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Should cyclist be on the road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Antiwarclan, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Not sure whether here is best place to discuss about it. I personally thinks that cyclist should not share the road that we use as they do not pay any taxes. That's not the important part, what is important is that, it is not safe for them to be on the road where cars and bikes are doing more than 40kph. To be honest I hate those Saturday & Sunday morning bicycle group. They just took up the bloody lane! Guys share your views here.

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  2. Yeah and get rid of those motorcycles too. It's far too dangerous to have them on the road.

    I think you'll find most cyclists pay tax, maybe not kids, but most of the adults do.
  3. I encounter bikes at the big round about at the top of Elizabeth st in melb heading home every night, they have a 'green' lane that they dont use simply because it isnt a safe option if they are heading north to royal pde, so cars/bikes on inner 2 lanes that can and do go left on to flemington rds get blocked by pushies that dont give a rats can be irritating, same heading in on the morns again on elizabeth st from the roundabout, the filter and sit in front of right lane cars heading down, no consideration for others is out the window on these occassions. Normal day to day other then these occassions I find ok with riders.
  4. ](*,) The irony of this coming from a motorcycle rider.
    This is how cars feel about you. And it's not any less stupid when they do it.

    To start with: Bicycles were using the roads long before cars or motorcycles.
    Perhaps you should be asking them if it's okay if you share their space?

    It's also completely safe for cyclists provided other road users look out for them and give them space.. you know the exact thing motorcyclists keep asking for from cars
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  5. Wow an original thread.
  6. Why stop at bicycles? I've lost way way way more time to cars in my lifetime than bicycles. Should get them off the road too, it isn't safe for them to drive on the road. Look how many car drivers get killed every year. It's way more than cyclists. And don't get me started about trucks and buses. Come to think of it motorbikes are really dangerous too. It would be best if only I was allowed on the road.
  7. fail thread,

    Look we all need to share the road, its life, this attitude isn't getting us anywhere, be it a pedestrian or a road train. Respect peoples choice of transport and get over it
  8. In general I have no problem with cyclists on the road. What I do have a problem with are those cyclists who ride as a group taking up the whole road.
  9. I feel the same way about cars :)
  10. I have a problem with cyclists being allowed to go in speed zones (on the road, shoulder isn't a problem) higher than say, around 60. The speed differential is unsafe above that. Speed doesn't kill, but disparity of speed can.
  11. This has to be a troll??????????????
  12. And caravans.

    And B-doubles.

    And those frikkin kangaroos that go bouncing about the roads at night! They should be made to wear hi-vis vests!
  13. I like bicycle with engines, they can stay.
  14. As a pedestrian, motorcyclist, cyclist & car driver: Yes, of course they should.

    Have a look at your rego slip. 70 odd % goes to the TAC, some goes to actual rego, some goes to fees. None of it, AFAIK, goes to building or maintaining roads.

    So, the roads are paid for by taxpayers & rate payers, which you still have to pay if you're a cyclist.

    If you mean cyclists should have dedicated cycle lanes, I still disagree.

    Just as every intersection has the potential for death for motorcyclists, the same can be said for cyclists. Off road cycle paths still cross the road, & driveways. At driveways, the cyclist has right of way, there is usually a stop sign or give way sign on both sides of the cyclepath, but rarely is way given or even thought about.
  15. and other motorcyclists :):)
  16. Pedestrians should have to pay registration. They use footpaths and they cross road. I see them j-walking all the time and they never get pinged for it.

    If they want to use our roads they should have to pay for it.

    And what about green slips? If a pedestrian hurts someone in a road accident, who pays for that?

    They've had it too good for too long. It's about time they payed their way.
  17. And gofers/mobility scooters, those people with low mobility should also pay rego, those things are deadly!
  18. They should!

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  19. I must admit back in Blighty I had some **** run out in front of me, cost me a fortune...
  20. Bhaha, those kangaroos
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