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Should Hornet change his username?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Now that Hornet no longer has a Hornet, is it time for him to change his username? Should he change it to something more suitable? (keep it clean, that boy in the back row)..

    Answers on a postcard, as Bazza used to say, or share your thoughts here..

    (this should be fun)
  2. Has he got a new bike yet?

    For example if he got a Honda he could be Hon, or if he got a Suzuki he could be Sue,

    If he got a Hyo he could be F@#&%ing Stupid.
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  3. If he gets a hyo i think it should be Explode666 or something along those lines
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  4. Let him use your login (if he buys the Viffer).
    Aren't you two interchangeable anyway? :bolt:
  5. No matter what you call him, and I reckon he has been called quite a few names on here (not always complimentary), Paul is and should always remain Hornet, although I wouldn't mind if he changed his name to IGNORE ME :bolt:
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  6. Who is Hornet? Does he post much?
  7. Now the assumption is that his username was only Hornet because he rode a Hornet. Maybe he was always Hornet, and the bike came later.....
  8. Haven't seen much of him lately?
    Paging Hornet.........
    Maybe he'll go back to Rattus?

    Har Har!
  9. Maybe a good opportunity to just quit the forum?
  10. Well, in his younger days, he was Green Hornet but the bottom fell out of the superhero game when TV came along and he just became Hornet instead.
  11. In fact, I think anyone who has a username the same as their bike should be automatically permabanned if they get rid of their bike. You know it makes sense!
  12. I may soon need to change my user name to.... TheBlokeAtNoFixedAddress
  13. I'm farked then!
  14. Bwhuahahahahahahahaha =D>
  15. i do laugh at people who have usernames that are their bikes. especially people on lams because of course its inevitable that soon they will have a new bike.

    Im glad im not called FastestNiNJA250r or something.

    Thankfully hornet became a member before i did, so the option was not there.
  16. Net...hor?
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  17. If I may be permitted to pass an opinion, my original username was hornet600, because when I signed up that was all I could think of. I had no idea I would

    a. keep the bike for over 7 years,

    b. still be on Netrider after 7 years.

    Hornet was actually taken when I signed up, but the guy who had the name graciously relinquished it after a couple of years so I could cut the 600 off my username. I have always been grateful to him for that :)

    I now have another bike, it's a Honda but it's not a Hornet (900s are available, but out of my price range) but a VFR-750 (see my 'My New Bike' thread.).

    But somehow, not for ego or anything else, I just can't think of myself here as anything other than Hornet, or Paul to the many friends I've made here......
  18. Paulnet?
  19. I noticed there's a new member with the name LAMS. It did occur to me....

    Anyway, horVnFeRt?

    Sounds like a well-behaved German boy who likes chocolate.