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Should Australia be become a republic?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Yep

  2. Nope

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  3. Not an issue/more important issues

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  1. This is one of those subjects were I'm neither here nor there. Interested to see what other people think. My thoughts are that yeah we should become a republic when we're in the financial position to make the changes, but also it's a bit 'if it aint broke dont fix it'.

  2. I disagree with the whole concept of monarchy so I say remove the royal family as our head of state, they are an outdated set of figureheads well past there used by date.
    We don’t need an individual head of state, we just need the constitution to spell out the conditions under which a government is considered “failedâ€, and then the high court just rules puts in an interim and calls an election, every thing else our current system can do.
    As for the Flag, I don’t give much of a toss either way, nationalism aint one of my strong emotions so a flag is a flag, as long as it doesn’t have a pic of Lozs arse we are doing fine.
  3. the older I get and the more I learn about international parliamentary systems, the less upset I get about the fact we are not a republic, but I think fundamentally we should be.
  4. Replacing the queen with a president is just replacing one figurehead with another - but it's long overdue. Here's a hell yeah. And just let me know if you want me to whip up an arse flag.
  5. Would depend on the system they planned to implement IMO. Much of the current system is a ridiculously outdated remnant of British colonialism but no real point in ditching the English monarchy just to appoint our own head of state that does nothing but leech of public money that could be used for far better things.
    Of course there's also risks associated with giving an appointed head of state too much power.
    Best system IMO would be to introduce a President (or whatever) and federal government with control over national issues, and strengthen the powers of local governments. State governments are pointless and do nothing but create extra complications so should be eliminated entirely. We could keep existing borders for the sake of avoiding confusion - but it's hardly necessary to have so many subtle variations in laws which in essence are meant to achieve exactly the same thing (not to mention the pointless duplication of many services).
  6. I'm not fussed either way, but would lean more towards keeping the current system.

    As for the flag though, that flag is important. It's a symbol of our identity and where we came from and as such should remain the same regardless.
  7. Riiight, because less than half the population came from an English background?

    Or because the English were the first people that were here?
  8. I'm all for it ... it's about time I'd say
  9. I don't understand the reverence attached to the Australian flag. A staled réchauffé of the British flag, with no artistic virtue, no national significance... Minds move slowly: and Australia is still Britain's little boy. What more natural than that he should accept his father's cut-down garments, – lacking the power to protest, and only dimly realising his will. That bastard flag is a true symbol of the bastard state of Australian opinion.
  10. But brave soldiers died fighting for that flag in two World Wars ;)

    I love when people use that argument
  11. Why do we need a head of state at all?
    As I said, simply write the safeguards into the constitution that mean that power goes over to the judiciary in case of a non functioning government, and specify exactly what powers are open to them (Fundamentally setting a functioning government up through calling an election)
    No figurehead is necessary
  12. We're in times of financial turmoil?
  13. Yes, we should, but the fact that we aren't doesn't keep me awake at nights.

    Definitely need an arse flag though. Now that I would fly from my car's aerial :grin: .
  14. I think you'll find that the flag in question is the British Flag i.e. that of the Union. The English one is a different thing all together.

    For my 10 cents I think it's pretty obvious that Australia should be a republic, all there is to do is to come up with a good plan... :grin:
  15. Yeah, let's keep the flag so that every Ashes series we can listen to the Barmy Army drone on with "Union Jack in the corner of your flag, doo dah, doo dah...."

    No thanks. Give me the Southern Cross any day.
  16. Double the stationery costs, double the bureaucracy, double the everything so that the Prime Minister can still run the country?? Why not, hang the expense.....
  17. We already pay for the GG though Hornet.
    In fact we pay for several of them.
  18. Or
    For any one who is paying attention. Remove the bureaucracy entirely, it simply isn’t needed.
    There is no economic impact in the long term, there is an obvious short term one as huge chunks of legislation need to be re-written, along with people changing flags and all of those marketing elements (Lets face it flags are just a marketing tool)
  19. No, but there's plenty of other underfunded areas that need addressing before outlaying the costs for converting to a republic - government, currency, all that fun stuff.
  20. I've just had a change of heart.. :oops:
    I really would not like to have our Aussie flag fcuked with!

    The fact that I have the flag tattooed on my left arm has NOTHING at all to do with this change of heart. :p