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Should have done this a while ago

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nivek, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Hi folks - I have been rather rude and have made a few posts before introducing myself so apologies for that. I'm totally new to bikes and up to 2 months ago had never thought of riding one, let alone actually parting with cash for one.

    Well that's all changed.

    Did the course to get my learners and purchased a Yamaha XVS650 second hand last week. So far, I have cruised about 200 klms on it and even made it to Picton on Sunday.

    Simply love it and when I'm not sitting on it, I'm thinking about sitting on it..... the Yamaha that is! :cool:

    Found some real good advice in the forums here so thanks to all who have taken the time to reply, really appreciate it. Look forward to being able to reciprocate one day.

    The other stuff – Originally from the UK (Cannock) arrived in Australia in 1981. Married with 2 kids who are real True Blue and very proud of it!

    Oh yeh, and I live around the corner from Bob.
  2. Welcome!! :grin:
  3. Hi Nivek, from a fellow newcomer

    I've found these forums are packed with great info for a beginner like me

    I've been on night shift the last 2 nights (both 12 hours) trawling the threads and have picked up soooo much information, although nothing will make up for time actually spent on the bike. Geez i can't wait till i get one!

    happy riding buddy
  4. Welcome!

    Excellent choice of bike too. Pound for pound those things are the best LAMS legal cruiser on the market, and great value for money.

    And they pull like a bloody train too!
  5. In that case you are just down the street from me too!!!! I'm on the opposite side of the road from Bob....we were wondering when you would surface.

    Anytime you wanna ride just pop down. Our street has the most NR population that I know of.

  6. What a small world.........! Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  7. Welcome Nivek... Sounds like you're having fun out there :grin:

    Enilorac :)
  8. Hey nivek,you are not alone .we all think about it when not on it.(the bike I mean).tee hee!! thats the best part.Its constructive thinking!!
  9. Welcome Nivek
  10. hi and welcome :LOL:
  11. Hi Nivek, from a fellow newcomer

    I've found these forums are packed with great info for us beginners

    happy riding buddy