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Should have said Hi here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by agronaught, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. I guess I should have said hi here...

    Well I've only recently decided to get my bike license. A combination of thinking about it over the past 20 years, a new baby in the family, and with 3 children my beloved commodore has officially become the family car. I won't drive my wife's car, and don't want to buy another one, so...

    So I'm looking at a motor cycle for the commute to/from work and eventually for a little touring. From discussions on this site, with friends, and with the dreaded dealers I'm looking at buying a gs500 - preferably used - as my first bike.

    Now all I need to do is pass the learners - Friday. I should do OK :)

    Thanks for all the good advice people have given, it has been very much appreciated.


  2. You will pass the learners. Not really a test but just to see if your a competant individual and to explain how a bike works. I did my pre learners day October last year. I had a ball and couldnt wipe the smile off my face.

    Im new to netrider as well, and so far so good!
  3. Good choice of forum

    Good choice of transport/fun machine

    Good choice of bike

    I'd say you're off to a flying start :).

    Check out the NSW Events section for coffee nights, Saturday Social events and rides 'n stuff....
  4. Well thanks to Minister Twatkins and the cancellation of the Sydney TCARD project, I have just been made redundant. Looks like that bike purchase will have to wait a couple of months :'(

  5. Ouch, that sucks mate.
    Good luck with the job hunt.
  6. Passed the Pre-learners. For the record the instructors at Stay Upright at Clyde are exceptional.

    I'm going to wait a month or so before getting my learners, hopefully closer to actually buying a bike so I get the best use of the 12 months on learners. And yes - I know I have to get my learners within 3 months ;)

  7. Congrats on the pass.

    But don't let not having a bike stop you from coming along to one of the coffee meets around Sydney. Check out the nsw rides & events.

    Good luck with the job hunt & subsequent purchase.
  8. Sucks about the Job ... sorry to hear.
    Best of luck in the job hunt.
    .. and Welcome Aboard :biker:
    Great to see another 'mature' rider joining the ranks.
  9. Found a job - start from next week. I guess 4 days from redundancy to job offer isn't too bad :) I'll give it a month, then look seriously at buying a bike.

    In the meantime I'm collecting all the safety essentials.

    Getting Close :)

  10. I like your prioritisation of safety essentials before bike, congrats on the new job
  11. hi and welcome
  12. > I like your prioritisation of safety essentials before bike, congrats on the new job

    I made a promise to my wife - If I was going to ride a bike I would would do it properly.