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Shorty Levers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by swaytan, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    So my Fireblade gets delivered on Friday & I'm considering getting a set of adjustable shorty levers for her.

    Just wondering what everybody's experiences with different brands are. I've looked at Pazzo, ASV etc.

    Any suggestions? Thanks guys!

  2. I'm using a set of SDR levers which are adjustable and pivot. Good quality and available at various outlets.
  3. Love my ASV's.

    Like, I would probably marry them if I could.
  4. Put Pazzo on the Gixxer and they are fantastic.
    No issues at all
  5. I have some pazzo's and they are rather nice
  6. I've seen quite a few guys on another forum grabbing cheap ones from eBay ($50 ish). They say they are great and work as well as the expensive brands, but the colour fades quite quickly, like from black to brown.
  7. First sign that the things are probably crap metal as well, why spend thousands on anew bike then put some cheap scungy levers on it to save fifty bucks. I won't understand that as long as I farken live.
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  8. Amen Brother Mcsenna
  9. Oh I'll be going proper levers myself (probably the Triumph branded ones) but its an option I've heard works for those on a budget. Yeah, the rumor is the colour fades due to the lower quality metal which impacts the anodising.
  10. Just for your info, you could also consider Rizoma and Brembo, getting into the bigger bickies thoe. One of my riding buddies loves his SDR leavers and another after 3 or so years have become a bit loose vertically.
  11. Rizoma make some awesome stuff albeit at a price
  12. I put adjustable foldable levers from Hong Kong for $50 and they have been great. Recently put similar SDR levers on the Daytona and they're great too.
  13. I've got CRGs, they're quality apart from the printing on them (logo, etc) which is a bit crappy looking.
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  14. Triumph ones are asv with triumph logo
  15. No one has mentioned pazzo levers yet
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  16. Me too.

    I hadn't even noticed the printing.

    Mine are gold, with red adjusters.

    Had them over 4 years, no sign of fading or any other problems.
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  17. I have Pazzo's on the Thou, can't fault them.
    However, i do have china shorty's on the 600. My mate in NZ races at a serious level and he had a set on his 600 racebike that i borrowed. I know how meticulous he is on race prep, so if they're good enough for him, they're good enough for me.
    I went 'au naturale' with silver so fading is no issue, and have been quite happy with them.
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  18. Thanks fellas.

    I've opted for some SDR levers for now, I'll see how they go & if I'm not happy I'll go the premium route!
  19. I've fitted a set of ebay $50 blue annodized shorties on my 08 ninja 250.
    Ride it very hard (poor little engine).
    Quicker then mate on his zx10 in short twisty stuff.
    Been on bike for approx 6mths no noticeable fade
    And no problems at all.

    Even if the metal may not be the best available, it's got to be better then
    The cast factory levers.
    Maybe when I step up to a more expensive bike
    I may opt for dearer levers.

    Near Everyone here is bagging the metal quality, has anyone personally broken or
    Actually had a problem with them due to metal quality.
    I've seen expensive annodized alloy fade as well?
    Not a fan of Chinese crap as have had thumpsters for the kids
    And yeh nothing but problems, but due to poor assembly mainly.
    Have a Honda crf50f now and its a gem. Pitty hasn't the billet that the
    Chinese thumpsters have.

    Love the fact of being able to adjust these levers to suit your finger reach.
  20. Had the $50 cheapies, worked fine but faded very quickly, now using SDR's at twice the price, great quality at a great price. You'd be hard pressed to pick them from Pazzo's.