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Short Skinny Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gmac2001, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I'm really excited to start riding, I plan to do a learners course and then probably get either a Honda CBR125R or a Honda CB250

    my question is that,
    I'm a short guy who is also very skinny,

    height 5'5" (approx 166cm) and I weigh around 50kg

    are there any specific things I should be aware of before I start shopping for bikes and gear , or just general riding/handling tips for short / light guys?

    is it going to be a problem for me handling a 250cc bike , for instance leaning into corners or if i drop the bike? (picking it back up)

    please let me know !
    thanks !
  2. Hi gmac,

    I'm 153cm and about 48kg and bought a VTR250 about a month ago. I haven't had much trouble in terms of handling. I did get the seat cut out, which has given a couple cms, as well as riding boots giving me another cm or so. I was going to buy a CBR125 at first until I got some advice and discovered the CBR125 might be a bit of a struggle on long rides, even though it'd be good for commuting.

    Don't underestimate yourself. My boyfriend is about your height (maybe 10kgs heavier) and he rides a CBR600RR no problem. He doesn't have a lot of riding experience either.

    In terms of picking a bike up, if there are people around I assume they'll help you? There are also ways to pick up the bike (including sitting on the seat side saddle and pushing it up with your legs. I haven't tried this but saw a youtube clip of it and looks simple enough).

    Good luck on your test.
  3. Youtube the proper way to pick up a bike - it is invincible.

    Also, be happy - because you're so light, you'll go faster than most others with the same bike :D.
  4. get a VTR250, you will love it :twisted:
    im 5"9', 70kg, and it i awesome. 20kg less and it will be sweeet. possibly get the seat cut or something, and most decent riding boots come with thick soles anyway so you should be fine with height. dont worry about dropping it, if you can balance a pushbike you can balance a motorbike slow riding, and if it does fall over for whatever reason, i've seen a chick probably less than your size, lift a BMW tourer which weights like 200kg, the VTR is only 140 i think. its not about lifting all the weight, just correct technique and its up easy :)

  5. No need to. It's all here.

  6. your sitting on the bike mate, not the other way round, so weight isnt a huge issue, its more about how and where you place what you have got. as for height i have a cbr250rr and it feels a little bit short and im only 5cms taller than you.
    i'd recommend you go to youtube, type in 'body position', watch the ones relating to motorbike riding, obviously, i have found them to be very very helpful.
    as for gear it will be personal preference, everyone will have different theories, ideas, likes/dislikes. i wear a 2pc leather suit, race boots, gloves and helmet, but i dont commute to work so this wouldnt be that practical for someone who does, but i wear it because i havent come off at 100km, and if i ever do i dont want my ass spread across the rest of my body where im missing skin.
  7. A CBR250RR usually has a shorter seat height than the CBR125. The VTR is about the same seat height as the CBR250RR.

    If you are planning on doing a lot of freeway stuff, I would avoid the CBR125, (it can do it, it just doesn't do it comfortably). The advantage of the CBR125 is that its very light (120kg dry), has a long tank range (400km for 10 litres), and is very skinny, so great for commuting

    If you are doing your learners at HART you will be riding the CB250, so you will be able to find out if they suit you by the end of the course. I found the CB250 just a little uncomfortable with the tank width. The VTR250 is more comfy than the CB250 (in my opinion)

    And if you want to look at a CBR125... mines up for sale :)
  8. The VTR $h!t$ on the CB250 in every way. It is much smoother, easier to ride, has better ergonomics, more power/go and is not much heavier. A fully fueled up VTR weighs about 140 kg (I think I remember reading in the brochure 139 kg for my old '06 VTR250). You won't get too many lighter bikes. There's a good reason why lots of people recommend it as being a great bike for a learner - that's because it is. Get one if you can.
  9. i wouldnt worry to much the main thing to worry about the bike weight you will learn to handle any bike very quickly. the only thing to investigate is the seat hight. for a learner i would say that as long as you can get your toes down firmly on both sides of the bike you will not have any issues. you dont need to get both feet flat. 99% of the time your on the bike you wont have your feet down
  10. I hired a VTR250 in Syd not long ago...after riding my gs500, it was a lot of fun...i`m 5`4 and 70 kg`s and had no probs...good bike :wink:
  11. I'm 167cm x 70kg, and I have done quite a few kays on a friends 620 monster. After quite a while of riding 125s and 250s, it took a bit of time to adjust, but I find the bike easier to handle than the smaller bikes, it just seems more balanced. I'm still on my L plates by the way.
  12. awesome advice,
    thanks guys :)

    So has Honda stopped making the VTR250 , and is this a very different bike to the CBF250?
  13. 1. Do not park the bike with the front end pointing down hill
    2. When coming to a stop be aware of putting your foot down on level ground. Not in a pot hole or a part of the road that dips down.

    Best of luck!
  14. Think Honda ceased the VTR in 2007?? ...just looked at reviews at both bikes...CBF`s got the extra gear...don`t know the ratios...decisions decisions :roll: