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Shots fired at police in suburban siege - The Age

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, May 21, 2012.

  1. I thought just another news story until I read this.

    “Detectives were last night checking the registration of the man's motorbike outside the Niddrie restaurant about 9.45pm when the man saw the police officers.”

    It was confirmed on 7 news this evening where it was reported and alleged the police inquiry was due to the motorcycle being parked on the footpath.

    Shots fired at police in suburban siege
    Paul Millar May 21, 2012 - 4:01PM

    Senior police continue to urge a gunman to end a siege in suburban Melbourne that began when he fired six shots at heavily-armed police in a residential street this morning.

    Police say the 43-year-old has a long history of violent crime and pulled a handgun on detectives in a Niddrie restaurant last night, scattering customers before escaping with a police radio.

    Detective Superintendent Brett Guerin said police knew the man and wanted to speak to him over "a lot" of matters.

    But detectives were prepared to back off last night when the confrontation at La Porchetta restaurant on Keilor Road threatened public safety.

    "The last thing they wanted was a gunfight in a restaurant," Detective Superintendent Guerin said.

    This morning's siege started when heavily-armed police approached a house in Sterling Drive, East Keilor about 7.30am and the suspect opened fire, hitting an armoured special operations group van. Police said officers had not fired back.

    Police negotiators were this morning telling the gunman to throw his weapon down.

    ‘‘Put your arms where where we can see them. Throw down the gun,’’ a police officer said through a loudspeaker.

    ‘‘We need to speak to you. Put the firearm down."

    Police are speaking to the man at regular intervals and asking him to turn on his mobile phone so that they can communicate with him.

    Police have escorted several residents of the street to their houses including a mother with her daughter, who had returned from primary school.

    As well as the special operations group, police from the critical response unit and the dog squad are at the scene.

    A remote-control police robot has entered the property where the man is holed up and heavily-armed police are in the backyards of neighbouring properties. Police have urged residents to stay inside.

    Around midday a woman believed to be in her 20s also arrived at the scene in tears and was escorted to the house by negotiators, but she left a short time later.

    Police then intensified their efforts for the man to give himself up, telling him he should follow their instructions.

    ‘‘We need to speak to you ... we will not be leaving. Come out of the front door. Do you understand what am asking you to do?’’ a police officer said through a loudspeaker.

    Detectives were last night checking the registration of the man's motorbike outside the Niddrie restaurant about 9.45pm when the man saw the police officers.

    Police said the man immediately returned to the restaurant.

    When officers followed him in he drew what was believed to a firearm and pointed it at the detective.

    The gunman then fled through the back door of the Keilor Road premises.

    No shots were fired and nobody was injured.

    Police have set up an evacuation centre for residents in the are for those who decided to leave their homes this morning or for those who cannot return to their homes.

    The evacuation centre is at the Milleara Integrated Learning & Development Centre, at the intersection of Milleara Road and Keilor Park Drive.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/s...urban-siege-20120521-1yzlg.html#ixzz1vUP4TuiB
  2. It's still just another News story despite involving a motorcycle.......
  3. Might have been a scooter?

  4. There was an ariel shot on the news last Friday of the fans arriving at the MCG for the Pies/Cats game. I'm pretty sure I saw a motorcycle in shot. I'll post the full match review soon.
    #hint..just because a motorcycle is seen or mentioned doesn't necessarily make it a motorcycle story.

  5. Well it does make him a motorcycle rider....
    Maybe a netrider member, then it would be story :p
  6. Completely generalized combat advice:

    If you can't hit what you're going to shoot at, save the ammo until you can.
  7. ARIEL is a motorcycle brand

  8. [​IMG] :):):)
  9. I live within minutes of that place, the distance between the gutter and the shop fronts might be 20 feet at least. There are chairs an tables setup there too but always see one or bikes parked on footpath there, a coffee place a few doors up gets more bike visitors tho. Never seen police going near bikes there.
  10. News this morning was saying they checked the bike coz they thought it was stolen.
  11. OTOH, news yesterday said it was because it may have been unregistered or have outstanding unpaid fines. Or possibly because it was registered in the name of an escaped convict? That might just have been of interest to them.
  12. Why would defectives be checking a random bike's rego? I call BS on that bit.
  13. A squad car probably picked up the plates as it drove past, came up as belonging to a person of interest, and called in the relevent detectives?
  14. #15 smileedude, Jun 1, 2012
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    Don't laugh, we all remember the psycho gunman in France a couple months ago, on a scooter.