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Short Windy Road Rides in Sydney

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cakeman, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi, has anyone got any short 15-50km windy road routes in sydney? I have a bit of spare time during the days occasionaly, but not enough for long 100+ km rides.

    Im around the concord/homebush area, but will try anything.


  2. Sorry mate, I just can't resist any longer....

    What sort of wind? A southerly, or a brisk north-westerly :LOL:????
  3. the sweeper coming around the Uni near rookwood cemetary is a favorite on the bike or the car :D

    thats about it......
  4. I guess it depends on how fast you ride, but Homebush to Bald Hill through the RNP is only 65kms each way

    http://snipurl.com/fbs54 [maps_google_com_au]
  5. Ok... you got me :)

    This looks like a pretty good ride. I might give it ago wednesday when i have a few spare hours.

    thanks mate
  6. A fair bit shorter than RNP but still fun for a quickie is the Comenarra Parkway around Pymble, just straight up Lane Cove Rd onto Yanko Rd and it runs into the Comenarra.
    Never ridden it, but on the same map is Kuringai Chase Rd/Bobbin Head Rd looks like it'd be worth a run too. Starting to stray a bit further afield here but Galston Rd looks like a nice ride around the Gorge too. I think I'll be heading NW on my next leisurely run to check them both out.

  7. Well I went for a run on Bobbin Head Rd/Kuringai Chase Rd and it was pretty good for a short run. Round trip from Fivedock Caltex was a bit over an hour and 70km but I'm not exactly a speed demon. My only beef, and its a small one, is the road through the KNP was a little bumpy on some corners. Didnt give me any grief as it was a slow run through for my first time on this road. Was a nice quick trip back to town, jumped on the freeway at the end of Kuringai Chase Rd and took it back to Pennant Hills Rd which was then jsut a short hop to get onto the Comenarra for a run back towards home. Finished off coming back down Lane Cove Rd. Next time for a longer run I think I'll skip the freeway for the return trip and get onto the Pac Hwy then take the Galston Rd turnoff and make it a bigger loop. It's frustrating getting back home and still feeling like riding :)
  8. I am guilty of pushing my car as much as possible on Yanko road, especially that first very sharp S-curve, after the roundabout. The fastest I could do in my Saab was 75km/h. Not the smartest thing to do, but I just can't help myself sometimes.
  9. yep, was thinking of the yanko rd/commenarra pkway as soon as i read the OP title. i generally always head up to the old road via this route from stanmore. some nice climbs, crests, and descents featuring plenty of lean action. can get busy though as its basically an alternative to the pac hwy through pymble and turramurra, so can be frustrating to ride when overloaded with cages......it's a one-lane road and built up residential area.

    on the map, bobbin head road looks like a goer.....west head rd/akuna bay looks the goods too on a map. i havent done either but me thinks i will pretty soon.
  10. Just wanted to add a small warning here for the KNP as a run during the day. I went to go through here this morning for a run but got there a little bit later in the morning than previously. Unlike the RNP down south they guy at the tool booth would NOT let me go through for free even though I wasnt stopping in the park. $11 is a bit steep for a few minutes of riding so be warned if you're planning to go through here when the booths are manned.
  11. McCarrs Creek rd, from Terry Hills to Mona Vale
  12. Terry Hills -Mccarrs creek has some good corners I hear ;) Its a bumpy ride, but its challenging and alot of fun :grin:
  13. hornsby - galston gorge - berowra waters - hornsby.
    go there and back via the comenara..
    if is before about 7 you get through bobbin head unchecked..
  14. Sorry at the slight necromancy, but does anyone know when the booth at Bobbin Head closes? I've always wanted to check it out but I don't want to get up before 7 lol... is it ~4pm like Akuna Bay?
  15. its considerred sun up to sun down.. they tend to go home at 530 or so bit in winter a bit earlier.. you can see them anyway so if you get there you can turn around.
    skippy corner can kick you in the ass on a cold road though..