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Featured Short Vs Gauntlet!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jaytee, May 12, 2015.

  1. Gauntlets all the way, they make me feel like Iron Man!

  2. Short is the only way, no one rocks up for coffee looking like its race day!

  3. I like my wrists so I try to protect them as much as possible...

  4. Depends on the ride im doing, if it's long etc or just down to the shops.

  1. Coming in to the cooler / wetter months I'm looking for a new set of gloves (like 2 pairs isn't enough already!!) however i'm debating the tried and true 'short vs gauntlet' style of glove.

    Do i go for something short with sliders and knuckles protectors or do i go full Ned Kelly mode and try to get as much protection as possible! Hrmmm interesting question....

    What do you think?

    And no, as awesome as they might be, Cricket Gloves are not an option!


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  2. What about boxing Gloves?

  3. I would, and have, gone gauntlet. Mostly because they cover my sleeves. It would suck to have rain running up my arm while riding.
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  4. I'd like to cast a vote for gauntlet during the cooler months as wind doesn't get up your sleeves :cool: but I can't because it says Iron Man not Iron Lady...hmmm

    I have both short and gauntlet. For cool weather gauntlet all the way for me. :happy:
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    Wide-sleeve gauntlets for the wind, narrow sleeve gloves (under the sleeve) when it's raining. I've heard all the arguments, this is what works for me.
    Narrow wrist RST winter gloves - best I've ever had.
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  6. Gauntlets for winter, don't like cold hands or feet, once they're cold the rest of me is too, also being waterproof is a bonus. More so, the quality of the gloves, crappy gloves = cold wet hands
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  7. Winter gauntlet, summer shorty for me
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  8. Summer, I don't care either way but I went with the gloves with the best fit and feel for me, which just happened to be a set of Dry-rider shorties.

    Winter, gauntlets are a natural choice for obvious (weather related) reasons.
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  9. winter: too cold for leather race gloves, gore tex
    summer: too hot for leather race gloves, go the short glove.

    when do I wear leather? it's never the perfect temperature, its always too hot or too cold.

    but yeah long gloves for the winter bc Its so cold and my summer gloves wouldn't be good for that
  10. Mmmmmm heated handgrips, toastee :) and on my wish list
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  11. But you live in paradise!!! Oh, I wish....for either heated grips or to living in Queensland.
  12. Still gets chilly up here too but not to arctic standards like you poor souls have down there
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  13. You should see it right now Duke at EeeDuke at Eee . Sleety freezing rain.

    JayteeJaytee for the record I wore my new Gortex gauntlet gloves in the same conditions this morning. Best buy ever.
  14. Just got a pair of Alpinestars Jet gloves. Gauntlet style with a double cuff. One under and one over the jacket sleeve. The ducks guts.
  15. Nice to see the responses...

    Yeah i originally bought a pair from the shop i got my bike from but they are stiff as all hell, and i feel like i cannot feel the grips etc too well in them.

    Im a fan of A* and i think ill have to make a weekend trip of it to the various stores and see what ones fit best.

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  16. Shorties for the summer, gauntlets for winter.

    When it is wet, Winter or summer, I prefer a pair of long cuff summer gloves. They cover the cuff, provide better road feel, access to the bar mounted controls and penetration for the heat from the heated grips, than thick gloves. They are actually warmer when totally wet (heated grips on), dry faster, and are easier to get in and out of.

    My "waterproof" gauntlets will eventually get saturated in sustained heavy rain, mostly, I suspect, from water running down my sleeves and I generally actually look forward to changing into my long summer gloves when this is the case. My wet hands are warmer in the thinner gloves when wet with the grips on high.
  17. The simple answer is to become a glove whore and have a pair that suits all your ridding what ever the temp and weather.

    I currently have 5 pairs and secretly lust after more....

    That said how many I actually have access to at any one time depends on what the small boy currently considers are his gloves. He is also particularly skilful at locating them in places that only a small boy would think of. Come to think of it I have not seen the RHOK gauntlet gloves for at least a month.....

    Cheers Jeremy
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  18. I'm watching this thread with interest as I'm going Winter glove shopping next week.....hopefully! At the moment I'm leaning toward long gauntlet, but that also depends on whether or not I can get something to fit my small, oddly shaped hands!
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  19. I thought gauntlets were armoured gloves that knights of old who were also bold threw down to start a barny!
    If I decide to pull wasabi out of the garage again me thinks I may need such garments...
    Was brass monkey weather out at Nepean tonight-glad I wasn't wanting to ride!
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  20. OldmaidOldmaid you have the best writing style. Love reading your stuff!
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