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Should have been a good ride...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FirstOnTheWall, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Hey y'all,

    Need some advice:
    Riding back to Canberra from Batemans Bay (great ride usually) on my suzuki vl250 intruder - hit almost the top of the mountain and the little girl loses everything...nothing above almost quarter throttle - acting like it's out of fuel so flick the reserve, no difference, chug along through the mountains on to braidwood at about 40/50ks unable to get any power out of her...hit braidwood and she up and goes again just like the good ol' days...runs nicely for awhile, nearing queenbeyan she carks it again - manage to limp it home (embarrassed) am thinking some dodgy fuel - possibly the E10 i filled up this morning (never used it before) so have drained the carby and checked the flow through the fuel lines as per the manual, all seemed fine (even started and seemed to run okay but haven't had chance to take her for a decent ride to check yet) but would appreciate some advice at what else i should do even if it's simply take it to a bike doctor...

    any suggestions would be great, also big thanks to the tourer that pulled over to check if i was okay and offered to ride with me - nice to see some decent chappies out there!
  2. sounds like spark breakdown to me
  3. Just check there isn't something in your fuel tank other than fuel, once had a spider in the tank on vehicle that blocked fuel outlet,
  4. Thanks guys, gonna drain the fuel - lookin out for spiders - check the plugs, refuel and hopefully ride like the wind bullseye...
  5. Sounds like carb icing, was it cool weather?
  6. Coolish...(is that even a word)...spent some time riding through the icy canberra winter and have suffered the intruder/cold weather curse before...this didnt feel like that as I had nothing above quarter throttle but when it was cold (and i mean cold) she kept goin unless the revs dropped too low...
  7. If it does it again, check the temp of the two exhaust pipes. I suspect you had crap under a float needle.
  8. Ok, I'll have a stab with my extremely limited knowledge of bike engines. A similar thing happened to me on my old VTR250. After a long climb uphill just as you described the bike seemed to have no power left when I twisted the throttle. Spoke to my mechanic about this and he said that if I was riding hard pushing uphill with the throttle open a long time then the fuel mix could start to run rich, just not enough air getting into the engine causing it to run badly. Check/replace your air filter and give it a clean if you can.
  9. sister-in-law had one of these would behave like this. It ended up being some vacuum-related item in the fuel delivery system. Not sure of the exact details, whether it was a tap or pump or something, but it was intermittently starving for fuel because of 'this' component.

    Does that help?

  10. Sounds like exactly what happened...am cleaning the air filter tonight to be on the safe side but she's runnin okay again now, so you might have hit the nail on the head...anyone else had this issue?
  11. Another symptom was when I stopped after being frustrated with the lack of throttle response and power my idle dropped down quite dramaticaly. Nearly to the point where the bike would stall in neutral. Let us know how you go FOTW.
  12. Oh the irony! A ZX9 owner referring to carb icing... lol There was a ZX9 model that had this as a serious issue in colder climates... sounds like you know the situation well!


  13. After cleaning filters, fuel line and puttin some new fuel in she seems to be running perfectly again, so am thinking some crap got in to the tank/carby and made her mad. If it happens again will let y'all know.

    Thanks for all the advice though.


  14. I don't know, but this actually makes a huge amount of sense. If you hold it wide open, there's no vacuum. If there's no vacuum, the automatic fuel tap figures the engine has stopped, so ...
  15. I had a similar issue happening with my old 250 Virago. Ended up being the air filter, which was just a little sponge on that model, that was simply too dry. So at high humidity, the air mix that got into the engine was just too moist. After putting some oil into the air filter, the problem was resolved.

    But as the other suggestions demonstrate, could have been a range, or combination, of issues. Glad she runs well again. Good riding and always stay upright!