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Short solo adventure ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by demuire, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Had a short solo ride on Sunday. I hadn't ridden in ages, was hoping to go out with a group but circumstances meant that all the groups were well on their own rides by the time I got on my bike, and I didn't know anyone who was free to go for a ride with me... So off I went on my own, and had a ball :) Stopped often to take silly photos of myself and things I saw, sort of rode around randomly, eventually covered about 150k's in about 2.5 hours... :)


  2. Is it my eyes or are the pictures supposed to look like drawing in a comic strip. Being laid like a comic strip, I'm guessing it is supposed to look like drawings.

    Could always put an EOI in the ride planner section.
  3. Nice report Demuire, love the comic strip look, wish iI was that creative.

    How did the SV go on the dirt sections? Looks like would have been fun!

    Edit: just noticed the times for the first 3 posts. 1:02, 2:02 and 3:02.............Freaky!
  4. Glad you liked it :) Yeah it's supposed to look sort of like a comic strip. Not a proper drawing-comic, but more like a comic-like group of photos. Some of them came out quite like how I wanted them to, others I had trouble trying to make look like a drawing while still retaining detail etc to them...

    mr_messy: it was very much a spur of the moment thing, didn't really have time to put up a thread. More like "oooh I can go for a ride, bummer everyone's already gone, oh well i'll go by myself then..."

    pete: SV went great though mind you, I wasn't riding very fast. Through most of the dirt sections I was doing between 30-60km/h. Most of it was well graded, but some sections had a lot of potholes which shook the SV up a bit - suspension isn't the best for it I think! I probably could have avoided most of them, but it would have meant getting into the loose stuff, and I was chicken :p
  5. Great stuff mate, love the cartoon strip. Very creative.

    A couple of blokes I work with have SV's (one 650, one 1000) and they are constantly telling me to buy one :grin:
  6. I love my SV, and even after owning it for more than a year and a half it's still one of my top 3 bikes in existence, the other 2 being a Z1000 and a Versys. The Z1000 just because it looks about as sexy as I recon a bike could get, the Versys because it's everything I want in a bike.

    But I still love my SV, and I would easily recommend an SV to anyone. In fact, I'm currently trying to convince a friend of mine to get one, he's currently on an Across and looking to buy a GSXR... He rode my SV a few nights ago and had a massive grin on his face by the end of it :D And gosh, after riding his Across I love my SV even more!!! :D
  7. Ha..ha this is the *best* ride report ever :LOL:

    What did you use to create it ?
  8. Motowhere for the map (great place to post favorite rides by the way!):

    My phone for the photos (Ericsson Z550i). Could have been better, but for the size of the pictures it didn't really matter I guess. Adobe Photoshop for dDarkroom processing (to make them look a bit less "real" and more "drawn")

    ComicLife Beta for Windows to put it all together: http://plasq.com/comiclife/
    If you have a Mac you'll have a full version of this software already installed (yet another reason to get a Mac...)
  9. Brilliant post! :grin:

    If you want company for a ride, head out to the BP's at Blacksoil and see if there's anyone else heading out for a ride.

    Fernvale Bakery is also a good place to catch up with other riders on the weekends.

    But personally I can't wait to hit the road by myself!! I hope it will be the ultimate in ME Time - no kids, no husband, no phone, just me and Geepy!