 zzr is a pipe dream, sorry.

    Selling for 6 grand would sell fast, 6.5-7ish would sell, but take longer.
  5. Yeh just shit cos i paid like 7,900 new like 18 mths ago! $5k was an insult to me really but i know dealers are crap like that. do u think 55,000k is alot on a vfr750 tho?
  6. Jared is right, but I wouldn't even pay $6k for an 05 ZZR250. I think it wouldn't be a fast sale at anything over $5.5K

    As for the VFR750, the dealer is dreaming at $7500, I say not a cent more than $6K for a bike that old with those km, especially when I have recently seen a few 99-01 VFR800's Most pre-V-tec for about $8-9.5K, and for you to give him the ZZR+$2K what a clown to even suggest it.

    He gets $2K cash + your bike for $5K which is top $$ for his old bike that he will be hard up selling. He probably traded the VFR for about $4K, so in effect you give him 50% of his outlay back, and a bike he will retail for about $6500-6800. Evan if he took $6k for your bike, he gets $8K on a cost of $4K, nett to dealer $4K
  7. 55k isn't huge on a vfr, no. Serviced properly they'll do 150k+

    5 grand for an 05 with low kms is a bit of an insult. If you end up doing a trade in, you could use the trade in leverage to bring down the price of whatever bike you get.
  8. Yeh I hate the whole purchasing stuff, he put the heat on today with the whole "Well if you leave the bike as a deposit" MY ASS I'M LEAVING MY BIKE INDEFINATELY TO HIM SO MEANWHILE HE CAN SELL IT!!! The manager was a twat! I don't like it cos I don't know exactly where I stand with my bike and their bike, I guess I need to grow balls and tell him hte terms of the deal and he either makes it work or not!
  9. holy horizontal scroll-bar batman!
    phizog - tinyurl.com ;)

    use balls. this time of year they should be desperate to sell :!:
  10. I thought it was the beginning of winter they get desperate to clear out.
  11. The '97 VFR is a great bike,

    This was the last year before the VFR800 came along with fuel its fuel injection and linked brakes.

    I had a '97 model for a while and highly recommend them,

    55000km shouldnt be a worry, but that price does seem a bit high, they are popular so prices stay up, but I wouldnt pay $7500 for one
  12. What do you think would be a generous offer for it?
  13. I would be offering $6000 cash and maybe be prepared to go a few hunded higher for the final price,

    It is still Winter and bikes arent selling quickly,

    I dont really know much about ZZR prices, so I cant comment much on the trade in deal
  14. My brother recently got a '98 Viffer with tank bag, ventura stuff, etc, 42,000kms, for only $5,500, so your deal seems a tad high.
  15. That is a good price!

    The '98 was the first of the next generation. At the time of its launch I recall that it was seen as a step backwards by some who felt the '97 was superior. Ive never ridden the 800 so i cant comment on that,

    Although an 800 with 42000km for $5500 or a 750 with more km and a higher price?

    I know which one I would be choosing!
  16. I wouldn't even bother with it.
    Spend a couple of dollars more, or for the same money with trade that you are looking at for this deal on the 750, you could do much better with a fuel infected 800. The 800 is a great bike, and you will like fuel infection, no cold start issues, carb synch issues etc. Also take into account re-sale, what will somone want to pay for a 750 vs the next gen 800 when you go to sell it?

    There are plenty of them on the market, so although a very popular bike, it really is a buyers market. Don't be impatient, and you will find a great deal on an 800 I'm sure.
  17. I found another VFR750 in a dealer, 1994 model it's in good condition with 88000ks on it. The motor I feel performed better than the 97 I rode, he's offered me a straight swap with 12mths on the VFR. It's labelled at $3,500 +ORC also he's included for me a ventura bag rack for my bag I have on the ZZR. I think I could at least get that with extra cash from the ZZR through a private sale.
  18. I don't know where you are shopping, but you are going from bad to worse. 88K and how many do you think you might put on it? It will be damn hard for you to sell when the time comes, and a straight swap, he is taking your bike for $5K. You can do much much better with a private sale for your bike, and then find a decent low km, later model VFR800 for not much more than you will get for your bike.
  19. I'm shopping in Canberra where there is not much when it comes to used bikes! :(