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Short tour of Cairns and Port Douglas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jbray, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Gonna do this first weekend next month:


    The half day and full day self-guided tours, on the Aprilia 1000 Tuono. Can't wait. Those photos look very inviting! Hope it's not raining that weekend. Never ridden one of these bikes either, but the bloke who runs the place was singing it's praises enthusiastically telling me it'll be the bike that will convert me to v-twins. :LOL: We shall see.

    Anyone done this, either specifically with this business, or these roads? What's it like up there? I found the link on NetRider, so thanks :)
  2. Hey jbray, which tours are you looking at specifically? The Port Douglas road is great, nice twisty road and just recently fixed up. The only bad thing this time of year along most of the major roads like the Port road and the Gillies is the rubber necking tourists that can sometimes ruin an otherwise great ride.
    PM me if you want more details. I'm in Cairns.
  3. Wow - those roads look inviting & I bet its a tad warmer up there than Melb :?
    I've got some frequent flyer points I have to use by the end of this month ....... tempting, so tempting :wink:
  4. I dunno! I was going to wait til I get up there and talk to the guy and see what he reckons. I'm actually staying in Port Douglas, but they all look good, maybe I'll do a little bit of each, mix and match a bit :)

    Hey if you're not doing anything better and can stand showing a Melbournite which roads are best, feel free ;) Or anyone else for that matter. I was originally planning to have a buddy along but that didn't work out so it's just me. I'm going to a wedding in Port Douglas but looking at doing this at times when I'm not at the wedding :LOL: