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Shortass Learner Chick rider needing some advice on a bike..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Luggo, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I've just got my learner's licence, but I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on a bike. I'm only 160cm & 55kg and I don't think I have many options to be honest. I've had a bit of experience on trail bikes growing up on a farm, but I wanna buy a decent 250 sports bike. Does anyone have some advice on something that would be suitable? Say a Honda CBR250R or Kawasaki ZZR? I don't particularly wanna buy a grey import either, I've heard they are a bit dodgy....

  2. As a likewise vertically challenged person (at about 166cmish, but I am NOT telling you my weight) I recommend the GPX. They're built tough, light, and easy to move. They have little in the way of power, but that's just the way they are.

    I love mine.
  3. a ZZR should suit your purpose why dont you go down to a dealership and have a sit on a few differant 250's

    does it have to be a sporty some of the cruisers have really low seating perfect for short arses.
  4. Honda Spada for the win, short people love 'em. GPX is also an option, has the same engine as the ZZR, but the seat is about 15mm lower. Best way as mentioned is to go to a dealer and jump on them seat height stats don't tell the whole story as width is also important.
  5. I believe with grey imports the dodginess is generally on the part of the importer, and there are some reputable ones, but that's another discussion for another day: if you have the money for a fairly new Aussie-complianced bike by all means go for it.

    Others with more experience will have more detail to contribute, but sonja's suggestion about a 250 cruiser being a good place to start for a shorter person makes sense, although the fact that you mentioned the zzr and cbr suggests that's not where your heart lies... Sitting on a few and (if possible) doing some test rides is the best way to get a sense of what will work for you... and at 55 kg you won't need a lot of power to go quick anyway!
  6. Isolation... :(

    I'd love to be able to go to Sydney or Melb to 'try on' some bikes but cause I live in Wagga it's a pain in the arse 5 hr trip each way to look, and uni & work don't permit unfortunantly. I have tried out a GPX, thought it was ok and an Across.
    Does anyone have an opinion on the across? it seems a little more comfortable than some of the sports bikes, not to mention the 'handbag on wheels' feature, which might actually suit me.
    Thanks for everyone's input!
  7. As another who is vertically challenged only 1 way to find out is to sit on the bike.

    Its when I went from 250 - 600 that I had any problems regarding height etc. But I sorted all that out with lowering, seat redone , even added to boots.

    As Mr Charmed says 'We had couple inches taken out of the bike & added em to me'
  8. CBR 250's are tiny and a great bike.

    Had an Across for my first bike. Treated it like absolute shit for 3 years and never had a single problem with it. The storage space is very handy too. Great learner.
  9. Re: Isolation... :(

    type handbag or manbag into the search function and you will find thousands of threads on the across :LOL:
  10. Grey import....

    Don't mean to open Pandora's box, however, do u know which ones are reputable? I looked at Sumoto, and kinda fell in love with a bright orange ZX2R, but the whole thing seemed a little bit odd....
  11. I wouldn't worry about the short thing that much (I am 163cm). I got really hung up on it and was trying to find a Zeal or a GPX when I really wanted a VTR. I sat on the VTR and struggled to get my feet down. So I wasn't going to buy it.

    But I said f*&%ck it and got it anyway. And its fine. You will know from your Ls that the position when stopped is one foot on the back brake and the other on the deck. And you should be able to do that comfortably on pretty much any 250. Really, it wasn't a problem. Maybe for the first day but that's it.
  12. I'm hearing around here that Sumoto are possibly one of the dodgy ones... Someone did give significant praise to another importer recently, but I can't for th elife of me remember who... hopefully they'll drop by.
  13. geeez sonja ever heard of DEFENSIVE riding?

    ahhhhh the wonders of shopping for a potentially abused 250. chedachee
    illustrates my point beautifully :grin: good luck in the shopping luggo, my most useful piece of advice is get the bike thoroughly inspected by an expert before buying.

    (i had a zzr250 and it was a good bike, so i'd recommend them.)
  14. Yeah if you want a good quality reliable Aussie imported bike my money would be on the ZZR, it is comfy, you do sit rather low and its got a fair bit of pep.

    Still even though you stand at a respectable 160cm you should find that many 250s give you any trouble.

    Now I am going to suggest something that I am sure others are not going to like but if you want something that is sporty and has a bit of guts have you thought about the NSR 150 2-Stroke. It is a nice small bike that you would definitely find comfortable and you get the power band or the 2-stroke.
  15. Hmmmm.... I was sort of debating going for a new bike, sounds silly for a learner but at least I know it hasn't had the s**t flogged out of it from Perth to Brisbane! I can pick up a new GPX for 6G
  16. Hey yeah thanks for the advice, I looked at 2-stroke Aprilia RS 125 (it was hot pink :grin:) but can't afford the rebuilds every 8000km, and I'm assuming thats for every racing 2-stroke
  17. NSR125. Great little bike (and I do mean little)
  18. as far as i can tell the only way to flog a 250 is by not servicing it, hitting the red line all the time as i did on the zzr250 won't hurt it, so when shopping around a service history is worth its weight in gold.

    new bike, hmmm, i think you could get something like a 2000ish zzr250 for around $4000-4500 private sale. is it worth the extra 2k for a new bike, i'd say no but it's personal preference.
  19. I think I'm going beyond the personal preference thing and saying it's almost *never* worth buying a brand new motor vehicle, even if you can afford it: you just lose too much on depreciation. Given that it's not an asset, and that it's often purchased with credit, it makes zero sense to buy something that will depreciate faster than you'll pay off the loan. Buy something a couple of years old and it will pretty much hold its value.

    (OK, that's life advice, not bike advice, but I wish someone had given it to me when I was younger.)
  20. when my misses and i got our L's we tried a few bikes. she is short and light (not much more than you) and well i'm.... that little bit bigger.

    my misses found the spada comfortable, but as for me i found i had my knees around my ears. the vtr 250 has a little more room. after a few test rides she found the vtr more comfy although they are virtually identical bikes. she loves it - its light, easy to handle and plenty of nip especially if you are light.

    check out either of these