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Shots shatter speed camera lenses

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. from todays age web site.

    Victoria Police are appealing for witnesses to help them catch two young men who shot at speed cameras in Melbourne's east.

    Witnesses heard shots fired at the fixed speed cameras in Middleborough Road, Blackburn North, near the Eastern Freeway intersection, about 11.45pm (AEDT) on Wednesday, police said.

    A witness said two young men ran from the scene to a nearby bike track.

    The cameras' glass lens covers were shattered with what police believe was a handheld firearm.

    The police air wing and dog squad units searched for the men without success.

  2. Now all we need is people taking pot-shots at the remote-mounted boxes for mobile speed traps (The boxes lying in front of the car) and we can be talking business :p.
    "Push someone far enough, and they will eventually start pushing back."
  3. They should be easy to catch; obviously employees of the company that lost the camera tender :LOL:.
  4. As opposed to what? A tank-mounted cannon?
  5. Should we really be discussing this??? I mean, we don't know the people, and anything we say is just going to be speculation. What if the alleged gun mans partner reads this this site?? How would you feel???
  6. It's another "Camera down" thread huh? :LOL:
  7. pete and unknorm, go and stand in the corner till recess, you've both been very naughty :LOL:.
  8. :p
  9. well....

    Lets be honest here... a bet at least half of us here have at least 'hoped' something like this would happen sooner rather than later. :wink:

    It will be kinda interesting to see how quick it takes for them to repair it.
  10. lol i'd assume he meant to say handgun, or meant firearm as in pistol, as oppossed to home made shooting explosive device.

    see i hate terrorists because now you can't really make bombs for fun anymore.
  11. Been happening in the US for years, although alot more of them have guns (instills confidence doesn't it). In the UK they been spraypainting them, covering them with gaff, even smashing them up...

    Was bound to happen eventually, my guess is this won't be an isolated case... :wink:

    (Of course all this is speculation as I don't actually know the camera personally...)
  12. Re: well....

    All jokes aside whilst we can all see the upside to the story (one less speed cam) what if the shots had missed and carried into a house? And hit someone?

    I'd give them 85% for the concept and 10% for execution.
  13. Re: well....

    Wouldn't it be the other way around? Seeing as what could happen makes it a dumb idea, but they hit the camera so it's ok?

    ... and you're missing 5% :p

    Pete - what ISN'T speculation is the fact I would also like to track these guys down to give them a beer and a medal.
  14. I would much prefer the "Cool Hand Luke" way pipe cutter walk around and around until it falls over :LOL:
  15. If I was the alleged gun man's partner I would probably feel like another ciggy and a can of Woodstock before taking my 7 fat children to maccas in my suped-up 1989 Commodore Ute. I'd also feel proud of the fact that I'd scored a man who knew where to score guns and ran around at night taking out revenge for his poor driving habits on an inanimate object.

    Furthermore, I wouldn't give a f@*k what was said on this site since I wouldn't have the internet, or any front teeth. I also wouldn't be able to read or understand any words with more than four letters.
  16. I've always enjoyed British comedy...

  17. i can sort of see how people are driven to into these types of idea's but can also see the side of a innocent person getting hurt or killed, when they eventually miss :(

    why not get all of our troubled teens that like to paint trains painting speed camera's instead..... the public would love'em then :LOL:
  18. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2813


    Chill dude. :cool:
  19. It was meant to be funny... :(