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should i buy...'97 ducati monster..opinions please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LCGTR1970, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. hi everyone
    ive got a friend who is going to sell his bike to me if i want it, but i want some opinions first to see if you think it is worth the money.

    its a 1997 ducati monster, LAMS approved 600.
    -its been freshly repainted (as it had a few scratches on the tank. not from a crash just general small scratches)
    -it has ducati performance pipes (sounds awesome)
    -is basically in mint condition, with new tyres.
    -All belts etc have been replaced at last service
    but it has 42000km on the clock.

    Now is this too many kms or getting too high for a bike? Im not sure how many kms on a bike is considered high, but ive heard that in the 40's is getting there.

    what else should i be looking for that could/does go wrong with them at with this amount of kms?

    The price he's asking is $6000, and is only selling as he is getting off his P's and wants to get a triumph bonneville.

    so if anyone can provide some helpful info that would be fantastic.
  2. Averaging 3000 K's a year for almost 14 years? It's a Ducati, alright ;)
  3. 40k is not much for an underpowered twin, I wouldn't be worried unless it is coming up to a major service that needs belts replacing, and even then just take that into consideration of price.
  4. Whilst it is true that there will be plenty of decent and newer bikes out there for that money, I can see why you would want the Ducati and in the end that's all that matters.

    I would never sell a bike or car to a friend though regardless of how good my experience has been with it. So long as you are sure it won't come between you if it blows up just after you've handed over your hard earned, then go for it.
  5. thanks for the replies guys,
    @Vertical C
    so basically due to the fact that its a restricted engine its probably had a relatively easy life in regards to it not being thrashed too hard, this amount of kms isnt too much...but on an unrestricted bike it would be? Does having belts etc replaced recently/last service constitute it being a major service?

    good point regarding buying off a friend...fingers crossed its all good!
  6. I had an '99 M600 for my first bike, they're wonderful bikes and hard to resist once you've seen and heard them in the flesh (I tried to walk away from mine at first, but didn't get very far :p ).

    42,000km should be no big deal, I know of a couple of people who have run theirs past 90,000km.

    Price sounds about right for one with that mileage in mint condition. The redbook and trade-in prices dealers will offer you are completely out of whack with the market for LAMS approved Ducatis at the moment (I sold mine on for $7k with 28,000km on the clock).

    I loved that bike so much, I'd highly recommend it to anyone. So if you're keen on it, I say go for it.
  7. thanks for the reply.
    yeah its an awesomw bike.
    i rode it the other day and was amazed at how good it felt to ride. felt quite stable and smooth (compared to the few bikes ive ridden).
    and the sound...well lets just say when i got off the bike i was pointing at people...and not with my finger!
    thanks all
    its reassuring to know that people have got so many kms out of them, 42000 doesnt seem too bad.
  8. They aren't restricted, just a nice engine that isn't tuned to buggery. I've ridden a '97 600SS and it was great - it liked to rev, had very little flywheel and was actually very comfortable... and not just for a sporty bike, either, it was legitimatley very nice to ride. Handled well etc etc.

    I'd say buy it if thats what you want, but you gotta know that these things require more (and more expensive) maintenance than your average Japanese motorcycle. They also have about half the power of a similarly aged Japanese 600cc four-cylinder sportsbike.

    If you don't care about any of that stuff, then go out and get it and be happy. I know I did when I was on the RS125 haha.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. If you like it and know its history then buy it.
    Only you and your mate would know best.
    No 40k is not a lot of kms
  10. Yeah as Boink said its not restricted just that it isn't that powerful for its capacity. That's a good thing for longevity generally.

    Regarding whether the last service was enough, just use google to find the owners manual and have a look at what needs to be done at each service and compare that to what has already been done.
  11. i'd buy something else..... unless your buying it to look at... if your buying to ride 50million point turns become a pain in the arse after the first day... and something that looks as nice and sounds as good should be illegal cos it that slow.... buy a GS500 or something like that
  12. Opinions should be subjective.
    Owned a Ducati have you?

    Yes-fair comment

  13. what do you mean 50million point turns? is the handling not too crash hot...are they really that slow?
  14. I'd buy it.

    But then I have a long history of unwise decisions based on emotion rather than practicality.

    Frankly, if you're even considering a Duke, a GS500 probably ain't going to cut it :D.

    No, 40k is f.all if it's been looked after. Nicely run in is how I'd think of it. 14 years old is a little long in the tooth. However, Ducati don't seem to change their models every 6 months so it is likely to be less of a problem than it might be from some manufacturers.
  15. He doesn't know what he is talking about, the duc has more power than the gs.

    And who would not buy a bike based on steering lock.
  16. yes i had an immaculate 600m with carbon pipes and k&n pannel re jetted carbs (18000km on clock aus import, not grey)

    so NERRR!! LOL

    i was very disapointed with its performance, untill i test rode a 750m and it was..... well.... probably worse LOL

    and yes they are shit heaps, turning circle of the titanic, power of a skateboard

    spend the coin on something user friendly, unless your a once a year rider
  17. yes they are that slow, anyone telling you otherwise is kidding themselves

    and the turning circle is terrible, basically when i had a 357kg 1800cc suzuki M109r i could easily do u-turns in a tight street and laps around the circle road thingy in front of my house, the ducati was on full lock to go around the round about in front of my house, holding it against the stop... you can adjust the steering lock but be careful no to do it to much as then the levers hit the tank

    take one for a ride and see how you go... just remember to do some tight u turns and parking moves.... unless the bike is only going to go from your garage to the ducati garage
  18. 50 million is an exaggeration, when you're stationary and trying to turn the bike around it takes a few more turns of the handlebars than some bikes (but that's not really of any consequence when you're out on the road).

    They're certainly not slow for a LAMS bike. The M600 sits just 1kw under the LAMS power/weight limit, in 18 months I never came across a single L-plater who could outrun me on mine.
  19. yes a few more turns is a massive pain in the bum in the city, and just cos a l plate wearer hasn't out dragged you doesn't make them fast (i never got beaten off the lights riding my M109R either... but they arent that quick, even my car turn in a faster 1/4 than my m109r would have, yet still never out run. im not saying the m109 is the fastest here, some people just dont get as involved), they are lucky to make 40rwhp on a good day about 1-2hp more than a GS500... i dont hate them but they aren't as good as the owners make them out to be, and i wouldn't recommend one for a 1st time rider... i do like them and if you can find one cheap the 620ie is a far better ride..