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Should I be concerned about these vibrations?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 500R, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. hey guys,

    I noticed quite a vibration coming from the seat when overtaking on the freeway traveling at above 100km/h.. i only noticed this when going above the limit on the highway which was just attempted twice. I was just curious if this is an issue the bike/engine has? Or because bike is relatively new? Or exhaust related? (ixil l3x hyperlow installed).

    I'm a newbie and wondering if anyone has had a similar issue in the past or guide me in the right direction here to where the concern might be? This is not noticed when just sitting on 100km/h from memory. It will be due for its very first service in a few hundred kms... Thanks guys, any input would be appreciated :)
  2. hmmmm
    better not reply to this one
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  3. Have you looked around and under the seat to see if anything obvious is loose?
  4. Not that i saw.. battery seemed pretty secure. It was only noticed when at higher speed on 6th gear at 6-7k rpm?
  5. its ok. go for it :)
  6. What happened when you went above 7k? Bikes vibrate, it varies how much and when. You have nothing to worry about, then next thing you're tempted to worry about is probably nothing too.
  7. the strong vibrations from under the seat which was felt quite noticeably at the higher speed/rev range.. so this is normal due to the engine being worked hard and/or for the type of engine? (cbr500r)
  8. Bikes certainly have certain speeds and rev ranges they like to resonate at. Given its not affecting your control it shouldn't be anything to worry about.
    Just mention it to the mechanic when you service it, and get them to go over it and retighten all the bolts.
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  9. thanks! I will do :)
  10. It must be the speed limit departure haptic warning device you're feeling.
  11. It's really simple, most engines are unbalanced to varying degrees. Unbalanced means vibrations which will bounce around based on many factors.
  12. Thanks guys for your input
  13. seems like the vibrations/buzzing has disappeared! when i first noticed the problem it only had around 500-600 km on the clock...... now that I've reached the 1000km mark, the engine has had a chance to actually run in a bit more and problem solved! observed this when i took it for a good run earlier today.
    i will mention it for them to look over it when i take the bike in for its first very service early this week, i hope everything is really fine and then i can actually go for a decent ride, thanks again guys!
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  14. Interesting, They will change the grade of oil on the first service. My first thought was that you had already done that service as a explanation however your post says you are still to do it. Things will bed in during the run in period but I would be interested what the service people say.
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  15. its a typical flux capacitor problem.
  16. yeh pretty interesting, ill post an update after i have done the 1000km service :)