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Should I Be Pissed Off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tnate, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Just a question about whether I should be pissed off, or if I'm going way over the top.

    I took my bike to a mechanic the other day (in Camberwell, VIC) just to get a regular service. You know the deal. But when I was riding home, I noticed that my choke cable had been snapped, and was jsut hanging off the side of the bike. The plastic retaining nut that attaches the cable end to the handlebars has been literally snapped in half, and is unable to be reattached.

    Now Im very new to riding, but I have been fixing cars for years. If a motor mechanic ever did this to me I would be spitting chips.

    I called the guy back, and he gave me some story about how old cables get tired and sometimes need to be replaced.

    That's all well and good, but to break it, and not tell me, and not even secure it for when I was to ride home (it was hanging literally out the side), and then tell me that a replacement will cost $70 really gets my goat.

    So, should I bother going back to this bloke


  2. well I'm new to riding too, but yeah I'd be pissed off

    Bottom line, it wasn't like that when it went in for the service, so they have damaged your bike regardless of wear and tear etc

    thats my thoughts anyway
  3. I think you just answered your own question, "if a motor mechanic ever....".

    I'd be pissed. Sure, things get old and break and they may be 100% right in saying that it wasn't really their fault (you'd have to inspect the break I guess) but to just leave it broken and not say anything, that's messed up. I wouldn't go back there but I would call them and tell them that you think it's f*&ked that they'd break your bike and get you out the door without telling you.

    What was the name of the place?

  4. Ask yourself what sort of service they provide.
    Obviously not a good one if they don't point out your clutch cable was cactus.
    Did you get a written report of all the things checked?
    If noit then next service place you go to ask them to note down everything they checked.
    If then you find something wrong you take it to them and say "you checked this yet it's not as reported"
    Sounds to me that the service centre you went to rushed the job and didn't check your bike at all afterwards.
  5. What should have happened is this. They ring you and say that "the cable was so badly deteiorated that it has now actually snappd. Would you like us to replace it for you while we have the bike. It'll cost and extra $70, is that ok?"

    Given that the above didn't happen, then yes you're entitled to be grumpy because you got pretty poor service. :)
  6. Would agree with Seany, a professional and honest operator would have told you that these things can happen at a drop of a hat with old cables then go on and ask what would you like to do. It sounds like he was adjusting it and it fell apart in his hands due to deterriation and tried to cover the fact up

    Cheers 8)
  7. Not without a spiked bat.

    If you're a motor mechanic, you'll find working on bikes a piece of piss; do yourself a favour, save yourself some money and don't ever let any of your bikes see the inside of anyone's workshop ever again. Let the troglodyte wankers starve to death...

    If you break something, or are worried about breaking something, that's what boards like this are for.
  8. I few months ago I had my bike serviced and the mechanics mentioned a part had been broken. They said it was old and on its way out but they straight out said they would replace it free of charge because it broke whilst they were working on it. There was not mention at all of me having to pay for the part at all.
    If I had to pay for it.. I would have been as pissed as you are now.
    Because of their good service and professionalism they continue to get my business.
    Post his details so others can avoid him.
  9. I took my bike there a few years ago and I won't be going back.....the attention to detail just isn't there.....

    :D :D :D
  10. Just don't go back, but tell them you won't be and maybe they can lift there game.
  11. Id be pissed off.....Id go see them and ask why it wasnt noticed or at least why it was not mentioned when you picked up your bike.
    I had a simelar thing recentley with my forks....but it was done just before i bought it so i had no real comeback but I did give the guys a Peter Stevens and earful when I called as it was very dangerous what they done to my bike because of incompetent mechanics...... all fixed now by a proper mechanic......pete the pom.....highly recommended and very trustworthy and cheap too.
    he is on the forum so do a search
  12. Well I'm glad that my pissed-off-ness wasn't unwarranted. Still have a knackered choke cable though.
    I tried ringing the guy, but just keep getting the old brush off, which is actually making me more and more roapable. Grrr.

    I won't mention the name of the mechanics, due to the fact that I don't want to become liable for some form of deformation act, but I will say that it is located on Camberwell Road in Camberwell, opposite the huge tram terminus.

    If you're reading this evil mechanic, suck balls.

    Thanks for reiterating my anger

    PS: How do I get on to Pete the Pom, and where is he located?
  13. Got it in one, steve, and, tnate, tell him that you will be naming and shaming him on the internet and advising your friends not to go to him. Bad news travels fast (as it has done here).

    For the cable, buy the part and fit it yourself, it's easy!
  14. Cool.

    Go back, ask to speak to the mechanis and the buisness owner together. Explain that it was not broken when you dropped it off so the onus is on the business to:

    1. Replace/repair at no cost
    2. ADVISE you that it was broken before you left

    Simple. If they give you any lip, advise them that you will post on a number of motorcycle forums about the poor service and mention the business name.... :D :D

    Regardless of whether or not the cable was almost broken, the point it THEY broke it and THEY DID NOT advise you of it...

  15. Not that i want this to sound wrong but would you be considered to be even kinda hot yammychick?

    I needed a fuel cap and windscreen wiper for my colt, i went to the wreckers and sent my missus in without me and she came back out with both given to her for free :)
  16. I wouldn't be happy either.

    Being a car mechanic myself i have been on both sides. Just go back and ask what they can do. I am sure you can can to some arangement. Maybe if you pay for the cable and he fits it free of charge.
    Just a thought.
  17. do a burn out on his drive-way,in all serious i wouldnt deal with that particular mechanic again.however once i dd have a run in @ a certain wel known mechanic shp and foned them up acting like was representing a client from the small claims tribunial.

  18. Ah! the good old T & A discount (Tits n Ass) - always works, I always send my missus in to haggle/flirt where possible! :D